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    Hello all, The attached list of titles have been posted for sale under the Recent Acquisitions link at out website, www.ancientworldbooks.com . All titles are
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      Hello all,

      The attached list of titles have been posted for sale under the Recent
      Acquisitions link at out website, www.ancientworldbooks.com . All
      titles are offered on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to
      browse our website. For further descriptions regarding the condition
      and contents of any book on the list, feel free to click on the link
      to the recent acquisitions: http://tinyurl.com/f82pt

      Orders may be placed by phone, fax, email, or mail. It is quickest to
      confirm availability and order through our secure website at
      www.ancientworldbooks.com - you can locate the book and add it to your
      shopping cart by a keyword search or by browsing the Recent
      Acquisitions section: http://tinyurl.com/f82pt

      Best regards,
      Shalender Jolly
      416-739-1983 (tel. & fax)

      · 1229 Adcock, F. E CAESAR As Man of Letters.

      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1956 Hardcover Sir Frank
      Adcock's aim is to emphasize the literary character of Caesar's
      writings. He is worth reading, and this small book will help
      understanding. The Introduction reminds the reader what Caesar was and
      what he had accomplished when he wrote. In a chapter on "The Military
      Man" Caesar's literary interpretation of war and generalship is
      described. This short study gives insight into Roman literature and
      history as well as into the life and character of one of the world's
      great men. 114 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $40.00

      · 1257 Alcock, Susan E. GRAECIA CAPTA The Landscapes of Roman Greece.

      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1993 Hardcover This book
      explores the consequences of the Roman conquest of Greece. Social and
      economic developments during the period 200 BC to AD 200 are traced
      through a combination of archaeological and historical sources. The
      particular emphasis of this study lies in the use of archaeological
      surface survey data, a form of evidence only recently available for
      the study of the ancient world, which permits for the first time a
      detailed examination of subjects such as conditions in the countryside
      and demographic change. 330 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. $45.00

      · 1287 Alföldi, Andrew (Trans. Harold Mattingly) A CONFLICT OF IDEAS
      IN THE LATE ROMAN EMPIRE The Clash between the Senate and Valentinian I.

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1952 Hardcover The old world of
      pagan thought and custom, based on the city of Rome, tries to defend
      itself against the forces of innovation and disruption in the new
      age....On the one side, the emperor, representing the mass of the
      citizens...on the other, the senate and aristocracy of Rome,
      representing the ancient tradition and way of life. The conflict turns
      round the trials of leading Roman nobles for magical practices--
      regarded by them as a permissible maintenance of traditional rites,
      but by the Emperor as symptoms of disloyalty and dangerous to his
      person and the state. 151 pp Very Good- /Very Good. $45.00

      · 1220 Aquinas, St. Thomas (S. Thomae De Aquino) SUMMA CONTRA GENTILES

      Publisher: Apud Sedem Commissionis Leoninae Hardcover Text in Latin.
      Et Apud Libreriam Vaticanam; Desclée & C. - Herder. Good+ /No Dust
      Jacket. $45.00


      Publisher: Cornell University Press 1994 Hardcover Contents: Part 1.
      The Traditional Helen: The Helen of the Iliad, Sappho's Helen & the
      Problem of the Text; Part 2. The Revised Helen: The Helen of the
      Odyssey; Stesichorus & his 'Palinode'; Herodotus & Helen in Egypt;
      Euripides' Helen: The Final Revision. Includes a glossary of greek
      terms. 223 pp Fine /Near Fine. $50.00

      · 1210 Bar-Kochva, Bazalel JUDAS MACCABAEUS The Jewish Struggle
      Against the Seleucids.

      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1989 Hardcover This book is an
      account of the battles fought by Judas Maccabeus between 166 and 160
      B.C. against the forces of the Seleucids during the revolt of the Jews
      against domination by the Seleucid empire. It reexamines the accepted
      assessments of Judas Maccabeus' activities and achievements and seeks
      to reconstruct the course of the military and political events of his
      time. Part I examines the composition and strength of the armies on
      both sides, their armaments and operating methods, and discusses the
      extent of Judas Maccabeus' success. Following an introduction
      evaluating the Jewish writings from all points of view, Part II gives
      detailed accounts of the battles, including the terrain and the
      tactics employed, analysing and commenting on the relevant narratives
      from the Book of Maccabees. Numerous appendices discuss individual
      problems vital to the reconstruction of the historical developments.
      683 pp Fine /Near Fine. $135.00

      · 1223 Beard, Mary & Michael Crawford ROME IN THE LATE REPUBLIC

      Publisher: Cornell University Press 1985 Hardcover What were the
      reasons for the Roman revolution, wherein a republican form of
      government that had endured for centuries suddenly gave way, after
      civil war, to a dictatorship, which eventually dissolved under the
      peaceful sway of an autocratic principate? When did the process of
      change begin, what were its significant stages, and how are we to make
      sense of it? These are some of the questions addressed by two able
      scholars in this remarkably concise and accomplished survey of the
      history of the late Roman Republic. Setting themselves the challenging
      goal of making the first century comprehensible in twentieth-century
      terms, Mary Beard and Michael Crawford outline the factors that must
      be assessed for a proper understanding of the period-- from the
      attitudes of the aristocracy and the role of the state religion to the
      function of political institutions, and the reasons for imperial
      expansion. They offer no simple explanations, but instead supply a
      descriptive framework that clarifies a mass of conflicting and
      fragmentary evidence. Ideal for both introductory and graduate courses
      in the later Roman Republic, this book will make stimulating and
      provocative reading for anyone interested in the history of ancient
      Rome. From the Index: 1. The Nature of the Problem 2.The Cultural
      Horizons of the Aristocracy 3. Religion 4. Political Institutions 5.
      The Working of Politics 6. Rome and the Outside World 106 pp Near Fine
      /Near Fine. $27.00

      · 1313 Boatwright, Mary T. HADRIAN AND THE CITY OF ROME

      Publisher: Princeton University Press 1987 Hardcover Contents: The
      Princeps and the City; The Campus Martius; Imperial Fora; Forum
      Romanum, Rome's Traditional Center; Imperial Residences; Hadrian's
      Mausoleum and the Pons Aelius; Missing and Misidentified Buildings;
      Conclusions. 340 pp Near Fine /Very Good. $75.00

      · 1309 Bowersock, G. W. ROMAN ARABIA

      Publisher: Harvard University Press 1983 Hardcover First authoritative
      history of the Roman Province of Arabia (which encompassed modern
      Jordan, southern Syria, northwest Saudi Arabia and the Negev) from the
      fourth century B. C. To the age of Constantine. 224 pp Very Good /Very
      Good-. $40.00

      · 1312 Brown, T. S. GENTLEMEN AND OFFICERS Imperial Administration and
      Aristocratic Power in Byzantine Italy, A.D. 554-800.

      Publisher: British School at Rome 1984 Hardcover Looks at the darkest
      period of Italian history in the middle of the sixth century to the
      ninth. 288 pp Near Fine /Very Good. $115.00

      · 1202 Campbell, A. P. THE TIBERIUS PSALTER Edited from British Museum
      MS Cotton Tiberius C VI.

