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5Re: [Romanshield] Re: Republic scutum

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  • Kaler john
    Feb 26, 2008
      Dear David;
      I am afraid there in not much activity on the Roman shiel discussion group.
      May I suggest you post your question on the Roman Army talk forum research area;
      here is the link:

      David <dwills777@...> wrote:
      --- In Romanshield@ yahoogroups. com, "David" <dwills777@. ..> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I've seen mostly curved sided Republic scuta, but on some
      > the sides are parallel. Is there a certain time period, or is that
      > of those things that were just variants during all eras? Naturally,
      > would be a whole lot easier to make parallel sides than to
      > a curved sided anykind of shield.
      > Also, I've seen among reenactors at least one version of a slightly
      > domed oval Republic scutum. Is that correct? How in the world would
      > one make one of those? (FTR, some of the Late Roman shields are said
      > to be oval and domed. How are they constructed? )

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