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68symbolism of Hagal/double Trident in Roman shields

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  • Erika
    Jan 25, 2010
      Hello everybody,

      I am here to complete a part of my research related to symbolism of Hagal/double Trident (vajra/dorje) on the Roman shields
      I am not a professional in the topic of Roman shields, so I'll need your help

      The theory: recurring symbol


      which is incorporated into design of Roman shields is related to Hagal (Hag-all) runen being 'universal blueprint' and double Trident/thunderbolt (vajra - Skst./dorje - Tibet.) as an indestructible weapon of great power

      The sub-theory: the symbol of Chi-Ro has nothing to do with X-anity, but is a combination of Hagal and ro/half of Labris (Labarum - double-axe) - which ro is a time-unit*

      * stipulated in works:
      - "The Claviform P-Sign a Time Unit? – Interpreting a Palaeolithic Symbol". Paper presented at the International Conference "History and Culture of East Asia", December, 9-13, 2002, Institute of Archeolkogy and Ethnology, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk. Now published in: Istorija i kultura vostoka Asii, Tom I. Materialy meždunarodnoj naucnoj konferenzii Novosibirsk, 9-11 dekabrja 2002 g. K 70-lemiju V.E.Laritcheva. Rossijskaja Akademija Nauk. Sibirskoe otdelenie. Institut arkeologii i ethnografii. Sektor istorii i arkeologii stran zarubežnogo Vostoka, 220-230. Novosbirisk: Institut archeologii i etnografii SO RAN, 2002.
      (available: http://www.sati.archaeology.nsc.ru/sibirica/pub/Data/LARYCH/?html=Michael.htm&id=1330 )

      - Hermann Wirth "Was Heisst Deutsch?", available: http://www.scribd.com/doc/19411580/Herman-Wirth-Was-heisst-Deutsch

      So far I haven't found good resources/papers on symbolism of Roman shields, other than mentions of:

      A) "There are a number of recurring themes. These may be summarized as follows:

      1.eagle wings (arranged both vertically and horizontally)
      2.wreaths of laurel
      3.lightning flashes – from two to eight, but always in pairs
      5.stars – both five and six-pointed
      6.crescent moons
      7.tabula ansata – a rectangle with a triangle at each end. This may have carried the legionary number, but none survive so they were probably originally painted onto the column. This motif is always shown (where it is shown) in the centre of the shield, either side of the boss".

      (quote from: http://reviews.ebay.com/Roman-Legionary-Shield-Patterns_W0QQugidZ10000000002530205 )

      B) "The wings and thunderbolt design was almost never seen on the non-citizen auxiliary shields"

      (quote from: http://www.redrampant.com/2009/07/auxiliary-shield-blazons.html )

      Last quote is especially important

      The additional resources which are related to my theory proving additional information:

      (i) http://nordsky.msk.ru/5/ww/ww16.php {in Russian - but images are self-explanatory}
      (ii) http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=378220 , esp. post #52
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