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    A few books have been added to the site in the last 24 hours. Please check under Recent Acquisitions . We have many books unlisted. More will be listed
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2006
      A few books have been added to the site in the last 24 hours. Please
      check under 'Recent Acquisitions'. We have many books unlisted. More
      will be listed shortly.

      Best regards,
      Shalender Jolly

      Here's a link that will take you to the Recent Acquisitions:

      · 1 Russell, John Malcolm THE FINAL SACK OF NINEVEH The Discovery,
      Documentation, and Destruction of King Sennacherib`s Throne Room at
      Nineveh, Iraq.

      Publisher: Yale University Press 1998 Hardcover 248 pp Fine /Fine.
      In the "Palace without Rival" at Nineveh, the Assyrian King
      Sennacherib immortalised his 701 B. C. Campaign against Jerusalem
      with a series of spectacular wall relief sculptures. Amazingly, when
      the palace was rediscovered twenty-five centuries later in 1847, the
      sculpture in the throne room areas remained largely intact. But
      today, air pollution, animal damage, vandalism, neglect, and - worst
      of all - looting for the international antiquities market by Iraq's
      own sanctions-striken people, have brought ruin to the palace. The
      splendour of Sennacherib's palace now survives only in this
      irreplaceable book. Art historian and archaeologist John Malcolm
      Russell, who in 1989 set about creating the only extensive
      photographic record of the palace architecture, sculptures, and
      inscriptions ever made, has preserved in pictures much that has
      since been lost. This book is not only a major contribution to the
      understanding of Assyrian palatial art and architecture, it is also
      the key to safeguarding the treasures of Sennacherib's palace and
      other ancient sites, for Russell proposes standards in
      archaeological excavation, documentation, and public policy that
      will help preserve cultural artifacts in an unstable world. $68.00

      · 3 Evans, Richard J GAIUS MARIUS A Political Biography.

      Publisher: University of South Africa 1994 Hardcover 247 pp Near
      Fine /Near Fine. Top of spine has been bumped. Slight bowing to
      Boards. Rubbing to DJ. Though he may not have realised it, Gaius
      Marius caused through his political ambition the beginnings of the
      fall of the Roman Republic. Presenting this view, Evans traces here
      Marius' rise to pre-eminence, his contribution to legislation and
      his involvement with other politicians. It was other politicians,
      this work argues, that emulated or even exceeded a dangerous
      precedent Marius had set. $105.00

      Second Edition.

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 1971 Hardcover 2nd Edition. 653
      pp Good+ /No Dust Jacket. Top of Spine shows shelf wear. Former
      owner's name on prelims. Light pencil notes on a couple of pages.
      Boards are mildly stained. This standard work in its field discusses
      the three vital parts of classical rhetoric--argument, arrangement,
      and style--bringing these elements to life and demonstrating through
      numerous examples their effective application in yesterday's and
      today's writing. $38.00

      CHRISTIANS Translated from the Greek Fragments Preserved by Cyril,
      Bishop of Alexandria; to Which Are Added Extracts from the Other
      Works of Julian Relative to the Christians.

      Publisher: Ares Publishers, Inc. 1980 Hardcover 119 pp Fine /No Dust
      Jacket. Exact Reprint of the Tetypeset original (1809) Chicago 1930
      ARES PUBLISHERS INC. In his school edict Julian prohibits Christian
      teachers from using pagan scripts e. G. The Illias, that formed the
      core of Roman education. This was an attempt to remove some of the
      power of Christian schools by alienating their students from Roman
      society, not to mention a satirical attack at what Julian may have
      viewed as a hypocrisy: Christian schools teaching the Bible as the
      sole source of knowledge while simultaneously teaching classical
      pagan texts as well, knowledge of which was needed for success in
      Roman society. In his tolerance edict of 362, Julian decreed the
      reopening of pagan temples, the restitution of alienated temple
      properties, and called back Christian bishops that were exiled by
      church edicts. The latter was an instance of tolerance of different
      religious views, but may also have been an attempt by Julian to
      widen a schism between different Christian sects, further weakening
      the Christian movement as a whole. $55.00

      · 6 Badian, E. & Edward M. Harris TRANSITIONS TO EMPIRE Essays in
      Greco-Roman History, 360-146 B.C., in Honor of E. Badian.

      Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press 1996 Hardcover 498 pp Near
      Fine /Near Fine. Back top corner very lightly bumped. Minor
      shelfwear. During the period 360-146 BC, the Greco-Roman world
      underwent the transition from independent city states and small
      regional powers to large and potent empires of the Hellenistic age.
      The essays in this volume consider various aspects of this central
      political transformation. Essays on Greco-Roman history of the
      period 360-146 BC are by students and colleagues of Ernst Badian.
      Nine chapters on the `Early Imperial History of Macedon, 360-300 BC'
      (Peter Green, Julia Heskel, Edward Harris, John Buckler, George
      Cawkwell, Eugene Borza, A. B. Bosworth, William Calder, Thomas
      Martin) ; five chapters on `Cultural Transitions in Athens and the
      Eastern Mediterranean in the Hellenistic Age' (Mogens Herman Hansen,
      Mortimer Chambers, Robert Wallace, Sarah Pomeroy, Erich Gruen) ; and
      seven chapters on `The Rise of Rome' (Kurt Raaflaub, Corey Brennan,
      William Loomis, Valerie Warrior, Jerzy Linderski, Judith Hallett,
      Walter Eder). $55.00

      · 7 Bailey, D. R. Shackleton TWO STUDIES IN ROMAN NOMENCLATURE

      Publisher: An American Philological Association Book 1991 Softcover
      2nd Edition. 114 pp Near Fine Corner has been bumped. Otherwise Fine
      Condition. Looks at the etymology of names in the Roman Republic.


      Publisher: Published for the American Philological Association by
      the Press of Case Western Reserve University 1969 Hardcover 222 pp
      Fine /Near Fine. Dustjacket has minor shelfwear and rubbing. Looks
      at the naming constructions in such languages as: Hittite, Sanskrit,
      Avestan, Old Persian, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Old English, Old Irish,
      Middle Irish, Welsh, cornish, Breton, and Tocharian. $50.00

      · 9 Lloyd, G. E. R. IN THE GRIP OF DISEASE Studies in the Greek

      Publisher: Oxford University Press 2003 Hardcover 280 pp Fine /Fine.
      Very slight shelfwear to DJ. This original and lively book uses
      texts from ancient medicine, epic, lyric, tragedy, historiography,
      philosophy, and religion to explore the influence of Greek ideas on
      health and disease on Greek thought. Fundamental issues are deeply
      implicated: causation and responsibility, purification and
      pollution, the mind-body relationship and gender differences,
      authority and the expert, reality and appearances, good government,
      and good and evil themselves. $60.00

      · 10 Courtney, Edward ARCHAIC LATIN PROSE

      Publisher: An American Philological Association Book 1999 Hardcover
      164 pp Fine The central aim of this book is to show how certain
      prominent features of classical Latin prose became established
      because of factors that conditioned the formation of archaic prose
      style. The means chosen for this aim is to present texts ranging
      from about 450 B. C. To about 100 B. C. (with a few of later date
      but old-fashioned style) which exemplify such features in their
      original setting and illustrate the linguistic and stylistic
      development of Latin prose. $50.00

      · 11 Hoffer, Stanley E. THE ANXIETIES OF PLINY THE YOUNGER

      Publisher: An American Philological Association Book 1999 Hardcover
      250 pp Fine The leading trait in Pliny's epistolary self-portrait is
      his confidence. This book examines the opposite side of this
      portrait, concentrating on four primary areas of anxiety in Pliny's
      life, politics, friendship, literature, and material conditions.

      Macedonian Imperialism and the Hellenization of the East.

      Publisher: Ares Publishers, Inc. 1985 Softcover Fine $42.00

      · 13 Podlecki, Anthony J. ATHENS IN THE FIFTH CENTURY AND OTHER
      STUDIES IN GREEK HISTORY The Collected Papers of A. James Holladay.

      Publisher: Ares Publishers, Inc. 2002 Softcover 216 pp Fine The
      materials deal with the social, political and religious history of
      Athens in the 5th Century special attention is devoted to the famous
      plague which devastated the city and deprived Athens of Perikles.


