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6Re: [Romanshield] Re: Republic scutum

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  • David Wills
    Feb 27, 2008
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      Lurkers.  Gotta wonder why they join fora, you know?  Even the least of us has something to contribute. 
      I'm designing a very simple shield design for a hypothetical legion.  13th.  The Q below was to get some guides on shape.  I think I'll go with a double radius, wide on the sides, and narrow on the top/bottom.  That seems most common, from what I've seen on RAT, and elsewhere.
      As it develops, I'll put some pictures up here, in a folder called 13th Legion, or something that fits into the format.  The Republic scutum will be fairly simple, then the 'ordinary' rectangular scutum, which will add a little, and probably a parma.  Might make a velite shield, too, which will be ore like the Republic one, but the signifer parma will be fairly elaborately decorated.  The elements click around in my brain, but something will gel pretty soon.  Should get the wood wet this week, then we'll see what all comes of it.
      Thanks, John, and you're right.  Not much traffic here.

      Kaler john <jkaler48@...> wrote:
      Dear David;
      I am afraid there in not much activity on the Roman shiel discussion group.
      May I suggest you post your question on the Roman Army talk forum research area;
      here is the link:
      http://www.romanarm y.com/rat/ viewforum. php?f=17

      David <dwills777@yahoo. com> wrote:
      --- In Romanshield@ yahoogroups. com, "David" <dwills777@. ..> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I've seen mostly curved sided Republic scuta, but on some
      > the sides are parallel. Is there a certain time period, or is that
      > of those things that were just variants during all eras? Naturally,
      > would be a whole lot easier to make parallel sides than to
      > a curved sided anykind of shield.
      > Also, I've seen among reenactors at least one version of a slightly
      > domed oval Republic scutum. Is that correct? How in the world would
      > one make one of those? (FTR, some of the Late Roman shields are said
      > to be oval and domed. How are they constructed? )

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