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30% Off Books On Ancient and Medieval History

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  • antiquestnet@yahoo.com
    We re having a big 30% off sale on a number of new and used books on ancient and medieval history. Also, orders of $50.00 or more will get half- price
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2001
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      We're having a big 30% off sale on a number of new and used books on
      ancient and medieval history. Also, orders of $50.00 or more will get
      half- price shipping!!!

      Each book will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Just email
      us directly at antiquestnet@... with the name and number (#) of
      the books you would like. Also, please feel free to contact us with
      any questions or special requests you may have.

      Shipping and handling within the USA is $4.00 for the first book and
      $2.00 each additional book. Shipping outside the country is extra
      depending on the destination. Payment can be made using credit cards
      through Paypal at www.x.com, or directly by money order. Payment from
      outside the USA is required in US dollars and may require additional
      charges if there are costs associated with completing the
      international transaction.


      055. The Eve of the French Revolution by Edward J. Lowell - Published
      in 1922. A look at the various French institutions (the king,
      administration, clergy, church, nobility, army, courts…) and how they
      contributed to the revolution. Hardcover, in very good condition,
      though with some foxing due to age. 408-pages Price: Now $8.40
      WAS $12.00

      061. Napoleon by Emil Ludwig A classic antique biography of the
      Emperor. The book was published in 1926 and is in generally good
      condition. Hardcover, 707-pages. Price: Now $8.40 WAS $12.00

      062. History of Napoleon Bonaparte; including Lives of Napoleon the
      Great, of Louis Napoleon and of the Prince Imperial: written by Henry
      W. De Puy and published in 1882. A review of the personalities and
      times of the revolution. A very attractive volume this 459-page book
      is in very good condition and has a lovely scrollwork pattern on the
      fabric binding. There are also a number of odd and interesting
      advertisements on the last several pages and back-cover. These ads
      for Crosby's Vitalized Phos-phites, amateur amusements and pianos
      provide an additional attraction to the book collector. Price: NOW
      $14.00 WAS $20.00

      106. Constitutional History of England: From Henry VII to George II
      by Henry Hallam - This is an antique volume, published circa: 1860,
      and still in very good condition, though the top of the spine is a
      bit frayed. A thick volume, at about 970-pages. Price: NOW $14.00 WAS

      107. A Short History of England by Charles M. Andrews – Publ. in
      1912, it covers the whole of English history from the Celts and
      Romans. Many illustrations. Hardcover in great condition, theres a
      small piece of leather (½ inch) missing from the top of spine. 455-
      pages Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      108. Life and Work of the People of England: The Seventeenth Century
      by Dorothy Hartley and Margaret M. Elliot - An antique volume, from
      1929, in excellent condition with many illustrations. Topics include
      the Church and state, medicine, law and justice, agriculture and
      country life, money, trade art, since… 80-pages. Price: NOW $9.10
      WAS $13.00

      110. War in the Middle Ages by Philippe Contamine - Covering the ten
      centuries following the fall of Rome, this book covers all aspects of
      the subject including the military customs and conditions of the
      various Western European states, armor and weaponry, recruitment and
      rules of combat developed to limit bloodshed. Hardcover, with dust
      jacket, in virtually brand new, never read condition, though there is
      a small tear in the dust jacket. 387-pages. Price: NOW $9.10 WAS

      142. Knights: The Complete Story of the Age of Chivalry, from
      Historical Fact to Tales of Romance and Poetry by Andrea Hopkins A
      large volume with numerous photos and maps. Published in 1999.
      Hardcover with dust jacket in brand new, never read condition. 191-
      pages. Price: NOW $11.90 WAS $17.00

      149. The Persian Wars by Herodotus - One of the great works of
      classic Greece. Paperback, in very good condition. Price: NOW
      $4.90 WAS $7.00

      151. The Inner and Middle Temple: Literary and Historic Associations
      by Hugh H.L. Bellot An antique volume published in 1902. A look at
      these institutions, their history and physical locales and the role
      they've played in the history of England. Hardcover in excellent
      condition with numerous photos, drawings and sketches. 412-pages.
      Price: NOW $11.20 WAS $16.00

      155. The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian edited by John Masefield -
      A beautiful antique volume, published in 1923. The amazing memoirs
      of Marco Polo covering his adventures throughout Asia and home in
      Europe during the 13th and 14th centuries. Reinforced cloth covered
      book in excellent condition. 461-pages. Price: NOW $10.50 WAS

