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    The following titles on Classical Studies and other topics have been posted for sale under the Recent Acquisitions topic at our website:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2005
      The following titles on Classical Studies and other topics have been
      posted for sale under the Recent Acquisitions topic at our website:

      Orders may be placed by phone, fax, post, or email. It is quickest to
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      Shalender Jolly
      Ancient World Books

      · 1 Randall-MacIver, David GREEK CITIES IN ITALY AND SICILY, 1931 The
      Clarendon Press 226 pp Fair /No Dust Jacket. Hardcover book has
      former owner's signature. Foxing to prelims. Insect damage to boards
      and textblock but with no loss of work. Wear to top of spine. Without
      the insect damage this book would be Good+. . Contents: Cumae;
      Paestum; Velia; Hipponion and Medma; Locri and Caulonia; Croton; Ciro,
      Sybaris, Metapontum; Tarentum; From Paola to Syracuse; History of
      Syracuse; Topographical Description of Syracuse; Chronology of the
      Buildings in Syracuse; Gela and kamarina; Akragas;
      Selinus--Segesta--Enna. 35.00

      · 2 Pettigrew, Thomas Joseph CHRONICLES OF THE TOMBS A select
      collection of epitaphs, preceded by an essay on epitaphs and other
      monumental inscriptions, with incidental observations on sepulchral
      antiquities 1873 Bell & Daldy 529 pp Very Good- /No Dust Jacket.
      Very mild foxing to prelims. Spine cover has a small piece missing.
      Former owner's signature in pencil. . 50.00

      · 3 Rodgers, Barbara Saylor & C. E. V. Nixon IN PRAISE OF LATER ROMAN
      EMPERORS The Panegyrici Latini 1995 University of California Press
      1.59 x 9.5 x 6.62 Inches. 735 pp Very Good /Good. Hardcover book has
      light soiling and wear. Dustjacket has one large tear 2" to front
      panel. DJ has quite a bit of creasing and edgewear. . Here, for the
      first time, is an annotated English translation of the eleven later
      panegyrics (291-389 C. E. ) of the XII Panegyrici Latini, with the
      original Latin text prepared by R. A. B. Mynors. Each panegyric has a
      thorough introduction, and detailed commentary on historical events,
      style, figures of speech, and rhetorical strategies accompanies the
      translations. The very difficult Latin of these insightful speeches is
      rendered into graceful English, yet remains faithful to the original.

      · 4 Austin, Norman ARCHERY AT THE DARK OF THE MOON Poetic Problems in
      Homer's Odyssey 1975 University of California Press 312 pp Very Good
      /Good+. Dustjacket has a few minor tears and chips as well as rippling
      to front panel. Book has bumping to top and bottom of spine. . Austin
      provides the full scholarly apparatus for his theories. He writes,
      however, in such a lucid and eloquent style with such good common
      sense and literary intelligence that a beginning student will also
      find superb assistance in obtaining and understanding of the Homeric
      achievement. [This is] an act of criticism that is fully adequate to
      suggest the greatness of the poet which is its subject. 60.00

      · 5 Syme, Ronald COLONIAL ELITES Rome, Spain and the Americas 1958
      Oxford University Press 1st Edition. 65 pp Fine /Very Good-. DJ is
      price-clipped. Spine of DJ is sunned. A few tears to DJ. . Three
      lectures given at MacMaster University by Professor Syme, an historian
      of the Roman Empire. Lectures discuss the overseas expansion of three
      great powers: the Romans in Spain, the Spaniards in South and Central
      America, and the British in the American colonies and the West Indies.

      · 6 Bauer, Brigitte ARCHAIC SYNTAX IN INDO-EUROPEAN The Spread of
      Transitivity in Latin and French 2000 Mouton de Gruyter 1.06 x 9.2 x
      6.36 Inches. 380 pp Fine /No Dust Jacket. This book analyzes
      structures in (early) Indo-European languages that traditionally have
      been difficult to account for: impersonal verbs, mihi est
      constructions to express possession, mihi est constructions in
      combination with a nominal form of the verb, and absolute
      constructions. It is argued that they are inherited from
      Proto-Indo-European and that they are residues of a stage at which the
      proto-language was non-nominative. Their gradual replacement with
      modern transitive structures, as demonstrated in detail in the
      development of Latin and French, shows the increasing importance of
      transitivity in the development of Indo-European. 165.00

      · 7 Buck, Carl Darling and Walter Petersen A REVERSE INDEX OF GREEK
      NOUNS AND ADJECTIVES Arranged by Terminations with Brief Historical
      Introductions 1944 University Of Chicago Press 8vo 8" - 9" tall. 765
      pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. Binding is a bit shaky. Normal wear.
      Pencil notes on inner title page. . 225.00

      · 8 Bishop, J. David SENECA'S DAGGERED STYLUS Political Code in the
      Tragedies 1985 Verlag Anton Hain 468 pp Very Good Corners bumped.
      Soiling to back boards. Book has minor shelfwear and rubbing. No DJ as
      issued. . 50.00

      · 9 Russell, D. A. AN ANTHOLOGY OF GREEK PROSE 1991 Clarendon Press ,
      Oxford 327 pp Fine /Very Good+. Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and
      rubbing.. This anthology presents over fifty extracts representing all
      the major Greek prose writers from the fifth century B. C. Through to
      the fourth century A. D. : Herodotus, Thucydides, Lysias, Isocrates,
      Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle, writers from the Hellenistic and Roman
      periods (including some New Testament and other Greek Christian
      writers) , and many others. Introducing a broad range of style and
      syntax, the passages are accompanied by explanatory notes, full
      references to grammar, a useful introduction, and grammatical and
      stylistic indexes. The only anthology of its kind, this book will be
      an essential guide for both students and teachers of Greek literary
      appreciation and prose composition. 75.00

      · 10 Whitley, James; Renfrew, Colin & Wendy Ashmore & Clive Gamble &
      John O'Shea STYLE AND SOCIETY IN DARK AGE GREECE The Changing Face of
      a Pre-literate Society 1100-700 BC 1991 Cambridge University Press
      10.25 x 1 x 7.5 Inches. 245 pp Fine /Very Good+. Dustjacket has
      minor shelfwear and rubbing. . In this innovative study, James Whitley
      examines the relationship between the development of pot style and
      social changes in the Dark Age of Greece (1100-700 BC). He focuses on
      Athens where the Protogeometric and Geometric styles first appeared.
      He considers pot shape and painted decoration primarily in relation to
      the other relevant features - metal artefacts, grave architecture,
      funerary rites, and the age and sex of the deceased - and also takes
      into account different contexts in which these shapes and decorations
      appear. A computer analysis of grave assemblages supports his view
      that pot style is an integral part of the collective representations
      of Early Athenian society. It is a lens through which we can focus on
      the changing social circumstances of Dark Age Greece. Dr Whitley's
      approach to the study of style challenges many of the assumptions
      which have underpinned more traditional studies of Early Greek art. 75.00

