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  • David Meadows
    [forwarded with the author s permission/request]
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2000
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      [forwarded with the author's permission/request]

      >Dear David,
      >Thanks for reminding us of the historical significance of the day!
      >While the url provided for the Pompeii Forum Project works, our official
      >url is much shorter and is very easy to memorize: pompeii.virginia.edu.
      >We especially hope that the qtvr and video clip presentations in the Notes
      >for Teachers and Students section are, indeed, of interest to teachers and
      >students. Two qtvr nodes that have become disconnected must be restored:
      >the atrium and the room of the mysteries in the Villa of the Mysteries.
      >We will reconnect those soon because of the interest in the Villa of the
      >Mysteries generated by the upcoming exhibition on the frieze at the
      >University of Michigan.
      >There are several more videos that we want to add and will do so as soon
      >as they have been digitized. One is what I call a "silent video." It is
      >an unnarrated tour of the House of Pansa (not the whole Insula Arriana
      >Polliana, just the atrium house at its core.) It begins with a steadycam
      >walkthrough. (The audio is actually on and you can hear the crunching of
      >gravel under foot.) Then follow several setups using the tripod to
      >present various parts of the house. My goal in making the video was to
      >provide an exercise in which students could write and possibly present in
      >class their own narrated tour of a Pompeian house. I put a couple of
      >copies on reserve and let the students check them out. It has worked well
      >and so I am willing to share it.
      >Others videos are narrated tours of the forum and of the House of the
      >Best to all,
      >John J. Dobbins
      >Director, Pompeii Forum Project
      >Professor of Classical Art & Archaeology
      >McIntire Department of Art
      >Fayerweather Hall
      >University of Virginia
      >Charlottesville, VA 22903
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