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  • ancientworldbooks
    Roman Imperial History Books Here s a short list of books that I wish to sell. If any interest you let me know. I shall send pictures and if acceptable, we
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      Roman Imperial History Books
      Here's a short list of books that I wish to sell. If any interest you
      let me know. I shall send pictures and if acceptable, we can agree on
      price. Please note that I live in Canada and Canada Post does not
      offer a media mail rate to the US. I accept PayPal, cheques, money
      orders, cashier's checks and well-concealed cash. All titles are
      Hardcover unless otherwise stated. Please email me at:
      info@... for any questions.

      1. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman
      Edition 3 volume HC set.
      2. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire—AMS
      7 volume Set
      3. Racial Prejudice in Imperial Rome by Sherwin-White
      4. Cassius Dio's Rome: an Historical Narrative originally
      composed in
      Greek during the reigns of Septimius Severus, Geta and Caracalla,
      Macrinus, Elagabalus and Alexander Severus 1906 six volume set
      5. The Goths by Peter Heather
      6. Ammianus and the Historia Augusta by Sir Ronald Syme
      7. Tacitus by Richard Mellor
      8. Final Judgments: Duty and Emotion in Roman Wills 200 BC-AD 250
      9. Change and Decline: Roman Literature in the Early Empire by Gordon
      10. Domitian: Tragic Tyrant by Pat Southern
      11. Julius Caesar by Pat Southern
      12. Julius Caesar: A political biography by JPVD Balsdon
      13. Western Aristocracies and Imperial Court AD 364-425 by John
      14. Familia Caesaris: A Social Study of the Emperor's Freedmen and
      Slaves by PRC Weaver
      15. The Emperor Julian by Robert Browning
      16. Tacitus by Sir Ronald Syme 2 volumes
      17. The Promise of the West: The Greek World, Rome and Judaism by Alan
      E. Samuel
      18. Moral and Political Tradition of Rome by HH Scullard (Thames and
      19. The Hellenistic World and the Coming of Rome 2 volumes by Gruen
      20. Greek and Roman Maps by OAW Dilke
      21. Chronology of the Ancient World by EJ Bickerman
      22. The Religions of the Roman Empire by John Ferguson
      23. The Roman Soldier by GR Watson
      24. The Age of Constantine and Julian by Diana Bowder
      25. Greek and Roman Technology by KD White
      26. The Noblest Roman: Marcus Brutus and his Reputation by ML Clarke
      27. Roman Colonization under the Republic by ET Salmon
      28. The Social and Economic History of the Roman Empire 2 volumes by
      M. Rostovtzeff
      29. The Limits of Empire: The Roman Army in the East by Benjamin Isaac
      30. Seneca's Daggered Stylus: Political Code in the Tragedies by
      David Bishop (Verlag)
      31. Animals in Roman Life and Art by JMC Toynbee
      32. Byzantium: The Empire of New Rome by Cyril Mango
      33. Roman Politics 80-44 BC
      34. Caesar: Politician and Statesman by Matthias Gelzer PB
      35. Enemies of the Roman Order by MacMullen
      36. The Greatness and Decline of Rome by Guglielmo Ferrero 5 volumes
      37. The Etruscan Cities and Rome by HH Scullard
      38. The Death of Classical Paganism by John Holland Smith
      39. Roman Provincial Administration by Stevenson
      40. Roman Ostia by Meiggs
      41. Claudian by Cameron
      42. Nero by Champlin
      43. History in Ovid by Sir Ronald Syme
      44. Horace by Fraenkel
      45. Noricum by Geza Alfoldy (Routledge & Kegan Paul)
      46. Law and Life of Rome by JA Crook
      47. Charities and Social Aid in Greece and Rome by AR Hands
      48. The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity AD 395-600 by Averil
      49. Barbarians within the Gates of Rome: A study of Roman Military
      Policy and the Barbarians, ca. 375-425 AD
      50. The Crowd in the late Republic by Fergus Millar
      51. A Latin Dictionary for Schools by Lewis
      52. Julius Caesar and his Public Image by Zwi Yavetz
      53. Georgia in Antiquity: A history of Colchis and Transcaucasian
      Iberia 550 BC-AD 562 by David Braund
      54. Roman Arabia by GW Bowersock
      55. Quintus Sertorius and the Legacy of Sulla by Spann
      56. The Cults of the Roman Empire by Turcan
      57. Studies in Roman Economic and Social History by Coleman-Norton
      58. Goths and Romans 332-489 AD by Peter Heather
      59. Ancient Umbria: State, Culture, and Identity in Central Italy from
      the Iron Age to the Augustan Era by Guy Bradley
      60. Greek and Roman Artillery: Technical Treatises by EW Marsden
      61. Diocletian and the Roman Recovery by Gordon Williams
      62. Justinian and Theodora by Robert Browning
      63. Lucan Pharsalia translated and with an introduction by Jane Wilson
      Joyce (Cornell UP) PB
      64. The Architect of the Roman Empire (44-27 B.C.) by T. Rice Holmes
      (Oxford UP)
      65. Rome in the Late Republic by Mary Beard & Michael Crawford
      (Cornell UP)
      66. The Ancient Roman City by John E. Stambaugh (John Hopkins Press)
      67. Carthage: Uncovering the Mysteries and Splendors of Ancient
      Tunisia by David Soren, Aicha Ben Abed Ben Khader, and Hedi Slim
      (simon and Schuster)
      68. Comparative Studies in Republican Latin Imagery by Elaine Fantham
      (University of Toronto Press)
      69. The Lyric Genius of Catullus by Eric A. Havelock (Russell &
      70. The Odes of Horace: A Critical Study by Steele Commager (Yale UP)
      71. Foreign Clientelae (264-70 B.C.) by E. Badian (Oxford at Clarendon
      72. Urbanitas: Ancient Sophistication and Refinement by Edwin S.
      Ramage (University of Cincinnati)
      73. Graecia Capta: The Landscapes of Roman Greece by Susan E. Alcock
      with DJ (Cambridge UP)
      74. Map of Roman Britain. Scale: 16 miles to one inch pub. by the
      Ordinance Survey (3rd Ed).
      75. Marcus Aurelius by Anthony Birley (Little, Brown)
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