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79Oval scutum in progress

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  • sergeantwilhelm
    Nov 17, 2011
      Salve from Wilhelm the Far Traveller, Guildmaster of the Kingdom of An Tir Guild of Armourers, Weaponsmiths & Jewelers (SCA, Inc):

      I am in the process of building an oval scutum as a surprise Saturnalia gift for a distant veteran. The blank was three layers of 1/8" plywood that spent a week or three in the press. Today I finishing gluing on the coarse linen backing, hopefully tomorrow I can find some smooth thin leather at Tandy. The umbo is a clipped corner 16 ga. mild steel rectangle with a dished (sunken) center. Eight large rivets will hold the umbo to the body of the scutum. After reading the brass shield rim tutorial, I decided to use thin mild steel with riveted tabs. The good decurian will have to do his own paint job and cover. UPS wants about $37.00 to ship the scutum from WA to FL. But I cannot let a good man good unequipped.

      My herculean shield press is better curved for making heater and kite shields. So we will be building a deep curve press that will put in a 9.5" depth across a 24" chord. That will give about 32" of shield face.

      We have a well equipped armour shop and an associated commercial machine shop here in Western WA if anyone want to come play. We build armour and weapons for fun and maybe profit. Our products are functional first and pretty second. I do extensive research and travel to Europa when I can. We maintain a good Roman military library,


      Sergeant of Lions Gate