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    30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE Hi Friends, My name is Joy and I’m the moderator of the egroup
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2003
      30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE 30% OFF SALE

      Hi Friends,

      My name is Joy and I�m the moderator of the egroup .Antiquestnetbooks. I�d like to invite you to check out our large 30%-off sale on many new and used books for sale on ancient and medieval history. Topics include ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, Celtic, Druid and Pagan culture, ancient and medieval arts and crafts, religion, mythology, philosophy, warfare, biographies, etc� The complete list can be viewed at:


      Here�s a sampling of just some of the books in our 30%-off sale list�

      The Blood and the Shroud by Ian Wilson
      Age of Chivalry: Art and Society in Late Medieval England edited by Nigel Saul
      The Life of Greece by Will Durant
      The Gateway to the Middle Ages: Monasticism by Eleanor Shipley Duckett
      Greek and Roman Philosophy after Aristotle: Readings in the History of Philosophy by J.Saunders
      The Private Lives of the Pharoahs by Joyce Tyldesley
      Medieval English Political Writing edited by James M. Dean
      England and the Low Countries in the Late Middle Ages edited by Caroline Barron and Nigel Saul
      Egypt by Leonard Cottrell
      King Robert the Bruce by A.F. Murison
      A Short History of the Arab Peoples by Sir John Glubb
      Dawn of the Gods: Minoan and Mycenaen Origins of Greece by Jacquetta Hawkes
      The Mycenaeans by Lord William Taylour
      Art of the Byzantine Era by David Talbot Rice
      A History of Macedonia by R. Malcolm Errington
      The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan

      And many, many, more�..

      Please check it out by clicking on the link below.


      Thanks for your interest.




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