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Volume 1, No. 51 EVENING EDITION

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  • John N. Lupia
    ROMAN CATHOLIC NEWS Volume 1, Issue 51 EVENING EDITION SUNDAY, 18 NOVEMBER, 2001 Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time * * * ... • Pope Invites World
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      Volume 1, Issue 51 EVENING EDITION

      SUNDAY, 18 NOVEMBER, 2001

      Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

      * * *

      • Pope Invites World Religions to Assisi
      • Pope Calls World Religions to Peace Summit
      • Cardinal Biffi Affirms Christians Can Never Keep Silent But
      Dialogue Through Love
      • Spain Concludes National Congress on the Family
      • Our Lady of Chiquinquira, Colombia

      * * *

      Pope Invites World Religions to Assisi

      By NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press Writer

      VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope John Paul (news - web sites) II,
      concerned about the continued impact on humanity of the Sept.
      11 terrorist attacks, invited representatives of the world's
      religions to come to Assisi, Italy on Jan. 24 for a daylong prayer
      for peace.

      In his weekly appearance Sunday at St. Peter's Square, the
      pontiff invited leaders of all faiths, but particularly Christians and
      Muslims, to ``proclaim before the world that religion should
      never become a motive for conflict, hatred and violence.''

      ``In these historic moments, humanity needs to see gestures of
      peace and hear words of hope,'' the pope said.

      Assisi, a pilgrimage hilltown in central Italy, is the birthplace of
      St. Francis, the founder of the Roman Catholic Franciscan order.
      The pope has twice before invited leaders of various faiths to
      gather in Assisi to pray for peace.

      During his appearance, the 81-year-old pontiff also asked
      Catholics to fast on Dec. 14 and pray to God for justice and an
      end to the many conflicts in the world. He noted that the date
      coincides with the holy month of Ramadan, the monthlong
      holiday of fasting and purification for Muslims.

      The pope has spoken out several times about the Sept. 11
      attacks and has decried terrorism in the past several weeks. But
      while the Vatican (news - web sites) has acknowledged the right
      of legitimate defense against terrorists, it has made clear that
      any ``just war'' needs to avoid harming innocent people.

      The pope, appearing in relatively good form, spoke to a crowd of
      several hundred in St. Peter's Square on a drizzly Sunday after
      celebrating Mass at a newly built parish on the outskirts of

      In his homily at the Mass, the pontiff recalled the words of Jesus,
      which he said gave believers faith that their lives, ``despite
      dramatic upheavals, remain connected to the hands of God.''

      As he left the parish on his way back to St. Peter's, the pope
      waved good-bye with his cane to the delight of the crowd.

      His visit came after a former CIA (news - web sites)
      counterterrorism chief, Vincent Cannistraro, warned in an
      interview published Sunday in the daily La Repubblica that the
      pope remained a target of terrorists, and suggested that they
      might strike during the holiday season that starts this week, with
      the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and Christmas on Dec.

      Vatican officials have previously dismissed reports of particular
      threats against the pope, and did so again Sunday.

      The pope first proclaimed a day of peace on Oct. 27, 1986 and
      invited representatives of the world's religions to Assisi. He
      brought together Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders in Assisi
      on Jan. 9-10, 1993 to pray for an end to the Bosnian war.

      Some of the town's famed basilicas, including the basilica of St.
      Francis, were badly damaged following two earthquakes that
      jolted central Italy on Sept. 26, 1997. They have since reopened
      after major restoration projects.

      * * *

      Pope Calls World Religions to Peace Summit

      By Philip Pullella

      VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope John Paul (news - web sites)
      Sunday called a meeting of leaders of all the world's religions in
      January to pray for peace and to work to overcome armed conflict
      at what he said was an historic moment for humanity.

      The Pope said he hoped the January 24 meeting in the Italian
      hill city of Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis, would be particularly
      helpful to improve relations between Christians and Muslims
      following the September 11 attacks on the United States.

      The Pope, speaking to pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter's
      Square, said the international situation was very worrying.

      ``We cannot forget the heavy sufferings that have been inflicted
      and continue to be inflicted on our brothers and sisters in the
      world,'' the Pope said.

      ``(There were) thousands of innocent victims in the very grave
      attacks on September 11; numerous people are (now) forced to
      abandon their homes to face the unknown, sometimes a cruel
      death; women, elderly and children exposed to the risk of dying
      of cold and hunger,'' he said.

      The Pope hosted a similar meeting in Assisi on October 27,

      During that session, nearly all parties in armed conflicts around
      the world adhered to his appeal and laid down their arms for 24
      hours as a gesture of peace while the meeting was held.


      ``At this historic moment, humanity needs to see gestures of
      peace and listen to words of hope,'' he said.

