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10Shield ID

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  • roman_tim_1
    Apr 12, 2008
      Hello All,

      This is my first pot on the forum here. I'm a member of Leg II Avg (UK)

      Compliments on the project.

      Here's a bit of help for you:

      Unidentified shields:

      40= Ermine Street Guard
      44= Coh I Classis Augusta Germanica
      46= Gemina Project (Leg X Gem)
      47= "" (& Corbulo?)
      54= ESG Auxilia
      58= Coh XXXII VCR(DE)/ Frisius Fecit
      59= Not seen before, but similar to the Austrian Legio XV
      60 = Coh XXXII VCR (may be the example frisius made for Bonn museum)

      Can I suggest you make use of M C Bishops excellent line drawings on
      your archive pages?
      link here:


      Hope that helps, keep up the good work,

      Tim Edwards
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