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Forward: New Online Course on the Roman Empire

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    Oops, the forwarding didn t work. Here is the e-mail: Greetings, The University of Michigan is launching a short online course on Daily Life in the Eastern
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2002
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      Oops, the forwarding didn't work. Here is the e-mail:


      The University of Michigan is launching a short online course
      on "Daily Life in the Eastern Roman Empire (100 BCE-100 CE):
      Trade, Travel and Transformation." The e-course is taught by
      four renowned faculty members from the University of Michigan
      and the Kelsey Museum: David Potter, Susan Alcock, Sharon
      Herbert, and Terry Wilfong.

      We thought your online audience might be interested in knowing
      about this online course, which begins April 23. The course
      description page, where you can also see a course preview, is

      We would be delighted if you would consider posting this URL and
      information about the course to your website.

      In this non-credit course, the faculty consider a variety of
      typical inhabitants of Rome and important locales in the Eastern
      Mediterranean: Karanis, Ephesus, and the Nemea Valley. In addition,
      they offer an historical overview of the transformations in the
      empire during this turbulent era and a special section on the
      practice of archaeology. Students have access to extensive images,
      audio and video of the professors, regional maps, an interactive
      timeline, and a comprehensive glossary from any point within the

      The course is available through Fathom (www.fathom.com), the online
      learning site featuring content from a prestigious consortium of
      fourteen academic and cultural institutions including Columbia
      University, the University of Chicago, and the British Museum, in
      addition to the University of Michigan. The Fathom audience consists
      of lifelong learners around the world.

      If you are interested in pursuing this idea, or if you have further
      questions, please let me know.

      Best regards,
      Jennifer L. Scott
      Executive Producer, Fathom
      (212) 851-2926

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