      · 11 Russell, D. A. CRITICISM IN ANTIQUITY 1982 University Of
      California Press 219 pp Very Good /Very Good. Top corner of book is
      bumped. General shelfwear and rubbing to DJ. Book has former owner's
      signature. . Identifies and analyses the main themes of classical
      literature against their historical background. Study of Ancient
      criticism in English. 35.00

      · 12 Temporini, Hildegard & Wolfgang Haase AUFSTIEG UND NIEDERGANG DER
      RÖMISCHEN (ROEMISCHEN) WELT II.16.1 Geschichte Und Kultur Roms Im
      Spiegel Der Neueren Forschung. II: PRINCIPAT. RELIGION (Heidentum,
      Römische Religion, Allgemeines) 1978 Walter De Gruyter Inc 9.75 x 2.25
      x 7.25 Inches. 832 pp Near Fine /No Dust Jacket. Contents include
      but are not exhaustive: Le paganisme romain sous le Haut Empire; Roman
      Paganism under the Antonines and Severans; The Philosophical Critique
      of Religion under the Early Empire; Varro und die rÖmische Religion;
      RÖmische Religion im Spiegel der 'Fasti' des Ovid; Plinius und die
      RÖmische Religion; Vom Wesen rÖmischer 'religio'; 'Numen' und 'numen
      Augusti'; Das rÖmische Fatum; Towards interpreting Demonic Powers in
      Hellenistic and Roman Antiquity; Aspetti spaziali del sistema
      giuridico-religioso romano; Functions of Roman Temples; Les Pretres
      officiels sous les empereurs julio-claudiens; Die vier hohen rÖmischen
      Priesterkollegien unter den Flaviern, den Antoninen und den Severern
      (69-235 n. Chr. ) ; "Über die rÖmischen AckerbrÜder". Geschichte eines
      Kultes. 333.00

      · 13 Temporini, Hildegard & Wolfgang Haase AUFSTIEG UND NIEDERGANG DER
      RÖMISCHEN (ROEMISCHEN) WELT II.32.1 Geschichte Und Kultur Roms in
      Spiegel Der Neueren Forschung. PRINCIPAT. Sprache Und Literatur
      (Literatur Der Julisch-Claudischen Und Der Flavischen Zeit) 1984
      Walter De Gruyter Inc 650 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. Light bumping to
      top of front cover. Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing. .
      Contents include but are not exhaustive: Caratteristiche della
      letteratura giulio-claudia; Politics and Power in Roman Poetry from
      Horace to Statius; Manilius als Astrologie und Dichter; Germanico e il
      suo poema astronomico; The 'Aetna': Thought, Antecedents, and Style;
      Il 'Saggio sul Sublime'; Etat présent des travaux sur l'Histoire
      Romaine de Velléius paterculus; Valerius Maximus and Roman
      Historiography; Phaedrus the Fabulist; The Elder Seneca and
      Declamation; Elder Seneca and Declamation since 1900: A Bibliography;
      Der Traum des Historikers: Zu den 'Bella Germaniae' des Plinius und
      zur julisch-claudischen Geschichtsschreibung; Tiberius and Gaius:
      influence and views on Literature; Claudius-- the Erudite Emperor. 366.00

      HEBREW LANGUAGE FOR READERS OF ENGLISH 1988 Prentice Hall College Div
      11.75 x 1.75 x 8.5 Inches. 721 pp Good /Good. Tears to dustjacket.
      Front Cover of DJ and book shows signs of small dime shaped
      depressions. Ask for a photo. . A clear and concise work on the
      origins of the Hebrew words and their sense development. Each of the
      c. 32,000 entries is first given in its Hebrew form, then translated
      into English and analysed etymologically, using Latin transcription
      for all non-Latin scripts. An indispensable source of biblical,
      Jewish, modern Hebrew and Near Eastern studies. 180.00

      · 15 Bowersock, Glen W. ; Knox, Bernard MacGregor Walker & G. W.
      Bowersock & Walter Burkert & Michael C. J Putnam ARKTOUROS Hellenic
      Studies Presented to Bernard M.W. Knox on the Occasion of His 65th
      Birthday 1979 Walter de Gruyter 9.5 x 1.25 x 6.5 Inches. 460 pp Near
      Fine /No Dust Jacket. Book has minor shelfwear and rubbing. . Articles
      on Epic and lyric Poetry; Drama; Society and History; Philosophy;
      Aftermath... By the foremost experts in classics at the time. 175.00

      Text with Introduction and Commentary 2001 Oxford University Press
      Near Fine /Very Good. Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing.
      Light bumping to back cover. . Special Edition for Sandpiper Books.
      The Text, based on a scrutiny of the five oldest Greek manuscripts, is
      presented in Greek with a full introduction and commentary in English,
      and Greek and English indexes. 60.00

      LITERATURE 1990 Oxford University Press 0.75 x 8.5 x 5.5 Inches. 284
      pp Fine /Very Good+. Dustjacket is slightly sunned on spine.
      Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing. . The volume illuminates
      the connections and mutual influence of the various genres in the
      portrayal of the individual. Ten essays explore the question: the
      distinction of character and personality-- C. Gill; How the Greeks
      viewed the concept of character-- S. Halliwell; characterization in
      epic-- O. Taplin; in tragedy-- P. E. Easterling, S. Goldhill, & J.
      Griffin; in comedy-- M. Silk; in philosophical dialectic-- L.
      Conventry; in oratory and rhetoric-- D. A. Russell; and in biography--
      C. B. R. Pelling. 125.00

      · 18 Russell, D. A. ANTONINE LITERATURE 1990 Oxford University Press
      0.94 x 8.74 x 5.9 Inches. 260 pp Fine /Fine. The quality as well as
      the historical importance of the flourishing bilingual literature of
      the second century AD is increasingly recognised. This volume collects
      together eight papers which offer a wide view of the intellectual and
      literary world of the Antonines, both Greek and Latin. There are
      special studies on Plutarch's Lives -- C B R Pelling; Lucian's
      Prologues-- H. -G. Nesselrath; Aristides' Hymns-- D. A. Russell; and
      Apuleius' Cupid and Psyche-- E. J. Kenney. The relationship between
      the two literary languages is an important theme of the introductory
      paper and there are also essays on the neglected topic of Greek poetry
      of the period--E. L. Bowie, on the definition of the Second
      Sophistic-- G. Anderson, and on the influence of Plato's Phaedrus-- M.
      B. Trapp in this period. There is a full bibliography and a brief
      table of important dates. 100.00

      · 19 Ginsberg, Warren THE CAST OF CHARACTER The representation of
      personality in ancient and medieval literature 1983 University of
      Toronto Press 202 pp Near Fine /No Dust Jacket. No DJ as issued.
      Very light staining-- otherwise Fine condition. . Concerned with the
      idea of character and the methods of representing it in medieval and
      ancient narrative fiction. Looks at Ovid, Gottfried's Tristan, Dante
      's Farinata, Chretien 's Yvain as well as Boccaccio and Chaucer. 27.00