      Publisher: University of Ottawa Press 1974 Softcover Psalter is in Old
      English and Medieval latin. Apparatus is in English. Tiberius C vi is
      a "continuous interlinear gloss to a psalter of the Gallican version
      (ff. 31-129) ". 302 pp Very Good $50.00

      Contribution a L'Étude Des Populations De La Grèce Antique.

      Publisher: Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin 1963 Softcover En francais.
      Very Good- $60.00

      · 1292 Clarke, Michael FLESH AND SPIRIT IN THE SONGS OF HOMER A Study
      of Words and Myths.

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1999 Hardcover This book offers a
      newly integrated interpretation of Homeric man. The author starts with
      the working hypothesis that, in this poetry, the human being is not
      divided into two parts - inner and outer; body and soul; flesh and
      spirit - but stands as an indivisible unity. The last part of this
      analysis leads to a reassessment of the Homeric psyche. 400 pp Near
      Fine /Very Good+. $110.00

      · 1238 Commager, Steele THE ODES OF HORACE A Critical Study.

      Publisher: Yale University Press 1963 Hardcover A critical study of
      Horace's Odes defining the poet's imagination through a close
      examination of the poems themselves. 365 pp Very Good /Very Good. $25.00

      · 1239 Conway, Robert Seymour ANCIENT ITALY AND MODERN RELIGION Being
      the Hibbert Lectures for 1932.

      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1933 Hardcover Contents:
      Pictures of pre-Roman religion; Orpheus in Italy; The Etruscan
      influence on Roman beliefs; Breaking through the maze; Modern problems
      in the eyes of an Augustan poet; The road to Christmas. 150 pp Very
      Good /No Dust Jacket. $32.00

      · 1226 De Buck, Adriaan (Debuck) THE EGYPTIAN COFFIN TEXTS VII. Texts
      of Spells 787-1185.

      Publisher: University Of Chicago Press 1961 Hardcover University of
      Chicago Oriental Institute Publications Volume LXXXVII. 521 pp Very
      Good /No Dust Jacket. $365.00

      · 1289 Demand, Nancy H. THEBES IN THE FIFTH CENTURY Heracles Resurgent.

      Publisher: Routledge & Kegan Paul 1982 Hardcover Examines the
      political and military history of Thebes, and also investigates a
      number of other aspects of life in the city: its physical layout,
      cults, poetry and music, arts and crafts, philosophy, and the
      interpretation of the proper role of women. Includes a chapter on
      Pythagoreanism in thebes. 8 pp Very Good /Very Good. $27.00


      Publisher: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection 1985
      Hardcover The Anonymous Byzantine Treatise on Strategy was written by
      a retired combat engineer around the middle of the sixth century,
      while Skirmishing and Campaign Organization and Tactics date from the
      late tenth century and concern warfare in the mountains along the
      Syrian frontier and campaigns in the rugged terrain of the Balkans.
      These treatises provide information not only on tactics and weaponry
      but also on the motivations of the men who risked their lives to
      defend the Byzantine empire. 396 pp Fine /Very Good. $110.00

      · 1267 Denniston, J. D. GREEK PROSE STYLE

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1960 Hardcover Signature of former
      classicsl professor "R. M. H. Shepherd". Contents: Development of
      Greek Prose; Abstract Expression; The order of Words;
      Sentence-Structure and Antithesis; Repetition; Asyndeton; Assonance.
      139 pp Very Good /Good. $40.00

      · 1212 Dickey, Eleanor GREEK FORMS OF ADDRESS From Herodotus to Lucian.

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1999 Hardcover How did an Athenian
      citizen address his wife, his children, his dog? How did they address
      him? The only evidence we have is in the form of written texts, but
      how close are these to spoken ancient Greek? Based on a corpus of
      11,891 vocatives from 25 authors, Dickey uses sociolinguistic
      techniques and evidence to answer these questions. 1999 Reprint of
      1996 Edition. 360 pp Fine /No Dust Jacket. $115.00

      · 1274 Dilke, O. A. W. GREEK AND ROMAN MAPS

      Publisher: Cornell University Press 1985 Hardcover Illustrated with
      examples of the full range of Greek and Roman maps, including town and
      building plans, itineraries and road maps, sea itineraries, and maps
      in art form. Notes, bibliography, and index. Greek and Roman Maps is
      an important contribution to the study of cartography and of the
      ancient world, and will be of interest to cartographers and
      classicists alike. 224 pp Very Good- /Very Good-. $27.00

      · 1236 Dodge, Theodore Ayrault HANNIBAL A History of the Art of War
      Among the Carthaginians and Romans Down to the Battle of Pydna, 168 B.
      C. , with a Detailed Account of the Second Punic War.

      Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company 1891 Hardcover 2 Volume Set. 684
      pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $150.00

      · 1304 Donbaz, Veysel & A. Kirk Grayson ROYAL INSCRIPTIONS ON CLAY

      Publisher: University of Toronto Press 1984 Hardcover 42 Plates. A
      catalogue of inscriptions on clay cones found during the German
      excavations at Ashur during the period c. 1905-14. 122 pp Fine /No
      Dust Jacket. $40.00

      · 1230 Empedocles; Brad Inwood THE POEM OF EMPEDOCLES A Text and

      Publisher: University of Toronto Press 1992 Hardcover 320 pp Very
      Good- /No Dust Jacket. $40.00


      Publisher: The Athlone Press 1965 Hardcover 143 pages and plates.
      Contents: Current Theories about the Invasion; Fourth and Fifth
      Century Frankish Graves on the Continent; Distribution of Frankish
      Fifth-Century Objects in England; Individual Graves of Franks of Fifth
      Century in England; The Quoit Brooch Style; Fifth-Century Franks in
      England and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 142 pp Very Good+ /Very Good.

      · 1278 Farnell, Lewis Richard GREEK HERO CULTS AND IDEAS OF
      IMMORTALITY; The Gifford lectures delivered in the University of St.
      Andrews in the year 1920.

      Publisher: The Clarendon Press 1970 Hardcover 1970 Reprint of 1921
      edition. 434 pp Very Good /Good+. $90.00

      · 1286 Farnell, Lewis Richard GREEK HERO CULTS AND IDEAS OF
      IMMORTALITY; The Gifford lectures delivered in the University of St.
      Andrews in the year 1920.

      Publisher: The Clarendon Press 1921 Hardcover 1970 Reprint of 1921
      edition. 434 pp Good+ /No Dust Jacket. $70.00

      · 1249 Fraenkel, Eduard HORACE

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1959 Hardcover Classic scholarship
      on Horace. 464 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $60.00

      · 1259 Frazer, James George THE GORGON'S HEAD AND OTHER LITERARY
      PIECES With a Preface by Anatole France.