      The Pope said the threat of terrorism was ``always constant'' and

      ``The more insurmountable the difficulties seem, the darker the
      prospects, so much more intense should our prayer to God
      become to implore him for the gift of mutual understanding, of
      concord and peace.''

      The Pope said he wanted the new Assisi summit in the
      birthplace of the saint most associated with peace ``to help
      overcome contrasts and promote authentic peace.''

      He said it was particularly important for Muslims and Christians
      to show the world ``that religions must never be allowed to
      become a cause of conflict, hate and violence.''

      ``Those who truly receive the word of God, who is good and
      merciful, must expel from their hearts every form of rancor and
      discord,'' he said.

      In his address Sunday, the Pope also urged Roman Catholics to
      hold a fast for peace on December 14.

      By abstaining from food, the Pope said Catholics could help
      concentrate their prayers for a world where peace is stable and
      founded on justice.

      ``Let's try to find proper solutions to the many problems that
      assail humanity,'' he said.

      Father Vincenzo Fortunato, a spokesman for the Franciscan
      order in Assisi which hosted the 1986 peace meeting, said:

      ``For us, this shows once more the spiritual genius of the Pope
      who is again trying to influence the world with the power of
      prayer. We are delighted he is coming back for this and thank

      * * *

      Cardinal Biffi Affirms Christians Can "Never Keep Silent But
      Dialogue Through Love"

      Rome, (NE - eclesiales.org) Giacomo Cardinal Biffi, Archbishop
      of Bologna, during the anniversary Mass of the canonization of
      Elia Facchini, Francesco Fogolla and Gregorio Grassi, said,
      Christians can " never keep silent but dialogue through love for
      good relations with all". These saints were martyred in China at
      the beginning of 20th century and canonized by the Pope John
      Paul II last year.

      Remembering the life of the martyrs, the Cardinal, during his
      homily indicated that they "experienced in themselves the strong
      collision that always exists between faith and the mentality of the
      worldly. They did not take refuge in the Pacific but with
      advantageous resource witnessed to the faith attempting to
      make it acceptable to the dominant culture ". " They understood -
      he continued - that in the essential questions one needs to look
      solely to that which is true, just and salvific, although the world is
      divided and isolated ".

      Christianity implies the cross and that "a religion that looked to
      enchant us with a new and easier moral", " does not know the
      value of sacrifice or of resignation", would not only be false, but
      that it would lead mankind to deshumanization and

      [text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *

      Spain Concludes National Congress on the Family

      Madrid, (13 NE - eclesiales.org) the Congressional Palace of
      Madrid celbrated the National Congress on the Family, from the
      16th to the 18th of November, under the motto " Family: the Hope
      of Society. The future is in it s hands". The presentation opened
      on Friday by Mons. Juan Antonio Reig, Bishop of
      Segorbe-Castellón, and President of the Subcommission of
      Family and Life of the Spanish Episcopal Conference. The first
      address: " The Person, marriage, family and society " was
      offered by the Director of the Pontifical Lateranense University of
      Rome, Monsignor Angelo Scola. The congress reflected on
      diverse subjects concerning the family: the family and
      demography; life family and work; and the relationships between
      the family, teaching institutions and public administration.
      Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, President of the Pontifical
      Council for the Family, offered the closing remarks reading from
      the final document and with the Eucaristic celebration of the

      [text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *

      Our Lady of Chiquinquira

      The Basilica of Our Lady of Chiquinquira has a history that goes
      back to the 16th century. In the district stood the country home of
      Don Antonio de Santana, who, in 1555 had a chapel built
      attached his home. He commissioned Alonzo de Narvaez, a
      local artist, to make an altar painting depicting Our Lady of the
      Rosary flanked on the right by St. Anthony of Padua and on the
      left by St. Andrew the Apostle.

      The tempera on canvas painting quickly faded in the Andean
      humid climate 150 kilometers north of Bogotá, Colombia, so that
      the local priest removed it declaring it unworthy for the
      celebration of the Mass. It was placed outside and flipped over
      using the canvas backing as a surface to sundry harvested
      wheat. In 1586, Doña Maria Ramos found the painting and
      brought it inside the restored chapel that had been converted
      into a barn. On 26 December, 1586 the painting miraculously
      became illuminated drawing crowds and soon reports of
      numerous miraculous cures. An ecclesiastic commission
      began to investigate the events. A Church was built in 1630 to
      replace the original chapel. This too was replaced by the current
      Basilica which was begun in 1801. The Holy See granted a
      liturgical feast to commemorate the miraculous events,
      celebrated in Colombia, and in special places in Venezuela and

      At the close of WWI, in 1919 the miraculous image was crowned
      at Bogotá by order of the Holy See. Near the end of WWII, in
      1944, the miraculous image was given a golden scepter
      declaring the Virgin of Chiquinquira, Queen of Colombia.

      * * *



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