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Reading Group - The Greek and Roman World

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  • Peter
    In case anybody here is interested? We are staying with the Greeks for almost a year. We are currently discussing Peter Green s The Greco-Persian Wars . It is
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2006
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      In case anybody here is interested? We are staying with the Greeks for almost a year. We
      are currently discussing Peter Green's "The Greco-Persian Wars". It is excellent!



      This group is devoted towards the ancient world around the Mediterranean. The Greek and
      Roman World will be explored through modern and ancient histories, literature, poetry,
      plays and other sources that can help us understand the time period. Examples of
      selections that could be read are literature and histories from the times such as Homer's
      powerful epics, Sappho's love poems, the philosophy of Plato, the plays of Sophocles and
      Euripides, Herodotus examining the Persian wars, Xenophon's story of the march of the
      ten thousand, Livy's history of Rome, Plutarch's Lives, Arrian describing the campaigns of
      Alexander, Tacitus' Histories and Annals, The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, the
      intrigues of the emperors described by Suetonius, Virgil's epic the Aenid and many more.
      We can read books about the Greek and Roman pantheons of gods and stories about their
      heroes. There are many modern works of history, art and archaeology that can guide us
      such as Syme's history of the Roman Republic, Gibbon, the new evidence about the demise
      of the Roman Legions up in the forests of Germanica, recent and older biographies (Caesar
      (Goldsworthy), Augustus and Alexander the Great (Fox/Green)), Veyne et al looking at
      social life in the Roman Empire in 'A History of the Private Life" and others. It is a
      kaleidoscope of old and new books illuminating the past as well as our heritage from the
      Greek and Roman cultures.

      As a foundation for our entry into this world we will initially put a strong emphasis on the
      Greek world. This will be followed by a similar emphasis on the Roman world in late 2007.

      Currently discussing:
      Oct/Nov: Peter Green - The Greco-Persian Wars
      Nov 5 Part 3

      Dec/Jan : Herodotus - The Histories [Dec 6, 2006]
      Feb/Mar: Kagan - The Peloponnesian War
      Apr/May: Thucydides - The Peloponnesian War
      June: Davidson - Courtesans and Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens
      July: Fox - Alexander the Great
      Aug: Green - Alexander to Actium
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