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59Re: [Romanshield] Lead in Roman reproduction cookware warning

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  • Kaler john
    Jan 7, 2010
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      Here is a link to consumer reports on available lead testing kits that you could use to test your cookware:
      There are probably differences in lead content due to Deppeeka subcontracting and some items being from other manufactuers.
      I would suggest each item be tested before using whatever the supposed source.
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      From: Lee Holeva <holeva6433@...>
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      Too late for us as well, as we have cooked food in these for a couple of
      years now. What is Germany's lead standard compared to that of the USA?


      john wrote:

      > Reposted from RAT
      > Re: AH3982S Roman Situla (Tinned)
      > New postby Marcus Mummius » Tue 22 Dec 2009, 5:09
      > caiustarquitius wrote:I recently received a letter by one of the major German deepeeka dealers that the lead content of the tinning in these vessels is so high that they are by the German health department not deemed appropriate for cooking or even storing food in them, since the maximum lead allowance is exceeded by more than 200 %
      > Same for the patera and other tinned vessels, it seems. So, here´s this information for you all, in case you intend to use any of these for cooking etc., better leave it.
      > Yikes, that isn't nice. Thanks for the head's up. We'll have to start looking for another source then.
      > We have been actively using these in the past... :cry:
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