      Publisher: Books For Libraries Press 1967 Hardcover 458 pp Good /No
      Dust Jacket. $20.00

      · 1311 Frederiksen, Martin (Nicholas Purcell Ed. ) CAMPANIA

      Publisher: British School at Rome 1984 Hardcover Campania is the most
      fertile part of peninsular Italy. It possesses good harbours and
      excellent land communications. Its archaeology is rich even by Italian
      standards, and it is prominent in ancient texts even to the point of
      notoriety. It is therefore possible to study the complex and important
      ancient history of the region in considerable depth. 368 pp Very Good+
      /Very Good. $140.00

      · 1314 Gabba, Emilio; (Trans. Cuff, P. J. ) REPUBLICAN ROME The Army &
      the Allies.

      Publisher: Basil Blackwell 1977 Hardcover Book describes Marius' army
      reforms in 107 BC onward to the political significance of the Roman
      army in the last century of the Republic. Analyzes the Social War and
      Sertorius' Spanish revolt. Further chapters on Drusus' tribunate
      programme and recruitment to Senate and Sulla 's attitude to the
      Equites. 282 pp Near Fine /Very Good. $70.00

      · 1295 Glover, T. R. HERODOTUS

      Publisher: AMS Press 1969 Hardcover Examines Herodotus and his
      Histories. 301 pp Very Good- /No Dust Jacket. $40.00

      · 1280 Godolphin, Francis Richard Borroum THE GREEK HISTORIANS The
      Complete and Unabridged Historical Works of Herodotus, Thucydides,
      Xenophon, & Arrian.

      Publisher: Random House 1942 Hardcover Volume I: 1001 pages; Volume 2:
      964 pages. Text is in English. Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $40.00

      · 1300 Goodwin, William Watson GREEK GRAMMAR,

      Publisher: Ginn And Company 1930 Hardcover 472 pp Good /No Dust
      Jacket. $8.00

      · 1316 Gordon, R. L. IMAGE AND VALUE IN THE GRAECO-ROMAN WORLD Studies
      in Mithraism and Religious Art.

      Publisher: Variorum 1996 Hardcover The real and the imaginary:
      production and religion in the Graeco–Roman World; The moment of
      death: art and the ritual of Greek sacrifice; Mithraism and Roman
      society; Authority, salvation and mystery in the Mysteries of Mithras;
      Reality, evocation and boundary in the Mysteries of Mithras; The
      sacred geography of a mithraeum: the example of Sette Sfere; The date
      and significance of cimrm 593 (British Museum, Townley Collection) ; A
      new Mithraic relief from Rome; Panelled complications; Indexes. 338 pp
      Fine /No Dust Jacket. $140.00

      · 1290 Greenhalgh, P. A. L. POMPEY The Republican Prince.

      Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1981 Hardcover Authoritative
      account of Pompey the Great from 58 B. C. Down to his murder in Egypt
      ten years later. Illustrated with photographs of coins and sculptures.
      320 pp Near Fine /Very Good. $60.00


      Publisher: University Of California Press 1984 Hardcover In little
      more than a century, Roman power and authority spread through the
      Greek world and irrevocably altered the course of its history.
      Previous studies have regularly approached the subject from the Roman
      point of view, interpreting the period of expansion as a shaping of
      the Greek East to the needs of Rome. In this book, Gruen endeavours to
      look at the topic from another angle, considering the Hellenistic
      context within which Roman Expansion took place. Volume 1-- 356 pgs.
      Volume 2-- 862 pgs. Fine /Very Good+. $120.00


      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1968 Hardcover An examination in
      detail of two important classes of Homeric formulae. 147 pp Very Good
      /Very Good. $115.00

      · 1243 Harrison, Jane Ellen THE RELIGION OF ANCIENT GREECE

      Publisher: Archibald Constable & Company 1905 Hardcover 66 pp Good /No
      Dust Jacket. $22.00

      · 1255 Holmes, T. Rice CAESAR'S CONQUEST OF GAUL

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1931 Hardcover 872 pp Very Good /No
      Dust Jacket. $150.00

      · 1227 Holmes, T. Rice THE ARCHITECT OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE 44 B.C. -- 27

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1928 Hardcover Covers the period
      from the death of Caesar to the foundation of the Principate. 285 pp
      Very Good+ /No Dust Jacket. $63.00

      · 1269 Hutchinson, G. O. HELLENISTIC POETRY

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1997 Hardcover Special Edition for
      Sandpiper books -- reprint of 1988 edition. In this study of the
      Hellenistic poets of the third century B. C. Hutchinson provides a
      much-needed picture of the poetry of the period while demonstrating
      its quality and vitality. The work of the Hellenistic poets in the
      third century BC has not only an important place in Greek literature,
      but also a particular significance for Latin poetry. Hutchinson
      explores the works of such writers as Theocritus, Callimachus, and
      Apollonius of Rhodes--developing a generalconception of poetry that
      centers around the poets' handling of tone, level, and form--and
      offers a fresh analysis of the influence of Hellenistic poetry on the
      city of Rome. Despite much technical work on the texts and language of
      these authors - Theocritus, Callimachus, Apollonius Rhodius, and
      others - previous literary criticism on most of the major figures is
      limited in quantity and scope. He explores the work of the individual
      writers in turn, while developing a general conception of the poetry
      as a whole, centred around the poets' handling of tone, level, and
      form. The book concludes with a fresh approach to the influence of
      Hellenistic poets in Rome. All quotations in Greek or Latin have been
      translated by the author. 392 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. $35.00

      · 1240 Huxley, G. L. THE EARLY IONIANS

      Publisher: Faber & Faber 1966 Hardcover A history of the Ionian and
      Aeolian Greeks, from Mycanaean age to the failure of their great
      revolt from Persia at the beginning of the fifth century B. C. Covers
      the intellectual achievments of the early Ionian thinkers and the
      political tenacity of the Ionian and Aeolian aristocracy. 220 pp Very
      Good- /Very Good-. $25.00

      · 1219 Jaeger, Werner PAIDEIA The Ideals of Greek Culture.

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1944 Hardcover Translated from the
      German Manuscript by Gilbert Highet. 3 Volumes: Volume I: Archaic
      Greece; The Mind of Athens. Volume II: In Search of the Divine Centre.
      Volume III: The Conflict of Cultural Ideas; In the Age of Plato. "All
      three volumes of Paideia form a comprehensive study of Greek culture.
      ... They constitute a monumental integrated survey of the whole Greek
      cultural tradition in the early and classical periods. Paideia, the
      shaping of Greek character through a union of civilization, tradition,
      literature, and philosophy is the basis for Jaeger's evaluation of
      Hellenic culture. Volume I describes the foundation, growth, and
      crisis of Greek culture during the archaic and classical epochs,
      ending with the collapse of the Athenian empire. The second and third
      volumes of the work deal with the intellectual history of ancient
      Greece in the Age of Plato, the 4th centuryB. C. --the age in which
      Greece lost everything that is valued in this world--state, power,
      liberty--but still clung to the concept of paideia. As its last great
      poet, Menander summarized the primary role of this ideal in Greek
      culture when he said: "The possession which no one can take away from
      man is paideia. " Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $65.00

      · 1273 Jaeger, Werner PAIDEIA The Ideals of Greek Culture.