      158. The Grenville Diaries edited by Phillip Whitwell Wilson - An
      antique set of two volumes published in 1927. This major figure of
      the first half of 19th century England was closely associated with
      Wellington, Palmerston and other political leaders of the reigns of
      George IV, William IV and Victoria. His memoirs are a fascinating
      and invaluable record of the period. Hardcover in good overall
      condition, though the covers show some wear reflecting their age.
      Combined 1170-pages. Price: NOW $16.80 WAS $24.00 (Counts as two
      books for purpose of S&H).

      168. Royalty Restored or London Under Charles II by J. Fitzgerald
      Molloy - An antique volume published in 1897. Looks at the return of
      Charles II to England Following the death of Cromwell and the events
      that took place thereafter. Hardcover in very good condition,
      embossed lettering on the spine and a decorative design on the front
      cover. 359-pages. Price: NOW $10.50 WAS $15.00

      174. The Roman Commonwealth by R.W.Moore - An examination of all
      aspects ancient Roman society, with a number of illustations
      inclusing coins. Published in 1943. Hardcover in excellent
      condition. 267-pages. Price: NOW $11.20 WAS $16.00

      182. The Legacy of Rome edited by Ctril Bailey - A look at various
      aspects of Roman society including the concept of empire,
      administration, communications and commerce the science of law,
      family and social life, etc… Published 1951. Hardcover in excellent
      overall condition, though the pages have begun to slightly yellow
      from age. 512-pages. Price: NOW $10.50 WAS $15.00

      183. The Legacy of Greece edited by R.W. Livingston - The companion
      to The Legacy of Rome, this book looks at religion, philosophy,
      mathematics, astronomy, natural science, literature, history
      architecture, etc… Hardcover in excellent overall condition, though
      the pages have begun to slightly yellow from age. 424-pages. Price:
      NOW $10.50 WAS $15.00

      186. The Rise of the Greeks by Michael Grant - This is an out of
      print volume which surveys the years 1000-490 BC. Published in
      1987. Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition. 391-pages.
      Price: NOW $11.20 WAS $16.00

      192. Those Mysterious Etruscans by Agnes Carr Vaughan - An
      examination of the origins, development and accomplishments of the
      Etruscan people. Hardcover book (no dust jacket), in excellent
      condition with a number of black and white & color photos. 222-pages.
      Price: Now $8.40 WAS $12.00

      227. France Under Napoleon by Louis Bergeron - The book describes the
      condition of France and the French people during the fifteen years
      immediately following the great revolution. Soft cover, in virtual
      brand new, never read condition. 230-pages. Price: Now $8.40 WAS

      253. Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition edited/revised by J.F.
      Mountford - Published 1992, an up to date edition of the famous
      primer covers all rules, phrases and general composition of Latin.
      Soft cover in brand new, never read condition. Price: NOW $7.00 WAS

      255. Caligula: The Corruption of Power by Anthony A. Barrett - The
      book looks at his life and career through a review of his family
      history, upbringing, illnesses and the question of his sanity.
      Hardcover with dust jacket, in very good condition through with
      underlined passages and notations. Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      269. Rituals and Power: The Roman Imperial Cult in Asia Minor - A
      totally original re-interpretation of the imperial cult, the first
      interpretation that really makes sense of the bizarre phenomenon. 289-
      pages. Price: NOW $9.80 WAS $14.00

      273. The Cities of Ancient Mexico: Reconstructing a Lost World - A
      detailed look at what it would have been like to live during the
      heyday of Mexico's greatest ancient cities, with photos. Published in
      1997. Soft cover in brand new, never read condition. 224-pages.
      Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      283. Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Classical Period by John
      Boardman - A detailed survey of all the important painters and
      workshops with the aid of over 500 illustrations. Soft cover, in
      excellent condition. 252-pages. Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      284. Early Greece by Oswyn Murray - The book stresses the relations
      between Greece and the east and some important aspects of social
      history. Topics covered include the end of the Dark Age relative to
      the development of the aristocracy and the community, colonization,
      the economy, the coming of the Persians, etc… Soft cover, in brand
      new never read condition. Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      288. The Myceneans by Lord William Taylor - A detailed look at the
      archaeology and history of this ancient culture. Many photos, maps
      and diagrams. Soft cover and in brand new, never read condition. 180-
      pages. Price: NOW $7.00 WAS $10.00