      · 20 Sherman, Nancy THE FABRIC OF CHARACTER Aristotle's Theory of
      Virtue 1989 Oxford University Press 213 pp Very Good /Fine.
      Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing. DJ has a couple of very
      tiny nicks, otherwise Near Fine. . Most traditional accounts of
      Aristotle's theory of ethical education neglect its cognitive aspects.
      This book asserts that, in Aristotle's view, excellence of character
      comprises both the sentiments and practical reason. Sherman focuses
      particularly on four aspects of practical reason as they relate to
      character: moral perception, choicemaking, collaboration, and the
      development of those capacities in moral education. Throughout the
      book, she is sensitive to contemporary moral debates, and indicates
      the extent to which Aristotle's account of practical reason provides
      an alternative to theories of impartial reason. 65.00

      · 21 Watson, George Ronald THE ROMAN SOLDIER 1969 Thames & Hudson 256
      pp Very Good /Very Good. Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing.
      Book has bumped cormers. Light soiling to textblock. . This book is a
      study of the life and training of the Roman soldier from enlistment to
      discharge. Covers the period of the Empire to the accession of
      Diocletian, and pays especial regard to ranks below the centurionate.
      Takes account not only of the legions and the auxiliary forces, but
      also of the praetorian guard and the urban cohorts, the Vigiles, and
      the imperial fleets. 50.00

      · 22 Stevens, Courtenay Edward SIDONIUS APOLLINARIS AND HIS AGE 1979
      Greenwood Press Reprint 224 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. Book has
      minor shelfwear and rubbing. Very small tear to bottom of spine. . The
      author looks at the latter half of the Fifth Century A. D. ,
      considered by many to be the transition period between the end of the
      Empire and the beginnings of the Middle Ages, through the letters of
      Sidonius Apollinaris, a most faithful observer of his age. Sidonius
      witnessed the laying of the foundations of European nationalism. Gaius
      Sollius Modestus Sidonius Apollinaris (c.430 - after 489) , poet,
      diplomat, bishop, is "the single most important surviving author from
      fifth-century Gaul" 75.00

      · 23 Schibli, Hermann Sadun PHEREKYDES OF SYROS 1990 Clarendon Press
      0.82 x 8.62 x 6.18 Inches. 240 pp Fine /Very Good. Book is in fine
      condition. Dustjacket has usual shelfwear and rubbing. . In the sixth
      century B. C. , Pherekydes of Syros, the reputed teacher of Pythagoras
      and a contemporary of Thales and Anaximander, wrote a book about the
      birth of the gods and the origin of the cosmos. Considered one of the
      first prose works of Greek literature, Pherekydes' book survives only
      in fragments. Drawing on these fragments, as well as the ancient
      testimonies, Schibli here reconstructs the theo-cosmological schema of
      Pherekydes. From the mythopoeic creation account, colorful narratives
      of a divine marriage and a battle of the gods, and his remarks on the
      soul, Pherekydes emerges as a figure who moved between myth and
      philosophy, and as an important witness to early Greek thought in its
      various manifestations. 150.00

      · 24 Lang, D. M. & D. R. Dudley THE PENGUIN COMPANION TO CLASSICAL,
      ORIENTAL & AFRICAN LITERATURE 1969 McGraw-Hill 360 pp Near Fine /No
      Dust Jacket. Useful Reference for Classical, Byzantine, Oriental and
      African Literature and History. 30.00

      · 25 Levin, Saul SEMITIC AND INDO EUROPEAN II Comparative Morphology,
      Syntax and Phonetics 2002 John Benjamins Pub Co 8.75 x 1.25 x 6.25
      Inches. 592 pp Very Good Numbers written in ink on titlepage &
      underlining on page 1of forward, otherwise clean. Corners bumped. No
      DJ as issued. . Contents include: the structure of roots and of
      uninflected words; stative inflections; inflections of active verbs
      and verbal nouns; corresponding consonants; and vowels and
      suprasegmental sounds 180.00

      · 26 Baxter, James Houston MEDIEVAL LATIN WORD-LIST From British and
      Irish Sources 1950 Oxford University Press Very Good /No Dust
      Jacket. Corners are bumped. Shelfwear. Former owner's signature in pen
      on fly-page . Reprint of first edition. 65.00

      Second Edition 1971 Oxford University Press 2nd Edition. 653 pp Very
      Good /No Dust Jacket. Corners are bumped. Boards are mildly stained. .
      This standard work in its field discusses the three vital parts of
      classical rhetoric--argument, arrangement, and style--bringing these
      elements to life and demonstrating through numerous examples their
      effective application in yesterday's and today's writing. 40.00

      · 28 Guiette, Robert LANCELOT DE DANEMARK 1974 La Renaissance Du Livre
      8vo. Near Fine Very Light yellowing at top of pages. . 14th Century
      Drama in French. 18.00

      ATHENS 1999 University of North Carolina Press 1.03 x 9.59 x 6 Inches.
      274 pp Near Fine /Very Good+. Dustjacket shows shelfwear and
      crumpling to top panels. Book has very minor bumping. . In this book,
      James Sickinger explores the use and preservation of public records
      especially laws and decrees, in the ancient Athenian democracy of the
      archaic and classical periods. This book challenges the growing
      orthodoxy in classical scholarship that characterizes Athenian
      literacy and record keeping as crude and primitive before the fourth
      century B. C. It argues instead that the practical use and
      preservation of laws, decrees, and other state documents were
      hallmarks of Athenian society from the earliest times. 40.00

      1956 E.J. Brill 316 pp Good /No Dust Jacket. Ex-library copy with
      usual stamps, call numbers. Adhesive remains on cover. Ugly adhesive
      stains on inner covers. Webbing is showing on inner covers. Binding is
      still tight. . Contents include (list is not exhaustive) : Virgil's
      Fourth Eclogue and the Sidus Iulium; Ludus poeticus; Princeps; Horace
      and Virgil; "Rebirth" in profane antique Literature; Crime of
      Fratricide; Origin of the Ludi Saeculares; Virgil's eclogues I and IX;
      Isles of the Blessed and Insula Tiberina; Parentatio in honour of
      Romulus. 40.00

      · 31 Bowersock, G.W. & Oleg Grabar & G. W. Bowersock LATE ANTIQUITY A
      Guide to the Postclassical World 1999 Belknap Press 1.66 x 10.5 x 8.34
      Inches. 780 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. One corner lightly bumped. .
      The first book of its kind, this richly informative guide to the world
      of late antiquity offers the most recent scholarship to the researcher
      along with sheer reading pleasure to the browser. In eleven
      comprehensive essays and in over 500 encyclopedic entries, an
      international cast of experts provides essential information and fresh
      perspectives on the history and culture of an era marked by the rise
      of two world religions, unprecedented political upheavals that remade
      the map of the known world, and the creation of art of enduring glory.
      By extending the commonly accepted chronological and territorial
      boundaries of the period-to encompass Roman, Byzantine, Sassanian, and
      early Islamic cultures, from the middle of the third century to the
      end of the eighth-this guide makes new connections and permits
      revealing comparisons. Consult the article on "Angels" and discover
      their meaning in Islamic as well as classical and Judeo-Christian
      traditions. Refer to "Children, " "Concubinage, " and "Divorce" for a
      fascinating interweaving of information on the family. Read the essay
      on "Barbarians and Ethnicity" and see how a topic as current as the
      construction of identity played out in earlier times, from the Greeks
      and Romans to the Turks, Huns, and Saxons. Turn to "Empire Building"
      to learn how the empire of Constantine was supported by architecture
      and ceremony. Or follow your own path through the broad range of
      entries on politics, manufacturing and commerce, the arts, philosophy,
      religion, geography, ethnicity, and domestic life. Each entry
      introduces readers to another facet of the postclassical world:
      historic figures and places, institutions, burial customs, food,
      money, public life, and amusements. A splendid selection of
      illustrations enhances the portrait. The intriguing era of late
      antiquity emerges completely and clearly, viewed in a new light and
      from new vantage points, in a guide that will be relished by scholars
      and general readers alike. 50.00