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1969 Hardcover Translated from the
      German Manuscript by Gilbert Highet. 3 Volumes: Volume I: Archaic
      Greece; The Mind of Athens. Volume II: In Search of the Divine Centre.
      Volume III: The Conflict of Cultural Ideas; In the Age of Plato. "All
      three volumes of Paideia form a comprehensive study of Greek culture.
      ... They constitute a monumental integrated survey of the whole Greek
      cultural tradition in the early and classical periods. Paideia, the
      shaping of Greek character through a union of civilization, tradition,
      literature, and philosophy is the basis for Jaeger's evaluation of
      Hellenic culture. Volume I describes the foundation, growth, and
      crisis of Greek culture during the archaic and classical epochs,
      ending with the collapse of the Athenian empire. The second and third
      volumes of the work deal with the intellectual history of ancient
      Greece in the Age of Plato, the 4th centuryB. C. --the age in which
      Greece lost everything that is valued in this world--state, power,
      liberty--but still clung to the concept of paideia. As its last great
      poet, Menander summarized the primary role of this ideal in Greek
      culture when he said: "The possession which no one can take away from
      man is paideia. " Very Good /Very Good. $65.00

      · 1221 John Of St. Thomas (Joannis A Sancto Thoma) ; edited by P.
      Beato Reiser CURSUS PHILOSOPHICUS THOMISTICUS Secundum Exactam Veram,
      Genuinam Aristotelis Et Doctoris Angelici Mentem.

      Publisher: Marietti 1937 Hardcover Volume III: Naturalis Philosophiae;
      iv. Pars: De Ente Mobili Animato. Text is in Latin. 621 pp Very Good-
      /No Dust Jacket. $105.00


      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1972 Hardcover The kingdom of
      the Visigoths, embracing at its fullest extent Portugal and part of
      southern France as well as virtually the whole of Spain, boasted the
      most sophisticated civilization to be be found in any of the
      Romano-barbarian states created out of the ruin of the Western Empire.
      Yet its fortunes have been the subject of a curious indifference by
      scholars otherwise well conscious of the supreme significance of the
      sixth and seventh centuries for a balanced understanding of the Middle
      Ages. Dr King makes a searching investigation into the structure and
      ethos of Visigothic society as it is revealed in the legal and other
      other sources of the time. 332 pp Near Fine /Very Good. $115.00

      · 1260 Koester, Helmut PERGAMON: CITADEL OF THE GODS Archeological
      (Archaeological) Record, Literary Description, and Religious

      Publisher: Trinity Press International 1998 Hardcover Pergamon, a
      center of the Roman imperial cult and one of the "seven churches" of
      Revelation 2, is referred to as "where Satan's throne is" and "where
      Satan lives." Now, for the first time, a comprehensive
      interdisciplinary discussion of this influential city from Hellenistic
      to Byzantine times have been developed. 443 pp Near Fine /Near Fine.

      · 1232 Kuisma, Oiva PROCLUS' DEFENCE OF HOMER

      Publisher: Societas Scientiarum Fennica 1996 Softcover 157 pp Near
      Fine $65.00

      · 1282 Lardinois, André P. M. H. & Josine H. Blok SOLON OF ATHENS New
      Historical and Philological Approaches.

      Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers 2006 Hardcover This volume offers
      a range of innovative approaches to Solon of Athens, legendary
      law-giver, statesman, and poet of the early sixth century B.C. In the
      first part, Solon's poetry is reconsidered against the background of
      oral poetics and other early Greek poetry. The connection between
      Solon's alleged roles as poet and as politician is fundamentally
      questioned. Part two offers a reassessment of Solon's laws based on a
      revision of the textual tradition and recent views on early Greek
      lawgiving. In part three, fresh scrutiny of the archeological and
      written evidence of archaic Greece results in new perspectives on the
      agricultural crisis and Solon's role in the social and political
      developments of sixth-century Athens. 488 pp Very Good /No Dust
      Jacket. $150.00

      · 1298 Larsen, J. A. O. GREEK FEDERAL STATES Their Institutions and

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1968 Hardcover Looks at the
      knowledge of federalism from three sources: the discovery of papyrus
      manuscripts, through the publication of numerous inscriptions, and
      through the analysis of ancient writers (Hellenica Oxyrhynchia) ,
      especially Polybius. 537 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $115.00

      · 1263 Larson, Gerald James & Co-edited by C. Scott Littleton & Jaan

      Publisher: University of California Press 1974 Hardcover A collection
      of essays focuses on comparative mythology and represents an effort to
      examine problems in Indo-European mythology. It focuses on the issues
      growing out of the so-called "new comparative mythology" and
      represents an effort to examine problems in Indo-European mythology
      from the interdisciplinary perspective, taking as a clue the studies
      of Georges Dumézil. Contributors to this volume include Georges
      Dumézil, David Evans, Patrick K. Ford, Mary R. Gerstein, Marija
      Gimbutas, Steven E. Greenebaum, C. Scott Littleton, Edgar Polomé, Jaan
      Puhvel, Udo Strutynski, Jeannine E. Talley and Matthias Vereno. 197 pp
      Very Good /Very Good-. $70.00

      · 1222 Lazenby, J. F. THE FIRST PUNIC WAR A Military History.

      Publisher: Stanford University Press 1996 Hardcover The text provides
      a study of the longest continuous war in ancient history and the
      greatest naval conflict ever fought. It is intended for Roman history
      courses, academic and research libraries, and military history buffs.
      205 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $45.00

      · 1250 Lesky, Albin HISTORY OF GREEK LITERATURE

      Publisher: Methuen & Company 1966 Hardcover Translated by C. De Heer &
      J. A. Willis. Covers the whole field of Greek literature. 921 pp Very
      Good /Good+. $45.00

      · 1294 Lomas, Kathryn ROME AND THE WESTERN GREEKS, 350 BC - AD 200
      Conquest and Acculturation in Southern Italy.

      Publisher: Routledge 1993 Hardcover Kathryn Lomas provides an
      innovative account of Roman relations with Magna Graecia from 350 BC
      to the third century AD, focusing on the Greek cities of Southern
      Italy and Campania. The book highlights the means by which Rome
      expanded into Southern Italy, the particular local factors which
      affected the nature of this relationship, and the social, political,
      economic and cultural changes which accompanied Romanization. More
      specifically, it explores the role of Greek cities in Italy as
      cultural mediators between the Greek and Roman worlds and shows how
      the exploitation of the region's cultural heritage served to
      legitimate Roman power and to define civic identities. Although this
      work refers to archaeological documentation on the development of
      Magna Graecia from the third century BC, it is based primarily on
      historical, epigraphic and literary evidence. This detailed case study
      of the relations of Rome with one area of Italy clarifies the
      processes of political/diplomatic control and cultural Romanization.
      This is the first full length treatment of the region as a whole in
      English for over thirty years. 272 pp Fine /Near Fine. $115.00

      · 1242 Lysias & J. Thompson & T. R. Mills (Eds) LYSIAS: ERATOSTHENES
      Text and Notes.

