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56WTS 1st Century "Celt" Kit /Roman Aux. Kit

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  • grabenkater
    Dec 17, 2009
      Wool plaid tunic with fringed lower hem. Tunic is constructed from 100% wool in nice earth tone colors. Size 42/44 chest.

      Trousers based on Thorsberg style in 100% olive green wool. These do not have the feet as the Thorsberg style 36-38 waist.

      I will also include some wool leg wraps based on ones from Danish Bog finds.

      Generic Celt Iron Age spear head with decorative notches cut in edge and triple holes in blade. This was loosely based on several Contenental styles from the Iron Age.

      British Battersea style shield constructed from 1/2 inch plywood and covered in heavy canvas and then painted with pale cream colored paint. The front bears the image of a "Celtic" boar in red paint and small checkered decoration. The center is a hand hammered boss from 16 gauge steel and hand made nails used to attach the boss to the shield.

      The only thing missing from this basic kit is a pair of shoes and a simple leather belt. Would be perfect for someone interested in ancient re-enacting or Living History.

      275 USD plus shipping costs for the shield. I will take some photos this weekend. If you are interested, please contact me directly at BrenMk1@...