      · 32 Hanfmann, George Maxim Anossov FROM CROESUS TO CONSTANTINE The
      Cities of Western Asia Minor and Their Arts in Greek and Roman Times
      1974 University Of Michigan Press 127 pp Very Good /Very Good. Book
      has minor shelfwear and rubbing. DJ is price-clipped. Dustjacket has a
      few small nicks and tears. Corners are lightly bumped. . Richly
      illustrated with more than 200 photographs, drawings, and maps, this
      book offers an original and informed interpretation of a major
      cultural synthesis and a panoramic view of the crucial zone of
      creative contact between the cultures of the Mediterranean and the
      Near East. 50.00

      · 33 The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, The Los Angeles County Museum Of
      Art FROM THE LANDS OF THE SCYTHIANS Ancient Treasures from the Museums
      of the U. S. S. R. , 3000 B. C. -100 B. C. 1975 Metropolitan Museum of
      Art : distributed by New York Graphic Society 160 pp Near Fine /Very
      Good-. Dustjacket is protected in mylar. DJ has a couple of tears that
      have been closed and protected. . Scythian treasures are illustrated
      in full colour and every piece is described in detail. There are
      essays on the culture and history of the Scythians and the most recent
      archaeological discoveries, maps and bibliography, and a first-hand
      account by the ancient greek historian Herodotus describing the
      strange customs of these still mysterious nomads who created a
      uniquely beautiful art. 33.00

      · 34 Coolidge, Olivia E LIVES OF FAMOUS ROMANS 1965 Houghton Mifflin
      248 pp Very Good- /Very Good-. Dustjacket is protected in mylar.
      Ex-library copy with usual stamps, call numbers and pocket. Light tape
      stains to fly-pages. Text is clean of any markings. Top corner is
      bumped. . Biographies of Cicero, Caesar, Augustus, Vergil & Horace,
      Nero & Seneca; Trajan; Hadrian; Marcus aurelius; Diocletian;
      Constantine 22.50

      · 35 Lee, M. Owen THE OLIVE-TREE BED AND OTHER QUESTS Homer, Virgil,
      Wagner, Goethe 1997 University Of Toronto Press 9.5 x 0.75 x 6.5
      Inches. 175 pp Near Fine /No Dust Jacket. Light edgewear at foot of
      spine. . The fourth in the series of Robson Lectures published by the
      University of Toronto Press. Father Owen Lee studies the quest myth as
      it occurs in Homer's Odyssey, Virgil's Aeneid, Wagner's Parsifal, and
      Goethe's Faust. Though the four works represent four different
      genres-- oral epic, written epic, music drama, and poetic drama-- each
      deals with the finding of an elusive goal attainable only by the hero
      called to find it. Though Father Lee's lectures address critical
      problems in the four works, and draw to some extent on Jungian
      insights, this volume is also a personal memoir written in the
      belletristic style for which its author has become known. 33.00

      · 36 Bright, David F. & Edwin S. Ramage CLASSICAL TEXTS AND THEIR
      TRADITIONS Studies in Honor of C.R. Trahman 1984 Scholars Press 9.5 x
      1 x 6.25 Inches. 251 pp Near Fine /No Dust Jacket. Table of contents
      contain light pen check marks (about four) in margin. Rest of book is
      clean and would be considered to be in Fine condition otherwise. .
      Collection of essays dealing with a variety of subjects, some of which
      include: Pseudolus as Socrates; Encolpius and Asianism; Wrath of
      Aeneas; Clodia in Cicero's Pro Caelio; Historical development in Livy;
      Cicero's Pro Sestio; Statilius-subscription and editions of late
      antiquity; Phaedra's isolation and self-consciousness; Similes in
      Lucretius; chora Basilike of Alexander the Great; Vergilian
      manuscripts; reconsideration of Cicero's princeps civitatis; Images of
      Crete in Aeneid; and others. 35.00

      · 37 Finley, M. I ASPECTS OF ANTIQUITY Discoveries and controversies
      1968 Chatto & Windus 228 pp Very Good- /No Dust Jacket. Ex-library
      copy with usual stamps, call numbers and pocket. Front board shows
      signs of removed sticker. . Contents include: Rediscovery of Crete;
      The Trojan war; thucydides the Moralist; Socrates and Athens; Plato
      and Practical Politics; Diogenes the Cynic; Etruscans and Early Rome;
      Emperor Diocletian; Manpower and the Fall of Rome; 22.50

      · 38 Sprague, Rosamond Kent PLATO'S PHILOSOPHER-KING A study of the
      theoretical background 1976 University of South Carolina Press 129 pp
      Very Good /Very Good-. Book Corners are bumped. Dustjacket has
      shelfwear and rubbing. Tear to DJ along top spine. A few chips to DJ.
      . Book exhibits the second-order character of statecraft and to show
      how Plato distinguishes this from other second-order arts such as
      rhetoric and sophistry.... The art possessed by the philosopher-king
      turns out to be the knowledge of good and evil, and the products of
      this art turn out to be good men. To draw these distinctions and to
      identify this art and this product was perhaps Plato's most important
      philosophical task. 35.00

      · 39 Bonavia-Hunt, Noel A HORACE THE MINSTREL A Practical and
      Aesthetic Study of His Aeolic Verse 1969 Roundwood Press 268 pp Very
      Good+ /Very Good-. Textblock shows evidence of light foxing. Light
      edgewear. Dustjacket has a few closed tears and soiling. Dustjacket is
      protected in mylar. . Contents: Horace and his Lyre; Was Horace a
      Musician; The Aeolic Odes: Sapphic ode, Alcaic ode, Asclepiad ode;
      Composing in horatian Metres; A Demonstration; An Anthology. 33.00

      · 40 Scheid, John & Jesper Svenbro; Volk, Carol (translator) THE CRAFT
      OF ZEUS Myths of Weaving and Fabric 1996 Harvard University Press 8.75
      x 1 x 6 Inches. 240 pp Good+ /Very Good-. Book is moderately
      underlined in pen, otherwise fine. Dustjacket has rubbing, shelfwear
      and one small cut at foot of spine. Reading copy. At the mythical dawn
      of time, an archaic Zeus stood before a loom to weave a rich mantle,
      resplendent with Ocean and Earth, for his bride. In this dazzling
      commentary on Greek and Roman myth and society, weaving emerges as a
      metaphor as rich with promise and possibility as Zeus's gift. The
      fundamental gesture of weaving -- the interlacing of warp and weft --
      readily symbolizes the union of opposites. From rituals representing
      the cohesion of society, to the erotic and marital significance of the
      woven robe, to the use of weaving as a figure for language and the
      fabric of the text, John Scheid and Jesper Svenbro explore the logic
      of a central concept in Greek and Roman thought. 33.00