      Publisher: University Tutorial Press Hardcover 70 pp Fair /No Dust
      Jacket. $8.00

      · 1283 Maas, Paul (Trans. H. Lloyd-Jones) GREEK METRE

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1962 Hardcover 116 pp Very Good
      /Very Good. $45.00

      · 1281 Mastnak, Tomaz CRUSADING PEACE Christendom, the Muslim World,
      and Western Political Order.

      Publisher: University of California Press 2001 Hardcover Tomaz
      Mastnak's provocative analysis of the roots of peacemaking in the
      Western world elucidates struggles for peace that took place in the
      high and late Middle Ages. Mastnak traces the ways that
      eleventh-century peace movements, seeking to end violence among
      Christians, shaped not only power structures within Christendom but
      also the relationship of the Western Christian world to the world
      outside. The unification of Christian society under the banner of
      "holy peace" precipitated a fundamental division between the Christian
      and non-Christian worlds, and the postulated peace among Christians
      led to holy war against non-Christians. 440 pp Fine /Fine. $45.00

      · 1214 Mead, G. R. S. ORPHEUS

      Publisher: John M. Watkins 1965 Hardcover The cult of Orpheus explored
      in depth, plus a good index. 208 pp Very Good /Very Good-. $65.00

      · 1224 Meier, Christian; (Mclintock, David Trans. ) CAESAR A Biography.

      Publisher: Basic Books 1996 Hardcover For centuries, Julius Caesar has
      endured in our collective imagination as a favorite among historians
      and scholars, playwrights and poets. In legend he lives as the great
      conqueror of Rome's immense empire, a remarkable diplomat and writer,
      an unrivaled heartbreaker, and a man of relentless determination who
      met a seemingly tragic end. Caesar examines the riveting story of a
      complex man within the context of the crisis of the Roman republic.
      Meier vividly reconstructs the distinctive features of this age by
      emphasizing the prevalent educational practices that imposed
      limitations on individual development. Meier clearly shows that Caesar
      early on established himself as a man whose unique drive,
      self-confidence, and detachment would bring him into continual
      conflict with established institutions. What were the political and
      social forces that shaped and challenged this extraordinary
      individual? And how did this larger-than-life leader truly affect the
      fate of the Roman republic and the course of history? Internationally
      renowned historian Christian Meier explores these questions in the
      most authoritative and accessible account ot Julius Caesar's life,
      career, and legacy. 528 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. $25.00

      · 1299 Meiggs, Russell ROMAN OSTIA

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1980 Hardcover Ostia, an ancient
      town on the coast facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, in Latium, Italy, was the
      harbour of ancient Rome and perhaps its first colonia. Located at the
      mouth of the River Tiber, Ostia was said to have been founded by Ancus
      Marcius, one of the kings of Rome, in the 7th century BC. However the
      most ancient archaeological remains so far discovered, are no earlier
      than the 4th century BC, and the most ancient buildings currently
      visible are from the 3rd century BC, notably the Castrum (military
      camp) and, of a slightly later date, the Capitolium (temple of
      Jupiter, Juno and Minerva). The opus quadratum walls of the original
      castrum at Ostia provide important evidence for the building
      techniques that were employed in Roman urbanism during the period of
      the Middle Republic. Although Ostia was probably founded for the sole
      purpose of military defence — since through the Tiber's mouths armies
      could eventually reach Rome by water — in time the port became a
      commercial harbour, and a very important one too. Many of the goods
      that Rome received from its colonies and provinces passed through
      Ostia. In this role, Ostia soon replaced Pozzuoli. 722 pp Very Good
      /Very Good. $75.00

      · 1308 Millar, Fergus THE ROMAN NEAR EAST 31 BC - AD 337.

      Publisher: Harvard University Press 1993 Hardcover From Augustus to
      Constantine, the Roman Empire in the Near East expanded step by step,
      southward to the Red Sea and eastward across the Euphrates to the
      Tigris. In a remarkable work of interpretive history, Fergus Millar
      shows us this world as it was forged into the Roman provinces of
      Syria, Judaea, Arabia, and Mesopotamia. His book conveys the
      magnificent sweep of history as well as the rich diversity of peoples,
      religions, and languages that intermingle in the Roman Near East.
      Against this complex backdrop, Millar explores questions of cultural
      and religious identity and ethnicity--as aspects of daily life in the
      classical world and as part of the larger issues they raise. As Millar
      traces the advance of Roman control, he gives a lucid picture of
      Rome's policies and governance over its far-flung empire. He
      introduces us to major regions of the area and their contrasting
      communities, bringing out the different strands of culture, communal
      identity, language, and religious belief in each. The Roman Near East
      makes it possible to see rabbinic Judaism, early Christianity, and
      eventually the origins of Islam against the matrix of societies in
      which they were formed. Millar's evidence permits us to assess whether
      the Near East is best seen as a regional variant of Graeco-Roman
      culture or as in some true sense oriental. A masterful treatment of a
      complex period and world, distilling a vast amount of literary,
      documentary, artistic, and archaeological evidence--always reflecting
      new findings--this book is sure to become the standard source for
      anyone interested in the Roman Empire or the history of the Near East.
      624 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. $45.00

      · 1277 Miskimin, Harry A. & David Herlihy & A. L. Udovitch THE

      Publisher: Yale University Press 1977 Hardcover Focusing on the single
      theme of medieval urban life, sixteen economic and social historians
      present a mine of material on three major geographical areas-- Italy,
      the Near East and Northern Europe. 345 pp Very Good /Very Good+. $40.00

      · 1231 Mitchell, Richard E. PATRICIANS AND PLEBEIANS The Origin of the
      Roman State.

      Publisher: Cornell University Press 1990 Hardcover Rethinks the
      meaning of Patrician and Plebeian in the Republic. 276 pp Near Fine
      /Near Fine. $115.00

      · 341 Müller, F. Max THE SCIENCE OF LANGUAGE Founded on Lectures
      Delivered At the Royal Institution in 1861 and 1863.

      Publisher: Longmans, Green & Company 1899 Hardcover Vol 1: 582 pages.
      Vol 2: 744 pages. Articles on etymology, linguistics, and mythology
      Very Good+ $75.00

      · 1305 Münzer, Friedrich; (Trans. Thérèse Ridley) ROMAN ARISTOCRATIC

      Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press Hardcover An analysis
      of Roman oligarchy. 536 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. $75.00

      · 1208 Nagy, Gregory THE BEST OF THE ACHAEANS Concepts of the Hero in
      Archaic Greek Poetry.

      Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press 1979 Hardcover Despite
      widespread interest in the Greek hero as a cult figure, little was
      written about the relationship between the cult practices and the
      portrayals of the hero in poetry. The first edition of The Best of the
      Achaeans bridged that gap, raising new questions about what could be
      known or conjectured about Greek heroes. In this revised edition,
      which features a new preface by the author, Gregory Nagy reconsiders
      his conclusions in the light of the subsequent debate and resumes his
      discussion of the special status of heroes in ancient Greek life and
      poetry. His book remains an engaging introduction both to the concept
      of the hero in Hellenic civilization and to the poetic forms through
      which the hero is defined: the Iliad and Odyssey in particular and
      archaic Greek poetry in general. 414 pp Very Good- /No Dust Jacket.

