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66Re: [Romanshield] Re: Lead in Roman reproduction cookware warning

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  • dean cunningham
    Jan 9, 2010
      Strictly speaking eating from lead lined pans once or twice a year isn't going to really cause much harm but I guess I just can't believe anyone would think that this stuff is any where near food safe.  Lead is far more dangreous for developing humans than adults.  Besides it may impart a subtle sweet flavor to your food, yum!

      No you are right everyone wants the officer gear or the kings armour.  No one wants to pay $300 for a pan but then you shouldn't ask for a $300 pan you ask for a $30 pan and see what you get. You get what a rank an file guy had which is realistic, I agree.  But the rub is everyone wants the tribunes patera (helmet, cuirass, sword etc..) for $30 that's just plain silly. 


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      so they don't get it either. So buy a deepeeka and clean the lead out. Re-tin it. I dunno. Eat lead and die. Feed it to that Stephen Romero clown in Colorado and let HIm die.

      Kaler john wrote:

      I contacted DSC and they replied that they had not made any cookware among their product line because of metal concerns.  They do make tinned helmets
      but no one is cooking in them I hope.
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      ...and until they really start to understand that reenactors actually WANT TO USE this stuff, and not put it on display in the den, they won't make them foodsafe from the get-go.
      'Toxic levels of lead' doesn't sound 'wildly better' as far as use...
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      except for the fact that Indian stuff is still WILDLY BETTER than the original stuff was. Our expectations are way too high--modern people want fuckin' Excalibur, not what they had then. And if it ain't from India, where? Like I'm gonna pay someone $330. for a brass pan.

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