      · 41 Balsdon, J. P. ROMANS AND ALIENS 1980 Univ of North Carolina Pr
      10.25 x 1.25 x 6.5 Inches. 310 pp Very Good+ /Very Good-. Dustjacket
      has a few cuts and nicks. Dustjacket has shelfwear and rubbing. Book
      has slight edgewear. . This book brings together a wealth of
      out-of-the-way information both on the national peculiarities of the
      Romans and on their views of the peculiarities of others; the topics
      range from food and sex habits to astrology and the seven day week,
      from slavery, snobbery and the problems of exile to ritual murder,
      euthanasia and suicide. 33.00

      · 42 Bracken, C. P ANTIQUITIES ACQUIRED The Spoliation of Greece 1975
      David & Charles 210 pp Near Fine /Very Good. DJ is price-clipped.
      Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing. . Explains how Greece was
      despoiled of much of her treasures in the early nineteenth century--
      treasures that are now priceless exhibits in the great museums of the
      world. 25.00

      · 43 Gottschalk, H. B. HERACLIDES OF PONTUS 1980 Oxford University
      Press 178 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. Ex-library copy with usual
      stamps, call numbers and bookplate. . Heraclides Ponticus (387 - 312
      BCE) , also known as Heraklides, was a Greek philosopher who lived and
      died at Heraclea, now Eregli, Turkey. He has frequently been hailed as
      the originator of the heliocentric theory. Though this is now
      generally doubted, he did anticipate the thinking of later
      astronomers. Heraclides' father was Euthyphron, a wealthy nobleman who
      sent him to study at the Academy in Athens under its founder Plato and
      under his successor Speusippus, though he also studied with Aristotle.
      According to the Suda, Plato, on his departure for Sicily in 360 BCE,
      left his pupils in the charge of Heraclides. Speusippus, before his
      death in 339 BCE, had chosen Xenocrates as his successor but
      Xenocrates narrowly triumphed in an ensuing election against
      Heraclides and Menedemus. A punning on his name, dubbing him
      Heraclides "Pompicus, " suggests he may have been a rather vain and
      pompous man and the target of much ridicule. However, Heraclides seems
      to have been a versatile and prolific writer on philosophy,
      mathematics, music, grammar, physics, history and rhetoric,
      notwithstanding doubts about attribution of many of the works. It
      appears that he composed various works in dialogue form. The main
      source of this biographical welter is the collection by Diogenes
      Laërtius. His major distinction is that he realised, as the result of
      observation, that Venus and Mercury orbit the Sun as satellites. Some
      writers have seen this as evidence that he originated the heliocentric
      theory prior to Aristarchus of Samos and Nicolaus Copernicus. However,
      it is now generally believed that he was proposing an essentially
      geocentric model in which those planets orbit the Sun but the Sun, in
      turn, orbits the Earth along with the Moon, a theory later revived by
      Tycho Brahe. He was also the first to put forward the theory that the
      Earth rotates on its axis once a day. Of particular significance to
      historians is his statement that fourth century Rome was a Greek city.

      · 44 Dionysius Of Halicarnassus & W. Kendrick Pritchett (translator)
      California Press 164 pp Very Good- /No Dust Jacket. Corners are
      moderately creased. Top corner's creasings extends through the pages.
      Else VG. . 33.00

      · 45 Welles, C. Bradford ALEXANDER AND THE HELLENISTIC WORLD 1984 A.
      M. Hakkert 265 pp Very Good- Former owner's signature on fly page.
      Adhesive stain on inner cover from removed bookplate. Wraps show
      evidence of water damage causing slight rippling effect. Table of
      Contents has pen checkmarks to three pages. Rest of text is unmarked.
      . 22.50

      · 46 Harriott, Rosemary M. ARISTOPHANES Poet & Dramatist 1985 The
      Johns Hopkins University Press 8.75 x 1 x 6 Inches. 200 pp Fine
      /Near Fine. Dustjacket is protected in mylar. Light shelfwear. . Book
      focuses on five plays: Acharnians, Knights, Clouds, Wasps and Clouds.
      Harriott compares elements and compositions of different plays to
      demonstrate illuminating similarities and distinctions. 25.00

      · 47 Alpers, Paul J. SINGER OF THE ECLOGUES A Study of Virgilian
      Pastoral 1979 University Of California Press 253 pp Very Good+ /Very
      Good-. One cm square missing from front of dustjacket. A couple of
      small nicks to DJ. Dustjacket is protected in mylar. Former owner's
      signature on flypage. Dustjacket and book have minor shelfwear and
      rubbing. . Offers a new account of Virgil's pastoralism. Alpers'
      interpretation of the poems and his new translation (with facing latin
      text) makes the Eclogues accessible to contemporary readers. 44.00

      · 48 Staten, Henry EROS IN MOURNING From Homer to Lacan 1994 The Johns
      Hopkins University Press 9.5 x 1 x 6.5 Inches. 248 pp Fine /Near
      Fine. Dustjacket has light rubbing. . Eros in Mourning begins with a
      reading of the Iliad that shows how Homer, not yet influenced by the
      ideology of transcendence, analyzes the structure of unassuageable
      mourning in a way that is as up-to-date as the latest
      poststructuralism. Then, in readings of Dante, Hamlet, La Princess de
      Clèves, Heart of Darkness, and Lacan, Staten depicts the
      "thanato-erotic" hysteria that is set off by the specter of the dead
      and decomposing body that is also the body of sexual love and which,
      in the "transcendentalizing" tradition, is more female than male. Yet,
      St. John, certain troubadours, and Milton offer glimpses of a more
      affirmative relation to "eros in mourning. " 50.00

      · 49 Golden, Leon IN PRAISE OF PROMETHEUS Humanism and rationalism in
      Aeschylean thought 1966 University of North Carolina Press 137 pp
      Very Good+ /Very Good. Dustjacket has yellowing and light soiling. DJ
      is price-clipped. Former owner's bookplate. . Examines Aeschylus'
      religious and political thought. 25.00

      · 50 Brumbaugh, Robert Sherrick ANCIENT GREEK GADGETS AND MACHINES
      1966 Thomas Y. Crowell 152 pp Very Good- /Good. Dustjacket has
      suffered water damage and has a rippling effect. Dustjacket has a
      couple of small pieces missing. Dustjacket is protected in mylar.
      Slight water damage to back board of book. Former owner's bookplate. .
      Brumbaugh describes a wide variety of inventions, which span the
      centuries from the Minoan-Mycenaean to the Hellenistic eras. Scores of
      diagrams and photographs, many specially gathered from museums in
      Greece, accompany the text. Among the most impressive of the ancient
      gadgets and machines are steam engines, catapaults, and war machines,
      and an astronomical "computer" dating back to AD 65. 30.00