      · 1310 Nicol, Donald M. THE IMMORTAL EMPEROR The Life and Legend of
      Constantine Palaiologos, Last Emperor of the Romans.

      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1992 Hardcover Constantine XI
      Palaiologos was the last Christian Emperor of Constantinople and
      Byzantium. In 1453, when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks, he
      was last seen fighting at the city walls, but the actual circumstances
      of his death have remained surrounded in myth. In the years that
      followed it was said that he was not dead but sleeping - the 'immortal
      emperor' turned to marble, who would one day be awakened by an angel
      and drive the Turks out of his city and empire. Donald Nicol's book
      tells the gripping story of Constantine's life and death, and ends
      with an intriguing account of claims by reputed descendants of his
      family - some remarkably recent - to be heirs to the Byzantine throne.
      162 pp Very Good+ /Very Good+. $50.00

      · 1272 Niebuhr, Barthold Georg & Leonard Schmitz (Ed) LECTURES ON THE
      HISTORY OF ROME From the Earliest Times to the Death of Constantine.

      Publisher: Taylor, Walton, and Maberly 1849 Hardcover Volume III only.
      408 pp Good+ /No Dust Jacket. $30.00

      · 1284 O'Donnell, James; Augustine AUGUSTINE: CONFESSIONS Volume I:
      Introduction and Text; Volume II: Commentary Books 1-7; Volume III:
      Commentary Books 8-13.

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1999 Hardcover Sandpiper Reprint.


      Publisher: Kraus Reprint Company 1987 Hardcover Saint Anne or Anna is
      known by tradition as the mother of The Virgin Mary. According to the
      non-canonical Gospel of James, Anna and her husband Joachim, after
      years of childlessness, were visited by an angel who told them that
      they would conceive a child. Anna promised to dedicate the child to
      God's service. Joachim and Anna brought Mary to live in the Second
      Temple when Mary was about three years old. St. Anne is a patron saint
      of Quebec and Brittany, and patroness of women in labor and miners.
      The story is similar to the story of Samuel whose mother had also been
      childless and was named Hannah. The story was not accepted in the
      Western church until the 13th century although, in the Eastern church,
      dedications to Saint Anna date to the 6th century. In the Eastern
      Orthodox tradition, Anna is ascribed the title Forbear of God. Reprint
      of 1928. 139 pp Fine /No Dust Jacket. $40.00

      · 1270 Parker, W. H. PRIAPEA Poems for a Phallic God.

      Publisher: Croom Helm Ltd 1988 Hardcover Looks at the eighty Latin
      epigrams that make up the Corpus Priapeorum. 240 pp Fine /Near Fine.

      · 1297 Parry, Adam M.; Lloyd-Jones, P. H. J. THE LANGUAGE OF ACHILLES

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1989 Hardcover This book presents
      the collected papers of Adam Parry, a brilliant young classical
      scholar who died prematurely in 1971. A professor at Yale, and
      lecturer in London, he wrote a number of highly respected articles in
      major classics journals on subjects ranging from Homer (his special
      interest) to Attic tragedy, Thucydides, Plato, and Virgil. This volume
      gathers together eighteen essays including 'Have we Homer's Iliad?',
      'Landscape in Greek Poetry', 'The Two Voices of Virgil's Aeneid',
      'Thucydides' Use of Abstract Language', three posthumous works on
      Virgil, Thucydides, and Homer, and his famous introduction to his
      father Milman Parry's classic book The Making of Homeric Verse, which
      he wrote just before his death. 352 pp Near Fine /Very Good+. $90.00

      · 1204 Podlecki, Anthony J THE LIFE OF THEMISTOCLES A Critical Survey
      of the Literary and Archaeological Evidence.

      Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press 1975 Hardcover Themistocles
      (ca. 525 BC-460 BC) was a leader in the Athenian democracy during the
      Persian War. Themistocles favored the expansion of the navy to meet
      the Persian threat and persuaded the Athenians to spend the surplus
      generated by their silver mines on building new ships - the Athenian
      navy grew from 70 to 200 ships. Despite the importance of this
      enigmatic figure in Greek history, our knowledge still largely comes
      from the ancient accounts of Herodotus, Thucydides, and Plutarch.
      Podlecki provides the first modern comprehensive assessment of
      Themistocles, based on literary and archaeological evidence. 250 pp
      Near Fine /Very Good. $45.00

      · 1209 Potter, David PROPHETS AND EMPERORS Human and Divine Authority
      from Augustus to Theodosius.

      Publisher: Harvard University Press 1994 Hardcover To the practical
      modern mind, the idea of divine prophecy is more ludicrous than
      sublime. Yet to our cultural forebears in ancient Greece and Rome,
      prophecy was anything but marginal; it was in fact the basic medium
      for recalling significant past events and expressing hopes for the
      future, and it offered assurance that divinities truly cared about
      mere mortals. Prophecy also served political ends, and it was often
      invoked to support or condemn an emperor's actions. In Prophets and
      Emperors, David Potter shows us how prophecy worked, how it could
      empower, and how the diverse inhabitants of the Roman Empire used it
      to make sense of their world. This is a fascinating account of
      prophecy as a social, religious, and political phenomenon. The various
      systems of prophecy--including sacred books, oracles, astrological
      readings, interpretation of dreams, the sayings of holy men and
      women--come into sharp relief. Potter explores the use of prophecy as
      a nieans of historical analysis and political communication, and he
      describes it in the context of the ancient city. Finally, he traces
      the reformation of the prophetic tradition under the influence of
      Christianity in the fourth century. Drawing on diverse evidence--from
      inscriptions and ancient prophetic books to Greek and Roman historians
      and the Bible--Potter has produced a study that will engage anyone
      interested in the religions of the ancient Mediterranean and in the
      history and politics of the Roman Empire. 296 pp Fine /Very Good-.


      Publisher: Jewish Publication Society Of America 1916 Hardcover 421 pp
      Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $28.00


      Publisher: Routledge 1995 Softcover The role of warfare is central to
      our understanding of the ancient Greek world. In this book, and the
      companion work, War and Society in the Roman World, the wider social
      context of war is explored. This volume examines its impact on Greek
      society from Homeric times to the age of Alexander and his successors
      and discusses the significance of the causes and profits of war, the
      links between war, piracy and slavery, and trade, as well as the
      ideology of warfare in literature and sculpture. 288 pp Very Good

      · 1215 Robinson, Edward & E. Smith BIBLICAL RESEARCHES IN PALESTINE,
      MOUNT SINAI AND ARABIA PETRAEA A Journal of Travels in the Year 1838.

