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Marcus Aurelius & Stoicism links

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  • Garummm
    Avete omnes! Garummm omnibus salutem dicit. (Greetings, y all!) My apologies for missing the last Tacitus chat -- events came up. My personal favorite
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2010
      Avete omnes! Garummm omnibus salutem dicit. (Greetings, y'all!)

      My apologies for missing the last Tacitus chat -- events came up.

      My personal favorite Aurelius is the George Long translation (available in
      hard copy and public domain on the web).

      As I promised Irene, here is some information on a book I recently
      purchased, for comparison. This one is (IMHO) a good starting point for
      anyone with no background in philosophy in general, or Stoicism in
      particular. Note that it is "selections" and does not include the entire
      text of the Meditations:

      TITLE: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius: Selections annotated and

      AUTHOR: Russell McNeill
      PUBLISHER: Skylight Paths Publishing, Woodstock (Vermont, USA)
      ISBN 978-1-59473-236-2

      BACK COVER BLURB (not on Amazon link below):
      "The timeless wisdom of an ancient Stoic can become a companion for your own
      spiritual journey.

      Stoicism is often portrayed as a cheerless, stiff-upper-lip philosophy of
      suffering and doom. Yet as experienced trhough the thoughtful and
      penetrating writings of roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (121 - 180 CE), the
      Stoic approach to life is surprisingly rich, nuanced, clear-eyed and

      With facing-page commentary that explains the texts for you, Russell McNeil,
      PhD, guides you through key passages from Aurelius's *Meditations*,
      comprised of the emperor's collected personal journal entries, to uncover
      the startlingly modern relevance his words have today. From devotion to
      family and duty to country, to a near-prophetic view of the natural world
      that aligns with modern physics, Aurelius's words speak as potently today as
      they did two millennia ago.

      Now you can *discover the tenderness, intelligence and honesty of Aurelius's
      writings with no previous background in philosophy or the classics*. This
      SkyLight Illuminations edition offers insightful and engaging commentary
      that explains the historical background of Stoicism, as well as the ways
      this ancient philosophical system can offer psychological and spiritual
      insight into you contemporary life. You will be encouraged to explore and
      challenge Aurelius's ides of what makes a fulfilling life -- and in so doing
      you may discover new ways of perceiving happiness."

      The Amazon link will allow you to see the format and sample the language of
      the book.
      AMAZON LINKhttp://www.amazon.ca/Meditations-Marcus-Aurelius-Selections-Annotated/dp/1594732361

      NOTE: Selections NOT included in the book are available online here:
      The Manual of the New Stoicism

      McNeil's most current blog entry

      McNeil was a featured guest on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's
      weekly radio hour on spirituality.

      Could we invite McNeil to participate in the Aurelius chat?

      Valete bene


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