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14Shield Colour

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  • Mark
    May 24, 2008
      My group, Sydney Ancients - sydneyancients.5u.com are looking at
      expanding our 1st Century Imperial Roman depictions and are looking for
      alternatives to the standard red for shield base colour. We dont want
      to change the colour just for the sake of being different. There are a
      few groups that use blue as their shield colour, but we dont know if it
      is based on any archeological references. I'll be contacting them as
      well. I have only been able to find red and the occasional white
      shield on mosaics and wall paintings. Most non red shields all seem to
      be late Imperial (3rd Century onwards) which is not the period we want
      to do

      Does any one have references (books/journals/articles/websites) that
      show or discuss other than red or white?

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