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845The Society of the Roman Way

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  • scorpio_invictus
    Feb 1, 2002
      Greetings to all!

      I am a one-time message. Please don't delete me! Spam messages have
      feelings, too. This is a message from a young community, called the
      Societas Via Romana (the Society of the Roman Way). We can be found
      at http://www.societasviaromana.yucom.be


      The Societas Via Romana (SVR) is an international and multi-lingual
      organisation that operates both on the internet and in local groups.
      The "Roman way" includes all things Roman, but focuses specifically
      on those aspects of Roman civilization that have become part of
      humanity's cultural heritage. And, best of all, membership is
      abolutely free.

      Our society is divided in Collegia (colleges), each of which covers
      an important facet of the Roman and classical world. Members can
      create additional Collegia and / or join existing ones to find soul
      mates and interesting information you will not find elsewhere.


      Examples of what SVR has to offer;
      (1) Teaching, learning and discussing in Latin
      (2) Exploration of the Roman religion
      (3) Essay writing and publication for historians and amateurs alike
      (4) Civilised discussion on ancient philosophies
      (5) Commenting on, and creating of classic civlisation-related arts
      (5) A virtual workshop on Greek culture and language
      (6) and much, much more...


      The Societas Via Romana is being led by a group of yearly elected
      officers, with titles similar to the Roman republic. The 'higher'
      administrators serve in the Senate of the SVR, but everyone is a
      member of the comitia (people's assembly). Local groups can organise
      themselves into provinciae ("provinces"), and are encouraged to
      regulary meet face to face. Of course, all of our institutions have
      been accomodated and modifided to the spirit of the 21st century.

      Everyone interested in all things Roman is welcome to join us. If you
      have any questions, feel free to email me:

      We are expecting you!

      Our site: http://www.societasviaromana.yucom.be
      Our newsgroup: http://www.topica.com/lists/SocietasViaRomana

      Gn. Dionysius Scorpio Invictus
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