      · 51 Beck, Frederick A. G GREEK EDUCATION, 450-350 B.C 1964 Barnes &
      Noble 381 pp Good /Good. Ex-library copy with usual stamps, call
      numbers and pocket. Tape stains on fly-pages and DJ. DJ is protected
      in plastic. . Account of greek education exemplified by practice at
      Athens in the period 450-350 BC 25.00

      · 52 Ramsey, J. T. SALLUST'S BELLUM CATILINAE 1984 Oxford University
      Press 0.69 x 9.02 x 6.04 Inches. 272 pp Good Heavy pencil notes.
      Highlighting on four pages. Pages corners are creased. Covers are
      creased. . 20.00

      · 53 Bohec, Yann Le THE IMPERIAL ROMAN ARMY 1994 Hippocrene Books 9.75
      x 1.25 x 6.75 Inches. 304 pp Very Good+ /Very Good. Book and
      Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing. Light bumping to corners
      and foot of spine. . The Emperor Augustus believed that the Roman army
      occupied a crucial place at the heart of the empire and it was he who
      made it a fully professional force. This book looks at the structure
      and development of the army between the Republic and the Late Empire,
      examining why the army has always been accorded such a prominent
      position in the history of the Roman Empire, and whether that view is
      justified. The book is divided into three sections. The author first
      examines the major divisions of army organization - the legions, the
      auxiliary units, the fleet - and how the men were recruited. Secondly
      he looks at what the army did - the training, tactics and strategy.
      Finally he considers the historical role of the army - how it fitted
      into Roman society, of which it was only part, and what influence it
      had economically and politically. In exploring these themes, the
      author gives equal weight to epigraphic, documentary and
      archaeological evidence. With tables summarizing detailed information,
      Yann Le Bohec provides a synthesis of current knowledge of the Roman
      army from the first to the third century AD, putting it in its context
      as part of the state structure of the Roman Empire. 45.00

      · 54 Millar, Fergus THE ROMAN EMPIRE AND ITS NEIGHBOURS 1967 Delacorte
      Press 362 pp Very Good- /No Dust Jacket. Book has slight soiling.
      Top corner of book shows signs that is was bent. Normal shelfwear. .
      Book traces the process by which a pagan Empire ruled from Rome
      developed into a Christian Empire ruled from Constantinople. This
      process came to fulfilment in the fourth and fifth centuries. It is
      the primary thesis of this book that the fundamental social and
      administrative changes which made it possible had taken place before
      the end of the third century. 45.00

      · 55 Davisson, William I EUROPEAN ECONOMIC HISTORY The Ancient World
      1972 Appleton-Century-Crofts 288 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket.
      Normal shelfwear. Slight soiling. Flypage has former owner's signature
      and indented seal. . Discusses the market and economic conditions from
      the Neolithic period to Greece and finally to the Roman Republic and
      Empire. 38.00

      · 56 Hull, Denison Bingham HOUNDS AND HUNTING IN ANCIENT GREECE 1964
      University of Chicago Press Very Good+ /No Dust Jacket. Light
      Soiling to text block. . Contents: Equipment for Hunting; Breeds of
      hounds; care of hounds; Hare Hunting; Antlers and Horns; Other Game.
      Xenophon's Cynegeticus; Onomasticon of Julius Pollux; Arrian's
      Cynegeticus. Includes a catalogue of animals. 35.00

      · 57 Errington, Robert Malcolm THE DAWN OF EMPIRE Rome's Rise to World
      Power 1972 Cornell University Press 318 pp Good+ /Good+. Dustjacket
      is protected in mylar. Ex-library copy with usual stamps, call numbers
      and pocket. DJ is price-clipped. Tape stains on fly-pages of book.
      Soiling to text-block. Book board hinge is shaky. . Rome's rise to
      world domination is one of the most important accidents in world
      history. In this book, the author explores the critical years during
      which the pattern of Roman expansion was developed and points out
      striking analogies to modern events. Beginning in 264 BC and ending in
      133 BC. Two conflicts are focussed upon: the war with Hannibal and the
      battle of Pydna. 25.00

      · 58 Wiseman, Timothy Peter CLIO'S COSMETICS Three Studies in
      Greco-Roman Literature 1980 Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc 209 pp Very
      Good /Very Good. Corners are bumped of book and dustjacket. Dustjacket
      has shelfwear and rubbing. Dustjacket is price-clipped. . Clio is Muse
      of history, her cosmetics the adornments of rhetoric. Wiseman's
      influential book, first published in 1979 and now for the first time
      in paperback, concerns the writing of history during the first century
      BCE, when Rome was rapidly becoming the centre of the Greek, as much
      as her own, literary world. Historians, trained in the schools of
      rhetoric, prized elegant plausibility above the empirical objectivity
      we expect of them today. Legend and history intermingled; history and
      poetry overlapped. The book divides into three distinct parts. The
      first treats the problems that arise from reading first-century
      history as if it was written by modern non-rhetorical standards. The
      second examines the pseudo-history of the gens Claudia, fabricated in
      the first century and transmitted to us by Livy and Dionysius of
      Halicarnassus. The third discusses Catullus' dedication of his poetry
      to the historian Cornelius Nepos against the background of the two
      authors' common intellectual heritage. Wiseman's book represents a
      significant contribution towards an appreciation of ancient
      historiography, of Greek preoccupations and their reception in Roman
      culture. It views history as rhetoric, as myth-making, and as poetry.

      · 59 Murgatroyd, Paul OVID WITH LOVE Selections from Ars Amatoria
      Books I and II 1982 Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers 9.25 x 0.75 x 6.25
      Inches. 228 pp Very Good Book's corners are lightly creased and
      slightly lifting. . Oxford Text, Commentary, Vocabulary, Introduction.

      · 60 Grube, G. M. A. THE DRAMA OF EURIPIDES 1973 Barnes & Noble 456 pp
      Very Good /Near Fine. DJ is price-clipped. Dustjacket has a few
      small nicks and tears. Dustjacket has shelfwear and rubbing. .
      Euripides is here studied as a great artist of the theatre, and no
      attempt is made to discover his personal views and beliefs. Indeed,
      the author insists that such attempts have been made too frequently,
      and that they have obscured the greatness of the plays as works of
      art. Each play is discussed in turn as a piece of literature, with the
      emphasis on dramatic structure and development. 40.00

      · 61 Green, Louis CASTRUCCIO CASTRACANI A Study on the Origins and
      Character of a Fourteenth-Century Italian Despotism 1987 Clarendon
      Press 289 pp Near Fine /Very Good+. Dustjacket has minor shelfwear
      and rubbing. Light bumping to foot of spine. . A comprehensive study
      of Castruccio Castracani (1281–1328) , Duke of Lucca. His early life
      was spent in exile. After his return he was made Captain, then Lord of
      Lucca for life. In the political wars that plagued Italy in the 14th
      century he led the Ghibellines of all Tuscany (see Guelphs and
      Ghibellines) , waged long wars against Florence, and conquered
      Volterra, Pistoia, and the Lunigiana. In 1327, Holy Roman Emperor
      Louis IV recognized him as Duke of Lucca. After quelling a rebellion
      in Pistoia, he died. His principality disappeared with him. 55.00