      290. The Murder of Tutankhamen: A True Story by Bob Brier, Ph. D. -
      The author uses modern forensic techniques and ancient documents to
      real the crime, identify the killer and bring the tumultuous world of
      ancient Egypt and its young pharaoh alive. Hardcover, with dust
      jacket in brand new, never read condition. 264-pages. Price: NOW
      $11.20 WAS $16.00

      297. The Egyptians by Cyril Aldred - The overwhelming importance of
      the annual inundation of the Nile and the rise and fall over 3,000
      years of the power of the divine pharaoh, provides the unifying
      threads through this examination of the ancient Egyptian culture.
      Many color photos. Soft cover, in brand new, never read condition.
      224-pages. Price: NOW $9.80 WAS $14.00

      289. Mexico: From the Olmecs to the Aztecs - A basic and very
      readable introduction to the region's ancient civilizations. Many
      photos, maps and diagrams. Soft cover, in brand new, never read
      condition. 215-pages. Price: NOW $7.70 WAS $11.00

      305. The Conquest of England by Eric Linklater - Explores the highly
      controversial subject of the development of England under the Romans,
      Anglo-Saxons, Danes and ultimately, the Normans. Hardcover, with
      dust jacket, in brand new, never read condition. 318-pages Price: NOW
      $10.50 WAS $15.00

      307. The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century by Roland H. Bainton –
      A look at he transition point between the Middle Ages and modern
      times. With many illustrations. Soft cover, in very good condition,
      the cover is a bit scuffed and some page edges are slightly stained.
      278-pages. Price: NOW $5.60 WAS $8.00

      309. Henry the Eigth (and His Six Wives) by Francis Hackett - An
      antique volume, published in 1931, a wonderful biography of the man
      who defied the Pope, plundered the monasteries, and dominated his
      nation and religion. Hardcover with dust jacket, in very good
      condition though the dust jacket is slightly torn. 452-pages. Price:
      NOW $10.50 WAS $15.00

      310. Medieval England edited by H.W.C. Davis - A classic companion to
      English medieval history, with essays ranging from architecture,
      costume and education to art, commerce and heraldry. With more than
      350-illustrations. Hardcover with dust jacket in virtual brand new,
      never read condition, though the dust jacket is somewhat scratched.
      632-pages. Price: NOW $10.50 WAS $15.00

      313. Louis XIV: A Royal Life - A biography of the Sun King. From the
      age of 13 he oversaw every aspect of government, from waging war and
      making political appointments to supervising the building of his many
      palaces and administering the treasury. Hardcover with dust jacket,
      in brand new, never read condition. 373-pages. Price: NOW $9.80 WAS

      314. Alfred the Great by Thomas Hughes - An antique volume, published
      in 1871, this biography of one of the greatest figures in English
      history covers the man and the world around him. Hardcover with
      attractive embossing on the spine and front cover. Very good
      condition, though the front cover and a couple of pages are slightly
      separated. 324-pages. Price: Now $8.40 WAS $12.00

      317. France Since 1789 by Paul A. Gagmon - From the French
      Revolution, the book then goes on to consider the Empire of France,
      the constitutional monarchies, the third republic, etc. Hardcover,
      in excellent condition, though there are a small number of light
      pencil markings throughout the book. 560-pages. Price: NOW $9.10
      WAS $13.00

      320. Europe in the Middle Ages by Oliver J. Thatcher and Edgar Holmes
      McNeal - Antique volume published in 1920. A look at the development
      of Europe from the time of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance.
      Hardcover in good condition though the cover is a bit worn and there
      are several pencil marks. Contains a number of interesting drawings
      and color maps. 547-pages. Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      321. The War of the Roses by Anthony Goodman - Includes an overall
      view of the campaigns, from the first skirmishes of 1452 to the last
      campaign in 1497 band examines the generalship of the commanders in
      both camps. Also looks at the military organization and the effects
      of the wars on society in general. 294-pages. Price: NOW $9.10 WAS

      322. Seventeenth-Century England: Society in an Age of Revolution -
      Topics such as social mobility, agriculture and social change, labor
      in the economy and the growth of the electorate. Soft cover in great
      condition, with a small tear along the spine. 181-pages Price: NOW
      $7.00 WAS $10.00