      Publisher: Crocker & Brewster 1841 Hardcover Volume I: 571 pages &
      Volume II: 679 pages. Good $145.00

      · 1237 Robinson, Richard AN ATHEIST'S VALUES

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1964 Hardcover After an examination
      of what it is to estimate values and to choose goods, the author
      discusses beauty, truth, reason, love, conscientiousness, religion,
      the State, equality, freedom, tolerance, justice and democracy. 256 pp
      Very Good /Very Good. $27.00

      · 413 Rossi, Lino (J. M. C. Toynbee Trans. ) TRAJAN'S COLUMN AND THE

      Publisher: Cornell University Press 1971 Hardcover The spiral frieze
      of Trajan's Column provides an extraordinary record of the Dacian
      wars, events of outstanding importance that took place when Rome's
      military power was at its peak. Indeed, the rich detail on the Column
      highlights the paucity of extant written sources. Rossi appraises the
      Column as a social and historical document, sketches the historical
      and geographical background of the wars, and gives essential
      information on the Roman armed forces and their Dacian opponents. 240
      pp Very Good+ /Very Good. $65.00

      · 1265 Salmon, J. B. WEALTHY CORINTH A History of the City to 338 B.C..

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1997 Hardcover Special Edition for
      Sandpiper Books- reprint of 1986 edition. "This book studies the
      change and development of Corinth right up to the Macedonian
      occupation of Acrocorinth in 338 BC. It discusses the early
      development of a diverse economy in which the importance of trade and
      manufacture continued to be matched by that of agriculture, producing
      in Corinth a wealth and stability exceptional among Greek cities.
      Salmon also demonstrates how archaeological evidence can be applied to
      the solution of historical problems in the Greek world. " 508 pp Fine
      /Fine. $40.00

      · 1252 Sanders, Lionel Jehuda DIONYSIUS I OF SYRACUSE AND GREEK TYRANNY

      Publisher: Croom Helm 1987 Hardcover Argues that the hostile picture
      of Dionysius that has come down to us, ultimately popularised in the
      negative account of Dionysius' arch-foe, the third century BC
      historian, Timaeus of Tauromenium, is basically Athenian, deriving
      from Athenian political circles engaged in propaganda aimed at
      tarnishing the tyrant's reputation. 189 pp Very Good+ /Very Good+.

      · 1081 Schanz, Martin & Carl Hosius GESCHICHTE DER RÖMISCHEN LITERATUR
      Gesetzgebungswerk Des Kaisers Justinian.

      Publisher: C. H. Beck 1935 Hardcover Zweiter Teil: Die RÖmische
      literatur in der zeit der monarchie bis auf Hadrian. Very Good $55.00

      · 1211 Schibli, Hermann S. HIEROCLES OF ALEXANDRIA

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 2004 Hardcover Hierocles of
      Alexandria was a Neoplatonic philosopher of the fifth century AD.
      Hermann S. Schibli surveys his life, writings, and pagan and Christian
      surroundings, and succintly examines the major points of his
      philosophy, both contemplative and practical. He includes the first
      modern English translations, with helpful notes, of Hierocles'
      Commentary on the Golden Verses of the Pythagoreans and of the
      remnants of his treatise On Providence. 2004 Reprint of 2002 edition.
      350 pp Near Fine /No Dust Jacket. $105.00


      Publisher: Verlag C. H. Beck 1967-69 Hardcover 2 volume set 977/1190
      pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket. $100.00

      · 1261 Seaford, Richard MONEY AND THE EARLY GREEK MIND Homer,
      Philosophy, Tragedy.

      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2004 Hardcover How were the
      Greeks of the sixth century BC able to invent philosophy and tragedy?
      Richard Seaford argues that a large part of the answer can be found in
      another momentous development, the invention and rapid spread of
      coinage. By transforming social relations, monetization contributed to
      the concepts of the universe as an impersonal system (fundamental to
      Presocratic philosophy) and of the individual alienated from his own
      kin and from the gods, as found in tragedy. 382 pp Near Fine /No Dust
      Jacket. $80.00

      · 1217 Servius; A. F. Stocker and A. H. Travis SERVIANORUM IN VERGILII
      Aeneidos Libros III-V Explanationes Continet.

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1965 Hardcover 590 pp Good /No Dust
      Jacket. $60.00

      · 1317 Stebbins, Eunice Burr THE DOLPHIN IN THE LITERATURE AND ART OF

      Publisher: The George Banta Publishing Company 1929 Softcover Cover
      has inscription along the top "With the compliments of the writer" and
      W. A. D. Along bottom corner. Contents: Nature of the Dolphin; Types
      of the Dolphin in Art. Conventions in the Representation of the
      Dolphin in Art; Dolphin in Minoan Art; Helladic and Cycladic Art. The
      Art of Cyprus; Geometric Art; The Dophin in Legend and Literature;
      Dolphin in Art and in Archaeological Remains of Historical Periods of
      Greece and Rome. 135 pp Very Good $75.00

      · 1306 Stewart, Roberta L. PUBLIC OFFICE IN EARLY ROME Ritual
      Procedure and Political Practice.

      Publisher: University of Michigan Press 1999 Hardcover <div>Studies of
      Roman politics have traditionally emphasized individual personalities
      or groups of personalities and have explained political behavior in
      terms of contests for individual power or group power. By contrast,
      Roberta Stewart focuses on being the religious institution of the
      "allotment" of duties among elected officials as a primary control on
      Roman politics. She examines in detail the procedure of allotment, the
      roles of popular election and allotment in defining public authority
      and duty, and the relationship between the Roman Senate and elected
      officials. Allotment is seen to reflect Republican ideology about the
      divine sanction of Roman leadership, military enterprise, and empire.
      <br></div><div>Allotment is examined in particular historical
      contexts, and the successive formations of public office in 444, 367,
      and 242 b. C. E. Are analyzed as a series of political solutions in an
      evolving cultural context. The discussion documents the ritual
      definition of allotments and the historical development of distinctive
      features of Republican political office: the equal authority of
      colleagues (collegiality) , the individual authority and
      accountability for an allotted function (provincia) , the procedural
      alternative to allotment (comparatio) , and the hierarchy of offices
      with imperium (the consuls and praetors). Public Office in Early Rome
      will be of great interest for scholars and students of Roman religion,
      government, and history. Roberta Stewart is Associate Professor of
      Classics, Dartmouth College. 272 pp Near Fine /Near Fine. $50.00

      · 1235 Sumner, G. V. (Graham Vincent) THE ORATORS IN CICERO'S BRUTUS
      Prosopography and Chronology.

      Publisher: University of Toronto Press 1973 Hardcover Special problems
      are presented to prosopographers and historians of the Roman Republic
      who attempt to determine the chronological structure of Cicero's
      Brutus. Over two hundred orators who figured actively in Roman
      politics from the time of the Punic Wars to that of the Civil War are
      cited in the dialogue. Sumner presents their probable birth-dates and
      careers in the form of a register, followed by a commentary
      concentrating on the controversial points in the Brutus, to give a
      systematic basis to our understanding of the problems of the
      historical aspects of the dialogue and Cicero's organization of it.
      197 pp Very Good /Very Good. $45.00

      · 1258 Taylor, Lily Ross ROMAN VOTING ASSEMBLIES From the Hannibalic
      War to the Dictatorship of Caesar.

