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    We are currently reading Book One of Edward Gibbon s The schedule for AOL members online chats is as follows: (May
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 1999
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      We are currently reading Book One of Edward Gibbon's <<Decline and Fall of
      the Roman Empire>>

      The schedule for AOL members' online chats is as follows: (May 20: Chapters
      I-IV) / June 3: Chapters I-IX / June 17: Chapters X-XV.

      You can find more information and background readings on the webpage
      "Upcoming Readings": <<http://hometown.aol.com/bkcnirene/page4/booklist2.htm>>

      Gibbon describes his task as historian as follows: <<Diligence and accuracy
      are the only merits which an historical writer may ascribe to himself; if any
      merit indeed can be assumed from the performance of an indispensable duty, I
      may therefore be allowed to say, that I have carefully examined all the
      original materials that could illustrate the subject which I had undertaken
      to treat.>> And so he did...it is a most remarkable work, a joy to read.

      Your thoughts, comments and ideas are very welcome!

      Irene (BkCnIrene)
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