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2868Re: [RomanianHomeComputer] RE: RE: Mouse pe HC-2000

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  • Ivanescu Bogdan
    Nov 30, 2013
      Should I ask the guy that is making these to use the old firmware?

      From: VELESOFT <velesoft@...>
      To: RomanianHomeComputer@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2013 12:46 AM
      Subject: Re: [RomanianHomeComputer] RE: RE: Mouse pe HC-2000

      K-MOUSE TURBO is my old project. Use three mouse ports #FADF,#FBDF and #FFDF. Joystick port is switchable on K-MOUSE 2011, but is impossible disable joystick. For CPLD chip exist also previous firmware version "2008" with possibility disable or enable kempston joystick port (k-mouse 2008 can work as MOUSE+KEMPSTON or MOUSE ONLY or KEMPSTON ONLY.
      K-MOUSE interface contain 8 resistors on all data lines = data protector (eliminate data collisions).
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      From: payty@...
      Sent: Friday, November 29, 2013 10:12 PM
      Subject: [RomanianHomeComputer] RE: RE: Mouse pe HC-2000

      Merci de info. Intre timp am cumparat interfata. O sa postez aici rezulatul dupa ce ajunge.

      Tipul care le comercializeaza mi-a raspuns urmatoarele, printre altele:

      "The K-Mouse Turbo interface uses ports 64223, 64479, 65503, 65247, and the joystick port 31"

      ---In RomanianHomeComputer@yahoogroups.com, <yo3ghm@...> wrote:

      ar trebuie sa mearga..cel putin "teoretic"..are un CPLD tip Xilinx Xc9572 sau Xc9536 cu o schema asemanatoare ca aici : http://www.jrok.com/project/speckey/spec_key.html,
      care "emuleaza" un port..mai exact portul 31 (zecimal) pentru Kempston.
      Nu am schema de la HC2K....acum in fata, nu mai tin minte daca HC-ul are deja "ocupat" portul 31 realizat pe placa de baza cu alte circuite.
      Exista riscul sa apare un "conflict" de date pe magistrala.

      ---In RomanianHomeComputer@yahoogroups.com, <payty@...> wrote:

      Salutare tuturor,

      Stiti cumva daca functioneaza interfata asta pe un hc-2000?

      Tato zpráva neobsahuje viry ani jiný škodlivý kód -avast! Antivirus je aktivní.

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