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Re: Roman Blood - Rubicon

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  • Mary Harrsch
    I ve now read all of Saylor s novels and enjoyed them all immensely. I think my favorites are Catalina s Riddle and The Venus Throw. There were parts in The
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      I've now read all of Saylor's novels and enjoyed them all immensely.
      I think my favorites are Catalina's Riddle and The Venus Throw. There
      were parts in "The Venus Throw" where I actually laughed out loud at
      Cicero, Clodia, and Clodius' antics. I had no idea just how accurate
      the depictions were until I read Cicero's Defense of Caelius. The book
      gives a very good insight into just how much of a circus the Roman
      courts actually were.

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      > I love both Roman Blood and Last Seen.... I like reading his novels in
      > order because you can see the growth of Gordianus' family. Looking
      back on
      > it, you can see the beginnings of Meto's career as a soldier and his
      > tendency to idolize strong leaders in Catilina's Riddle. Saylor does a
      > really good job of developing characters as well as weaving
      historial events
      > and people into the mystery stories.
      > Reading Pro Sex. Roscio gave me a real appreciation of Saylor, plus the
      > Cicero oration had so much in it that was just begging to be fleshed
      > The same goes for Venus Throw and Pro Caelio.
      > Vicki
      > aka vlcroman
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      > I finally read Rubicon. It really seems essential to understanding Last
      > Seen in Massilia, as well as the later Saylors. I don't think the order
      > matters so much for the earlier Saylor mysteries, but Rubicon is
      > N.S. Gill
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      > >Hi All, Just read Roman Blood by Steven Saylor and thought it a well
      > >written piece. Published in 1991, I found it to be a differnt reading
      > >experience than Judgement of Caesar, which has been my introduction to
      > >Saylor's gifts. If you haven't read RB- I recommend it. I'm eager to
      > >get a hold of Cicero's Criminal trials and peruse the real deal with
      > >Sextus Roscius.
      > >Tom H
      > >
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