      Publisher: University of Michigan Press 1966 Hardcover Looks at the
      assemblies in which Roman citizens of the Republic elected their
      annual magistrates, passed their laws, and gave their verdict on men
      accused of crimes against the state. 175 pp Very Good /No Dust Jacket.

      · 1279 Taylor, Thomas. Edited, with an Introduction, by Kathleen Baine
      and George Mills Harper THOMAS TAYLOR THE PLATONIST Selected Writings.

      Publisher: Princeton University Press 1969 Hardcover Contents include:
      Plotinus's Concerning the Beautiful; The Hymns of Orpheus; and
      Porphyry's Concerning the Cave of the Nymphs; A dissertation on the
      Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries; Fable of Cupid and Psyche; Platonic
      Philosopher's Creed; An Apology for the Fables of Homer. Thomas Taylor
      (15 May 1758 - 1 November 1835) was an English translator and
      Neoplatonist, the first to translate into English the complete works
      of Aristotle and of Plato, as well as the Orphic fragments. The texts
      that he used had been edited since the 16th century, but were
      interrupted by lacunae; Taylor's thorough understanding of the
      Platonists informed his suggested emendations, which, when better
      manuscripts have been found, were often proved just. His translations
      were influential to William Blake, Percy Bysshe Shelley and William
      Wordsworth. In American editions they were read by Ralph Waldo
      Emerson, Bronson Alcott, and G. R. S. Mead, secretary of Mme Blavatsky
      the founder of Theosophy. Very Good /Very Good. $70.00

      · 1200 Tebrake, William H. MEDIEVAL FRONTIER Culture and Ecology in

      Publisher: Texas A&M University Press 1985 Hardcover Contents: Part
      One-- The Historical & Ecological Setting: The Frontier in Medieval
      Europe; The Setting, Natural History, & Premedieval Settlement of
      Rijnland; Part Two-- Continuity in Rural Society: Early-Medieval
      Settlement in Rijnland: The Cultural Context; The Ecological Context;
      Part Three-- Change in Rural Society: The Reclamation & Settlement of
      Rijnland's Peat Bogs; Ecological & Cultural Change in Rijnland; Legacy
      & Significance. 293 pp Near Fine /Very Good. $22.00

      · 1268 Turton, Godfrey Edmund THE SYRIAN PRINCESSES The Women Who
      Ruled Rome, AD 193-235.

      Publisher: Cassell & Company, Ltd. 1974 Hardcover Looks at 4 women
      from an Eastern province who kept the empire together. 209 pp Near
      Fine /Very Good. $27.00

      · 1266 Wade-Gery, H. T. THE POET OF THE ILIAD

      Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1952 Hardcover 101 pp Very Good-
      /Fair. $60.00

      · 1288 Walker, Henry John THESEUS AND ATHENS

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1995 Hardcover Theseus is
      celebrated as the greatest of Athenian heroes. This work explores what
      he meant to the Athenians at the height of their city-state in the
      fifth century B. C. Assembling material that has been scattered in
      scholarly works, Henry Walker examines the evidence for the
      development of themyth and cult of Theseus in the archaic age. He then
      looks to major works of classical literature in which Theseus figures,
      exploring the contradictions between the archaic, primitive side of
      his character and his refurbished image as the patron of democracy.
      His ambiguous nature as outsider, flouting accepted standards of
      behavior, while at the same time being a hero-king and a
      representative of higher ideals, is analyzed through his
      representations in the work of Bacchylides, Euripides, and Sophocles.
      This is the only work of scholarship that examines the literary
      representation ofTheseus so thoroughly. It brings to life a literary
      character whose virtues, flaws, and contradictions belong in no less a
      degree to his creators, the people of Athens. Theseus is celebrated as
      the greatest of Athenian heroes. This work explores what he meant to
      the Athenians at the height of their city-state in the fifth century
      B. C. Assembling material that has been scattered in scholarly works,
      Henry Walker examines the evidence for the development of themyth and
      cult of Theseus in the archaic age. He then looks to major works of
      classical literature in which Theseus figures, exploring the
      contradictions between the archaic, primitive side of his character
      and his refurbished image as the patron of democracy. His ambiguous
      nature as outsider, flouting accepted standards of behavior, while at
      the same time being a hero-king and a representative of higher ideals,
      is analyzed through his representations in the work of Bacchylides,
      Euripides, and Sophocles. This is the only work of scholarship that
      examines the literary representation ofTheseus so thoroughly. It
      brings to life a literary character whose virtues, flaws, and
      contradictions belong in no less a degree to his creators, the people
      of Athens. 240 pp Very Good /Very Good. $50.00

      1075 - C. 1125

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 2002 Hardcover This is a study of
      the books of Salisbury Cathedral and their scribes and readers in the
      late eleventh and early twelfth centuries. These manuscripts form the
      largest collection of manuscripts to have survived from any English
      center in the period following the Norman Conquest, and they bear
      witness to the energetic scribal and scholarly activities of a
      community of intelligent and able men. Webber traces the interests and
      activities of the canons of Salisbury Cathedral from the evidence of
      their books. She reveals to us a lively Anglo-Norman center of
      scholarship and religious devotion. Scholarly and original, this study
      combines detailed palaeographic research with an intelligent
      understanding of medieval cultural and intellectual life. 2002 Reprint
      of 1992 Edition 248 pp Near Fine /No Dust Jacket. $100.00

      · 1228 West, M. L. GREEK METRE

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1983 Hardcover Comprehensive account
      of ancient Greek quantitative metre from its beginnings to the seventh
      century A. D. Special edition for Sandpiper books 1996. 208 pp Fine
      /Near Fine. $140.00

      · 1301 Whitby, Michael & Mary Whitby CHRONICON PASCHALE 284-628 AD

      Publisher: Liverpool University Press 1990 Softcover The Chronicon
      Paschale or Easter Chronicle is one of the major constituents of the
      Byzantine chronographic tradition covering the late antique period.
      280 pp Near Fine $35.00

      · 1296 Woodhead, A. Geoffrey THUCYDIDES ON THE NATURE OF POWER

      Publisher: Harvard University Press 1970 Hardcover 234 pp Very Good
      /Very Good-. $45.00

      · 1245 Zimmern, Alfred E. SOLON AND CROESUS And Other Greek Essays.

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1928 Hardcover Contents: History at
      an Art; Study of Greek History; Thucydides the Imperialist; Was Greek
      Civilization Based on Slave Labour? ; Suggestions towards a Political
      Economy of the Greek City-State. 199 pp Good /No Dust Jacket. $27.00

      · 1247 Zimmern, Alfred Eckhard THE GREEK COMMONWEALTH Politics &
      Economics in Fifth-Century Athens.

      Publisher: Oxford Clarendon Press 1922 Hardcover 461 pp Very Good /No
      Dust Jacket. $23.00
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