      330. Kourion: The Search for a lost Roman City by David Soren and
      Jamie James - The discovery and excavations of the city of Kourion
      located on Cyprus, which was destroyed in the great earthquake of
      365AD. Soft cover in excellent condition with many photos. 223-pages.
      Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      340. The Holy Roman Empire by James Bryce - An antique volume
      published in 1887. Chronicles the empire from before the invasion of
      the barbarians through the time of Napoleon. Hardcover in excellent
      condition. 467-pages. Price: NOW $9.80 WAS $14.00

      344. Vanished Empire: Vienna-Budapest-Prague A look at the three
      principal cities of the Habsburg Empire and their principal legacy
      within that empire. Published in 1988. Hardcover with dust jacket in
      brand new, never read condition. 336-pages. Price: NOW $10.50 WAS

      345. The Royal Touch: Monarchy and Miracles in France and England by
      Marc Bloch - On the surface the book's focus is on the concept of the
      sovereign's touch and how it can cure disease. But the issues go far
      deeper as the author looks at the relationship between the political
      and emotional factors involved in the wielding of and yielding to,
      authority. Published in 1989, hardcover with dust jacket in brand
      new, never read condition. 441-pages. Price: NOW $11.20 WAS $16.00

      361. Peter the Great: His Life and World by Robert K. Massie - The
      complete biography by this master of non-fiction storytelling.
      Published in 1980, 909-pages. Hard cover with dust jacket. In
      excellent condition, with slight signs of aging. Price: Now $8.40
      WAS $12.00

      386. Later Roman Britain by Stephen Johnson The Book provides an
      overall view of the beginnings of the Dark Ages of British history,
      the period which saw the collapse of Roman administration. Published
      in 1986. Soft cover in very good condition, though the cover is
      showing its age a bit. 255-pages. Price: NOW $6.30 WAS $9.00

      389. From Barbarians to New Men: Greek, Roman and Modern Perceptions
      of Peoples from the Central Apennines by Emma Dench How the Greek and
      Romans viewed these "Barbarians" and what it said about their own
      development. Published in 1995. Hard cover in very good condition,
      though there are a few passages underlined within the first five
      pages. 255-pages. Price: NOW $9.10 WAS $13.00

      390. Love in Ancient Rome by Pierre Grimal - A complete view of all
      aspects of romantic and passionate love among the Romans. Published
      in 1967. Hard cover with dust jacket in very good condition, though a
      number of passages are underlined throughout the book. 306-pages
      Price: NOW $9.80 WAS $14.00

      399. The Antiquarium of the Forum Romanum published by the Ministerio
      Della Pubblica Istruzione Part of a series on various important
      archaeological sites. First edition with 87 illustrations. Soft cover
      in excellent condition. 99- pages. Price: NOW $7.00 WAS $10.00

      407. Augustus & Nero: The Secret of Empire by Gilbert Charles-Picard -
      Published in 1966. Hard cover with dust jacket in good overall
      condition, though there are numerous ink underlinings throughout the
      book and the dust jacket is worn. 190-pages. Price: NOW $7.70 WAS

      409. The World of the Pharaohs: A complete Guide to Ancient Egypt by
      Christine Hobson - A beautifully illustrated guide to ancient Egypt,
      (tons of photos). Published in 1990. Soft cover book in excellent
      condition. 192-pages. Price: Now $8.40 WAS $12.00

      412. The Greek World edited by Robert Browning A large coffee table
      sized book with beautiful photos in color and b/w. Soft cover in
      brand new, never read condition. 328-pages. This volume lists for
      $34.95. Price: NOW $14.00 WAS $20.00

      413. Egypt Lost and Found: Explorers and Travelers on the Nile by
      Alberto Silliotti A very large coff table sized book with a large
      number of photos, maps and drawings. A beautiful addition to your
      library. The book measures 11-1/2" by 14" and has 359 plus pages. The
      book lists for $60.00. This book will count as the first two books of
      an order for purposes of S&H. Price: NOW $24.50 WAS $35.00.

      417. Gods, Graves and Scholars: The Story of Archaeology by C.W.
      Ceram - Published in 1954 with a number of photos, drawings and maps.
      Hardcover in very good condition. 428-pages. Price: Now $8.40 WAS
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