      · 62 Pollard, John BIRDS IN GREEK LIFE AND MYTH 1977 Thames and Hudson
      224 pp Very Good- /Very Good-. Discoloration to boards and
      dustjacket. Book is clear of any marks. However, dustjacket has call
      numbers. Dustjacket has shelfwear and rubbing. . A comprehensive
      survey by an experienced naturalist who was also a classical scholar
      of all species of birds mentioned by ancient authorities in the light
      of contemporary ornithological knowledge. This book also deals with
      the places of birds in ancient Greek life, myth and religion.
      Illustrated with representations of birds from ancient Greek art.
      Birds colored almost every aspect of ancient Greek life whether as
      delectable dainties, reliable weather prophets, bad of good omens or
      simply as delightful pets. They also played a major role in myth and
      religion, both in the context of avian transformation or as the
      familiars of divinities. This new comprehensive account by John
      Pollard, an experienced naturalist and a classical scholar, surveys
      all the species mentioned by the ancient authorities in the light of
      contemporary ornithological knowledge, as well as dealing the places
      of birds in ancient life and myth. The work is divided into three
      parts. The first investigates the ancient Greek attitude to birds and
      the reliability of the surviving work on ancient ornithology, and
      groups the different species by habitat or type. Chapters are also
      devoted to the history of such familiar domestic birds as the goose,
      fowl and peacock and to the fanciful halcyon, Phoenix and Stymphalian
      birds. The second part deals with such practical matters as
      bird-trapping, hawking, the pseudo-science of augury and birds as
      love-charms or as sovereign cures for maladies. Part Three is
      concerned exclusively with mythical and religious beliefs about birds.
      The view that myths containing bird transformations may have
      originated in ancient Crete is closely examined, as is the evidence
      for the former existence of bird cults. The place of birds in folklore
      and fable and the enigma of such monstrous bird-monsters as the Siren
      and the Harpy are discussed in the final chapters. The book is
      illustrated with representations of birds preserved, in the main, on
      ancient monuments and vase-paintings. 33.00

      Oxford University Press 1st Edition. 393 pp Very Good /No Dust
      Jacket. Front board is bowed. Solid condtion. . Contents: The
      Diffusion of the City: Work of Kings, Hellenization, roman Republic,
      Principate, Byzantine age; Relations with the Suzerain; Internal
      Politics; Civc Services: education, religion and games, public works
      and records, finance, byzantine age; Achievement of the Cities:
      Economic, Political and Administrative, Cultural. 90.00

      1999 The Johns Hopkins University Press 0.97 x 8.85 x 5.85 Inches. 256
      pp Fine /Fine. Life in Rome was relentlessly public, and oratory was
      at its heart. Orations were dramatic spectacles in which the speaker
      deployed an arsenal of rhetorical tricks and strategies aimed at
      arousing the emotions of the audience, and spectators responded
      vigorously and vocally with massed chants of praise or condemnation.
      Unfortunately, many aspects of these performances have been lost. In
      the first in-depth study of oratorical gestures and crowd acclamations
      as methods of communication at public spectacles, Gregory Aldrete sets
      out to recreate these vital missing components and to recapture the
      original context of ancient spectacles as interactive, dramatic, and
      contentious public performances. At the most basic level, this work is
      a study of communication -- how Roman speakers communicated with their
      audiences, and how audiences in turn were able to reply and convey
      their reactions to the speakers. Aldrete begins by investigating how
      orators employed an extraordinarily sophisticated system of hand and
      body gestures in order to enhance the persuasive power of their
      speeches. He then turns to the target of these orations -- the
      audience -- and examines how they responded through the mechanism of
      acclamations, that is, rhythmically shouted comments. Aldrete finds
      much in these ancient spectacles that is relevant to modern questions
      of political propaganda, manipulation of public image, crowd behavior,
      and speechmaking. Readers with an interest in rhetoric, urban culture,
      or communications in any period will find the book informative, as
      will those working in art history, archaeology, history, and
      philology. 40.00

      CENTURY BC 1989 Routledge Kegan & Paul 231 pp Very Good /Very Good.
      Slight soiling to dustjacket. Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and
      rubbing. Light bumping to bottom of spine. . Contents include:
      Outsiders and exiles: establishment perceptions; Cities founded or
      destroyed in the fourth century; Mercenary soldiers and life outside
      the cities; Leistai; Mobile skilled workers; Traders; The King's
      friends. 50.00

      · 66 Apuleius; Kenney, E. J. & P. E. Easterling APULEIUS: CUPID AND
      PSYCHE 1990 Cambridge University Press 0.62 x 7.23 x 4.77 Inches. 243
      pp Very Good Corners have light creasing. . Latin Text and extensive
      commentary in English. The story of Cupid and Psyche is part of The
      Golden Ass or Metamorphoses, a Latin novel by Apuleius (second century
      A. D. ). It is both a charming fairytale and an allegory of the search
      of the Soul for happiness and fulfillment. This edition, the first
      with a full commentary in English to appear for eighty years,
      comprises a Latin text with facing translation, making the edition
      more accessible to students of comparative literature. An introduction
      and a commentary provide help with interpretation and up-to-date
      guidance to scholarship in the field. 25.00

      · 67 Curchin, Leonard A. THE LOCAL MAGISTRATES OF ROMAN SPAIN 1990
      University of Toronto Press 9.5 x 1 x 6.5 Inches. 276 pp Near Fine
      /No Dust Jacket. Slight soiling to text block. . Local aristocracies
      were crucial to the administrative and social assimilation of
      provincial communities in the Roman world. Curchin focuses on local
      political elites in the Iberian peninsula, providing the first
      comprehensive and up-to-date prosopographical catalogue of all known
      local magistrates in Roman Spain. Volume includes statistical tables
      as well as maps. 50.00

      Harvard University Press 274 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. Cover has
      adhesive stain from former sticker on bottom corner. Normal shelfwear
      and rubbing. . Publication of coins found at Sardis from the 1958 to
      August 18th, 1972. The Byzantine section includes only coins from the
      1969 season onward. 65.00

      · 69 Hoddinott, Ralph F. THE THRACIANS 1981 Thames & Hudson 9.75 x
      0.75 x 6.75 Inches. 192 pp Very Good- /Very Good. Ex-library copy
      with usual stamps, call numbers and pocket. Text is clean of writing.
      Dustjacket is protected in plastic. . The Thracians were an
      Indo-European people, inhabitants of Thrace and adjacent lands
      (present-day Bulgaria, Romania, Republic of Moldova, northeastern
      Greece, European Turkey and northwestern asiatic Turkey, eastern
      Serbia and parts of Republic of Macedonia). They spoke the Thracian
      language. By the 5th century BC, the Thracian presence was pervasive
      enough to have made Herodotus (book 5) call them the second-most
      numerous people in the known world (after the Indians) , and
      potentially the most powerful, if not for their disunity. The
      Thracians in classical times were broken up into a large number of
      groups and tribes, though a number of powerful Thracian states were
      organized, such as the Odrysian kingdom of Thrace and the Dacia of
      Burebista. 45.00

