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We tried the AIM chat room last night

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  • IrenesBooks@aol.com
    As we were all three of us last night , and all had AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), we eventually migrated to the AIM private chat room that I had set up.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2002
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      As we were all three of us last night <grin>, and all had AOL Instant
      Messenger (AIM), we eventually migrated to the AIM private chat room that I
      had set up. It worked well!

      For those who either have, or are willing to download, AIM, here are the

      1. AIM

      Go to my page http://romanhistorybooksandmore.freeservers.com/chatroom.htm. .

      [Or you can go to http://aim.com/, the official AIM website, with more
      detailed information.]

      From either site, you can download AIM and install it.

      Decide on a screen name and a password.

      After you have signed on for the first time, set your "Preferences" to the
      highest security:

      In the "Buddy List" box, click on "My AIM", "Edit Options", "Edit

      Click on "Privacy", then select the button: "allow only user on my Buddy
      List". That way only those people who you select as buddies know that you
      have AIM and that you are online.

      To enter your buddies' names (such as mine, IrenesBooks), click on "List
      Setup", then on the first icon at the bottom. Type the screen name in
      question over "your buddy". The "Online" window will show you whether or not
      your buddy is signed on. You can use this feature for instant messaging.

      Note: You need not put anyone on your list. You still will get into the chat

      A further note: If you are an AOL member, you need to use the AIM Buddy List
      for instant messaging with other AIM members, rather than the AOL Buddy List.
      I was at unintended cross purposes with one of you last night ;-)

      2. The Chat Room

      Bookmark the chat room page

      When it's time for the chat, sign on to AIM, open the above page, and click
      on the box "Join my Chat Room". You will get into the room labeled "Chat Room
      - IrenesBooks Chat".

      Please note that this is a private room and can only be accessed via the
      above page.

      Also, this room setup is _not_ Java-based and thus much more stable.

      I hope that we can add to the three members from last night!


      The next book will be "The Lighbearer" by Donna Gillespie. It's out as
      inexpensive paperback. Due to the thickness (appr. 1,000 pages!) we very
      likely will discuss the book in four chats.

      For more go to http://romanhistorybooksandmore.freeservers.com/booklist2.htm

      Co-host, Ancient/Classical History Forum
      Forum Book Discussions

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