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Future Book Chats - A Technical Primer

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  • IrenesBooks@aol.com
    Hello, all! From what I have been told by some of you when I polled you last year, the advent of the Livy discussion (i.e. the beginnings of Ancient Rome) will
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2000
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      Hello, all!

      From what I have been told by some of you when I polled you last year, the
      advent of the Livy discussion (i.e. the beginnings of Ancient Rome) will
      bring more of you to the chats. Here is a primer -- you might want to print
      this out:

      1. (This may be old hat to some of you) I strongly suggest that you sign up
      with the Ancient/Classical History Forum at About.com. You can do this via
      http://ancienthistory.about.com/index.htm (which you may have bookmarked
      already and which has many links to Ancient Rome). This will allow you to
      post messages there, and automatically at any other forum you might be
      interested in, such as Archaeology. These forums are quite civil, thank God,
      naughty messages will be deleted and troublemakers will locked out.

      Of course, you can visit as "Guest" too.

      Also, there is a weekly newsletter at Ancient/Classical, and N.S. Gill, the
      editor, sometimes posts links or an essay there that relate to our book

      Like at Onelist, you can set it up so that it remembers your password.

      2. Test the chatroom ( http://ancienthistory.about.com/mpchat.htm ).

      - (AOL members only: Sign on to AOL, then go back to your desktop or
      wherever you can locate your browser - most likely IE or Netscape, click on
      it and open the above URL. Then bookmark it, so next time you can just click
      on the bookmark.)

      -ALL: I suggest you read the instructions.

      -Click on "Log on to Chat".

      -It will take a moment for the gray box to disappear. It will then ask
      you to select a "nickname". Please use the same one every time, and, if it's
      different from the name you use at Onelist, please let me know. (I will be
      there as IreneBooksHOST/Irene.)

      -Then sign on. If you thereafter hit the "Float" button, the chat window
      gets larger.

      -Unfortunately, there is no option for individual fonts, colors, etc.
      that we AOL'ers are used to. Whatever changes you make will be for the entire
      chat window. The good news is that you can type long sentences without a

      -You can have a private conversation on the side with another chatter
      (equivalent of IM'ing at AOL): Click on the name in question and then check
      the "Private" box. Your message to the other person will be in your chat
      window, but it's marked, and will be seen only by the two of you. Just
      remember to click on the right name -- and the other person too -- or it
      might get embarrassing��� ;-)

      -There is also an "Ignore" check box which we all can use to shut out
      mischiefmakers, and I have the automatic right to expel such a person (as I
      can on Onelist) -- progress over AOL where one has to call for help first.

      3. As to the Onelist e-mails, please remember that, if you reply to my
      message via the Reply button, ALL will get to see your mail. So if you want
      to respond privately, send me a personal e-mail.

      4. Now that I'm an official chat host at Ancient/Classical -- and once I've
      got the hang of it ;-) , I will be able to run a chat log for all to read
      later. Personal information divulged during a chat will of course be edited
      out before posting. We usually chit chat for a few minutes to allow people to
      sign on.

      If you have any other questions, please give me a holler!

      The first joint chat will be Wednesday, February 16.
      For details go to http://members.xoom.com/placida/booklist2.htm

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