      · 70 McLeish, Kenneth THE THEATRE OF ARISTOPHANES 1980 Thames and
      Hudson Ltd 192 pp Near Fine /Very Good. Dustjacket has minor
      shelfwear and rubbing. Dustjacket has a few small nicks. Back upper
      corner has one inch tear to DJ. . Contents: Chronological Table; The
      Aristophanic Experience; The Playwright: practical Playwright, the
      Theatre of dionysius, role of Tradition; Aesthetics: Real world and
      the Fantasy World, Stage Illusion, Bawdy; The Actors: Leading Actors
      and Roles, Characterization in Aristophanes, Dramatic Use of Stage
      Conventions, Art of Aristophanes. 33.00

      · 71 Santirocco, Matthew S. UNITY AND DESIGN IN HORACE'S ODES 1986
      University of North Carolina Press 0.98 x 9.28 x 6.3 Inches. 261 pp
      Fine /Near Fine. Sunning to dustjacket's spine. . Horace's first three
      books of Odes, published together in 23 BC, are a masterpiece of
      Augustan literature and the culmination of classical lyric. Matthew
      Santirocco provides the first new critical approach to them in English
      in more than two decades. 45.00

      · 72 Grafton, Anthony COMMERCE WITH THE CLASSICS Ancient Books and
      Renaissance Readers 1997 University of Michigan Press 0.86 x 9.54 x
      6.42 Inches. 264 pp Fine /Fine. The style of reading in Renaissance
      Europe, as seen in the margins of books and in the texts of
      Renaissance intellectuals themselves, is deftly charted in this
      welcome volume from Anthony Grafton. Growing out of the Thomas Spencer
      Jerome Lectures that Anthony Grafton gave at the University of
      Michigan in 1992, this book describes the interaction between books
      and readers in the Renaissance, as seen in four major case studies.
      Humanists Alberti, Pico, Budé, and Kepler, all major figures of their
      time and now major figures in intellectual history, are examined in
      the light of their distinctive ways of reading. Investigating a period
      of two centuries, Grafton vividly portrays the ways in which
      book/scholar interactions--and the established traditions that were
      reflected in these interactions--were part of and helped shape the
      subjects' Humanistic philosophy. The book also indicates how these
      traditions have implications for the modern literary scene. Commerce
      with the Classics: Ancient Books and Renaissance Readers illustrates
      the immense variety of the humanist readers of the Renaissance.
      Grafton describes life in the Renaissance library, how the act of
      reading was shaped by the physical environment, and various styles of
      reading during the time. A strong sense of what skilled reading was
      like in the past is built up through anecdotes, philological analysis,
      and documents from a wide variety of sources, many of them
      unpublished. This volume will be of special interest to Renaissance
      and intellectual historians, students of Renaissance literature, and
      classicists who concern themselves with the afterlife of their texts.

      · 73 Evans, Richard J GAIUS MARIUS A Political Biography 1994
      University of South Africa 247 pp Near Fine /Good. Dustjacket has a
      cut along the spine slicing open half. Top of DJ has some small nicks.
      Rubbing to DJ. . Though he may not have realised it, Gaius Marius
      caused through his political ambition the beginnings of the fall of
      the Roman Republic. Presenting this view, Evans traces here Marius'
      rise to pre-eminence, his contribution to legislation and his
      involvement with other politicians. It was other politicians, this
      work argues, that emulated or even exceeded a dangerous precedent
      Marius had set. 110.00

      · 74 Kagan, Donald PERICLES AND THE TRIUMPH OF DEMOCRACY 1990 Secker &
      Warburg 320 pp Fine /Fine. Very light rubbing. . REVIEW Copy. Kagan
      is well known for his four-volume history of the Peloponnesian War (
      The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War , LJ 1/5/70; The Archidamian War
      , 1974; The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition , 1981; The
      Fall of the Athenian Empire , 1987, all Cornell Univ. Pr. ). His
      latest work is the first genuine biography of Pericles in English
      since A. R. Burn's Pericles and Athens (1949) and the most spirited
      defense of the Athenian democracy since W. G. Forrest's The Emergence
      of Greek Democracy (1966). The book is a lively and thoughtful
      chronicle of the years leading up to and into the great war between
      the Athenians and Spartans. Pericles is cast as the tragic hero whose
      flaw is the very rationality with which he so skillfully guided the
      Athenians and forged an empire. Contrary to the charges of both
      ancient and modern critics, Kagan argues that the democracy was a
      rational, deliberate, and moderate regime, and Pericles is portrayed
      as the consummate visionary political leader whose great mistake was
      to expect everyone to think and behave as rationally as he did. This
      learned and passionate book is sure to cause controversy and is
      recommended to both academic and public libraries. 70.00

      · 75 Bradley, Guy ANCIENT UMBRIA State, Culture, and Identity in
      Central Italy from the Iron Age to the Augustan Era 2001 Oxford
      University Press 1.07 x 8.84 x 5.9 Inches. 352 pp Fine /Fine.
      Dustjacket is protected in mylar. New condition. . Contents:
      Approaching the history of Ancient Umbria; Umbria before the Roman
      conquest; roman conquest and colonization; Urbanism and society in
      Umbria between the conquest and the Social war; Romanization, the
      Social War, and integration into the Roman State; Umbria in Italy, and
      integration into the Roman state...etc... 140.00

      · 76 Ross, W. D. FOUNDATIONS OF ETHICS The Gifford Lectures Delivered
      in the University of Aberdeen, 1935-6 1968 Oxford University Press
      0.94 x 8.5 x 5.5 Inches. 328 pp Near Fine /Very Good. Dustjacket has
      minor shelfwear and rubbing. Discoloration to spine of DJ. Light
      soiling to DJ. DJ is price-clipped. . Reflections on moral theory. 55.00

      · 77 Pallottino, Massimo THE ETRUSCANS 1975 Indiana University Press
      317 pp Good+ /Very Good-. Corners and edges are bumped. Front cover
      shows signs of creasing. Former owner's bookplate. Dustjacket has
      moderate chipping along top. Dustjacket has small nicks and tears. .
      Book discusses the origins of the Etruscans, their place in the
      history of Italy and the Mediterranean, aspects of the civilization
      including life in the cities, the political and social organizations,
      religion, literature and art, life and customs, and the Etruscan
      language 35.00

      · 78 Balme, M. G. & J. H. W. Morwood CUPID AND PSYCHE An Adaptation
      from the Golden Ass of Apuleius 1976 Oxford University Press 0.19 x
      8.78 x 6.5 Inches. 80 pp Near Fine Bottom corner is lightly creased.
      . Latin text, English commentary with Latin-English dictionary at
      back. The story of Cupid and Psyche is part of The Golden Ass or
      Metamorphoses, a Latin novel by Apuleius (second century A. D. ). It
      is both a charming fairytale and an allegory of the search of the Soul
      for happiness and fulfillment. This edition, the first with a full
      commentary in English to appear for eighty years, comprises a Latin
      text. 20.00
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