      Publisher: Princeton University Press 2000 Hardcover 527 pp
      Fine /Near Fine. Bottom corners are lightly bumped, otherwise Fine
      condition. This is an unprecedented collection of nearly seventy
      Late Antique primary religious texts. These texts--all in new
      English translation and many appearing in English for the first time-
      -represent every major religious current from the late first century
      until the rise of Islam. Produced through the efforts of thirty-six
      leading scholars in the field, they constitute a comprehensive view
      of religious practice in Late Antiquity. Religious life and
      performance during this period comprised diverse, often unusual
      practices. Philosophical ascent, magic, legal pronouncement,
      hymnography, dietary and sexual restriction, and rhetoric were all
      part of this deeply fascinating world. Religious and political
      identity often intertwined, as reflected in the Roman persecution of
      Christians. And a fluid boundary between religion and superstition
      was contested in daily life. Many practices, including ascetic
      training, crossed religious boundaries. Others, such as "incubation"
      at specific temples and certain divination rites, were distinctive
      practices of individual groups and orders. Intrinsically
      interesting, the practice of religion in the Late Antique also
      edifies modern-day religious life. As this volume shows, the origins
      of the contemporary Western religious terrain can be gleaned in this
      period. Rabbinic Judaism flourished and spread. Christianity
      developed still-important theological categories and structures. And
      even movements that did not survive intact--such as Neoplatonism and
      the once-powerful Manichaean churches--continue to influence
      religion today. This rich sourcebook includes discussions of
      asceticism, religious organization, ritual, martyrdom, religion's
      social implications, law, and theology. Its unique emphasis on
      practice and its inclusion of texts translated from lesser-known
      languages advance the study of religious history in several
      directions. A strong interdisciplinary orientation will reward
      scholars and students of religion, theology, gender studies,
      classical literatures, and history. Each text is accompanied by an
      introduction and a bibliography for further reading and research,
      making the book appropriate for use in any university or seminary
      classroom. $75.00


      Publisher: Thames & Hudson 1977 Hardcover 221 pp Good /No Dust
      Jacket. Ex-library copy with usual stamps, call numbers and pocket.
      Initial end-page has been removed. Former price is still marked.
      Shelfwear to boards. $32.00


      Publisher: Thames And Hudson 1973 Hardcover 432 pp Near Fine /No
      Dust Jacket. Light soiling to textblock. Comprehensive survey of
      animals in life and art of Roman times. Book describes animals and
      birds featured in Roman literature and art. Includes: rhinoceros and
      the frog, the elephant and the tortoise, the mouse and the peacock.
      Second Printing 1982. $42.00

      · 17 Skalet, Charles Hannord ANCIENT SICYON With a Prosopographia

      Publisher: Johns Hopkins Press 1928 Hardcover 223 pp Very Good- Ex-
      library copy with usual stamps, call numbers and pocket. Bumping to
      bottom corner and top of back board. Edgewear to spine ends. Former
      owner's bookplate on front pastedown. Sicyon was an ancient Greek
      city situated in the northern Peloponnesus between Corinth and
      Achaea. It was built on a low triangular plateau about two miles
      from the Corinthian Gulf. For some centuries, Sicyon remained
      subject to Argos, where its Dorian conquerors had come from; as late
      as 500 BC it acknowledged a certain suzerainty. However, its virtual
      independence was established in the 7th century BC, when a line of
      tyrants arose and initiated an anti-Dorian policy. Chief of these
      rulers was the founder's grandson Cleisthenes, the uncle of the
      Athenian legislator Cleisthenes. Cleisthenes gained renown as the
      chief instigator and general of the First Sacred War (590 BC) in the
      interests of the Delphians. Covers the history, art, architecture,
      religion and archaeology of Sicyon down until Roman Times. $85.00

      · 18 Steuer, Robert O. & J. B. De C. M. Saunders ANCIENT EGYPTIAN &
      CNIDIAN MEDICINE The Relationship of Their Aetiological Concepts of

      Publisher: University of California Press 1959 Hardcover 90 pp Very
      Good- /Good+. Yellowing to Dustjacket. Closed tear on back panel of
      DJ. Dustjacket also has shelfwear and rubbing. Bowing to boards.
      Pages are clean of any marks. Of interest to students of the history
      of science and medicine as wel as practising physicians who are
      curious about the origins and development of medical thought. Looks
      at the relation between Egyptian and Cnidian medicine and compares
      it with a related Greek concept of perittoma. Also discusses the
      Egyptian and Cnidian ideas in the light of Hippocratic and
      Aristotelian medical though generally. $55.00


      Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons 1965 Hardcover 219 pp Near
      Fine /Very Good-. Edgewear to top of DJ's spine. Dustjacket has
      minor shelfwear and rubbing. Looks at the Greek cities in Sicily and
      southern Italy. A comprehensive survey of Sicilian history, an
      appreciation of its arts and legends, and a look at its landscapes
      and ancient monuments. Contents: On names, places, sources. 1). The
      power of Typhoes. 2). Land of epic heroes. 3). When the Greeks came.
      4). Rush of arrival. 5). Hera's Italian votive. 6). Two vigilant
      enemies. 7). The magnificent tyrants. . The western defense. 9).
      View from Euryalus. 10). The path to empire. 11). Figures of later
      legend. $27.00

      · 20 Cate, James Lea & Eugene N. Anderson MEDIEVAL AND
      HISTORIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS In Honor of James Westfall Thompson.

      Publisher: University Of Chicago Press 1938 Hardcover 499 pp Very
      Good /No Dust Jacket. Light soiling to boards. Dustjacket spine is
      sunned with minor discoloration. Medieval Essays: A Critic of the
      Fourteenth Century: St Birgitta of Sweden. The Beginning of the
      Struggle Between the Regular and the Secular Clergy. The Church &
      Market Reform in England During the Reign of Henry III. Origin of
      the Town of Subiaco. The Van Der Molen, Commission Merchants of
      Antwerp: Trade with Italy 1538-44. The Palestine Pilgrimage of Henry
      the Lion. The South German Reichsstaedte in the Late Middle Ages.
      Medieval Medical Dictionaries and Glossaries. The Emergence of
      Conciliarism. A Study of 12th Century Interest in the Antiquities of
      Rome. Bernward of Hildesheim. The Long Tradition: A Study in 14th
      Century Medical Deontology. Historiographica Essays: Meinecke's
      Ideengeschichte and the Crisis in Historical Thinking. Justus
      Moser's Approach to History. Theodore Roosevelt, Historian. Kautsky
      and the Materialist Interpretation of History. The Varangians in
      Russian History. Bibliography of the Works of James Westfall
      Thompson. Thompson was Professor of Medieval History at the
      Universities of California & Chicago. 17 essays by former students.

      · 21 Nelson, Harold Hayden & Uvo Hölscher (Holscher) WORK IN WESTERN
      THEBES, 1931-33

      Publisher: The University of Chicago press 1934 Softcover 118 pp
      Very Good+ Overall light rubbing to covers, otherwise excellent
      condition. Looks at the work done at Medinet Habu including the
      Calendar of Feasts and Offerings and Excavations. Texts are from the
      Ramesses III period. $45.00

      · 22 Boak, Arthur Edward Romilly TWO STUDIES IN LATER ROMAN AND

      Publisher: Macmillan 1924 Hardcover 324 pp Very Good- Ex-library
      copy with usual stamps, call numbers and pocket. Former library's
      bookplate on front pastedown. Corners are bumped. Edgewear to top
      corner and front board Part I: The Master of the Offices in the
      Later Roman and Byzantine Empires. Part II: The Office of the Grand
      Chamberlain in the Later Roman and Byzantine Empires. $110.00


      Publisher: University of Toronto Press 1965 Hardcover 372 pp Very
      Good /Fair. Shelfwear to book. Former owner's signature on front
      endpaper. DJ has a piece missing from top of spine. DJ is torn along
      top of spine. Soiling and a few nicks to DJ. During the thousand
      years which separate Homer from Plotinus, the Greeks and Romans not
      only created two great literatures and most of our literary genres;
      they also developed theories of literature and methods of criticism.
      These, though very different from our own, have nevertheless greatly
      influenced modern thinking, especially during the early centuries of
      our modern literatures. Poets like Pindar, Aristophanes and Horace,
      philosophers like Plato, aristotle and Philodemus, orators like
      Cicero and Quintilian, literary scholars like Dionysius of
      Halicarnassus and Longinus, all these have left us records of their
      various points of view. In this book Professor Grube, who is a
      recognized authority in this field, gives us a clear, full and
      reliable analysis of the ancient critical texts, and traces the
      birth and developments of critical thinking thoughout the classical
      centuries. $32.00

      · 24 Hanfmann, George Maxim Anossov ROMAN ART A Modern Survey of the
      Art of Imperial Rome.

      Publisher: W W Norton & Co Inc 1975 Softcover 328 pp Good Corners
      are no longer sharp. Closed tear (1") on back cover near spine. 52
      full page colour plates, and 163 gravure illustrations $18.00
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