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Our Most Recent List of Books on Ancient & Medieval History

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    Hi Friends, My name is Joy and I’m the moderator of the egroup .Antiquestnetbooks. I’d like to invite you to check out our most recent list of new and used
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      Hi Friends,

      My name is Joy and I�m the moderator of the egroup .Antiquestnetbooks. I�d like to invite you to check out our most recent list of new and used books for sale on ancient and medieval history. Topics include ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, Celtic, Druid and Pagan culture, ancient and medieval arts and crafts, religion, mythology, philosophy, warfare, biographies, etc� The complete list can be viewed at:


      Here�s a sampling of just some of the books in our current sale list�

      � An Intelligent Person's Guide to Classics by Peter Jones

      � The Ancient Mediterranean by Michael Grant

      � Gladiatrix: The True Story of History's Unknown Woman by Amy

      � The Aztec Treasure House by Evan S. Connell

      � Archeology in the Holy Land by Kathleen M. Kenyon

      � Celtic Sexuality: Power, Paradigms and Passion by Peter

      � Roman People by Robert B. Kebric

      � Kourion: The Search for a lost Roman City by David Soren and
      Jamie James

      � Ancient Greek Literature and Society by Charles Rowan Beye

      � Readings in Medieval Philosophy by Andrew B. Schoedinger

      � The History of Prostitution by George Ryley Scott

      � Freedom in the Ancient World by Herbert J. Muller

      � The Bull of Minos by Leonard Cottrell

      And many, many, more�..

      Please check it out by clicking on the link below.


      Thanks for your interest.


      Moderator, Antiquestnetbooks




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