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Volume 4, Issue 148

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    ROMAN CATHOLIC NEWS Volume 4, Issue 148 TUESDAY 17 AUGUST 2004 St. Joan of the Cross (1666-1736) * * * WEAR THE BROWN SCAPULAR OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL AND
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2004

      Volume 4, Issue 148

      TUESDAY 17 AUGUST 2004

      St. Joan of the Cross


      * * *


      * * *

      . Pope Calls Women to Be Witnesses of "Essential Values"
      . At Lourdes, the Supreme Pilgrim
      . Chirac Sees Common Ground for France and Church
      . Pope Assails Massacre of Refugees in Burundi
      . Holy See Willing to Mediate for Iraqi City
      . New U.S. Immigration Policy Stirs Concerns
      . Venezuelan Cardinal Tallys Recall Vote as "Gigantic Fraud"
      . 40,000 Christians Leave Iraq in Wake of Attacks

      * * *

      Pope Calls Women to Be Witnesses of "Essential Values"
      Appeals for Defense of Life

      LOURDES, France, AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II concluded
      his weekend pilgrimage to Lourdes with an appeal for the defense of
      human life in a society threatened by materialism.

      More than 300,000 pilgrims, including many sick people, gathered in
      the field of the Marian shrine for the celebration of the Mass, the
      town's prefecture reported Sunday.

      From the place where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in 1858 to
      Bernadette Soubirous, the Pope made a special appeal to women.

      "In our age, which feels the temptation of materialism and
      secularization," women are called to be witnesses "of the essential
      values which can only be perceived with the eyes of the heart," the
      Holy Father said during his homily.

      "To you, women, it corresponds to be sentinels of the invisible!" he
      said. "To all of you, sisters and brothers, I make an urgent appeal
      that you do everything you can so that life, all life, is respected
      from conception to its natural end."

      "Life is a sacred gift that no one can appropriate to himself," the
      Pope said.

      On an unusually warm day, John Paul II made a great effort to read
      his homily, omitting several passages to avoid the extra effort. His
      silent pauses to recover his breath were often accompanied by the
      pilgrims' applause.

      The Pontiff addressed special words to young people, inviting them
      to discover in Christ the meaning of their lives, the central
      message of the Virgin of Lourdes.

      At the end of the Mass, and before praying the Angelus, the Pope
      recalled the various meetings he had with young people in his
      previous seven visits to France, saying that those meetings were for
      him "the sign of a great hope."

      He left this message to all those present: "Be free women and men!
      But remember: Human freedom is a freedom marked by sin. It also has
      need of being liberated. Christ is the liberator, the one who 'has
      liberated us so that we can be really free.' Defend your freedom!"

      The papal visit to the shrine of the little town in the Pyrenees
      took place on the 150th anniversary of Pope Pius IX's proclamation
      of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Sunday was the solemnity
      of Mary's assumption to heaven.

      Both dogmas, the Pope said in his homily, "are intimately linked."
      They "proclaim the glory of Christ the redeemer and the holiness of
      Mary, whose human destiny was perfectly and definitively realized in

      The Pope was visibly exhausted during the celebration, but appeared
      joyful when visiting the Grotto of Massabielle, in the company of
      thousands of sick people.

      The French government was represented at the Mass by Interior
      Minister Dominique de Villepin and Health Minister Philippe Douste-
      Blazy, a former mayor of Lourdes.

      * * *

      At Lourdes, the Supreme Pilgrim
      Pope Joins 100,000 in a Meditation on Rosary

      LOURDES, France, AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- Like the other 6
      million people who come to Lourdes annually, John Paul II came to
      this Marian shrine on Saturday as a pilgrim.

      "In my apostolic ministry, I have always had great confidence in the
      offering, prayer and sacrifice of those who suffer," the Pope said
      in the text of a message delivered at the Grotto of Massabielle,
      scene of the Virgin Mary's apparitions in 1858.

      "I ask you to accompany me in this pilgrimage to present to God,
      through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, all the intentions of
      the Church and of the world," he said in the message.

      The message was read by Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, retired president
      of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, on behalf of the 84-
      year-old Pontiff, who was exhausted by his trip and the welcome

      Earlier, French President Jacques Chirac and representatives of the
      Church in France greeted the Holy Father on his arrival at the
      Tarbes-Lourdes airport.

      From the airport, the Pope went to the Marian shrine. Surrounded by
      sick people, he drank water from the spring, which was offered to
      him by the shrine's rector and recollected himself in prayer.

      In the afternoon, John Paul II participated together with some
      100,000 people in a meditation on the luminous mysteries of the

      Riding in the popemobile, he visited five symbolic places in
      Lourdes, one for each mystery, where he was met by groups of

      Bishop Jacques Perrier of Tarbes-Lourdes described the mysteries,
      while Jean Vanier, founder of L'Arche communities, led a spontaneous
      prayer at each stage.

      The procession began at the pools, the most characteristic place of
      Lourdes. Last year, more than 380,000 pilgrims were submerged in the
      waters in response to a request of the Blessed Virgin to Bernadette
      Soubirous on Feb. 28, 1858: "Go drink at the spring and bathe

      In his introductory address, the Pope said: "When kneeling here,
      before the Grotto of Massabielle, I feel with emotion that I have
      arrived at the end of my pilgrimage. This grotto, in which Mary
      appeared, is the heart of Lourdes."

      The second luminous mystery was prayed in the Tent of Adoration,
      erected in 2001 in the Field of the Grotto, where young people
      gathered to pray while awaiting the Pope's arrival.

      The third mystery was prayed in front of St. Bernadette's Church,
      located near where the saint witnessed the Blessed Virgin's first
      apparition. The sick prayed at this site with the Pope.

      The fourth luminous mystery was prayed before the statue of John
      Vianney, the Curé of Ars, in the chapel of reconciliation. Priests
      and bishops joined the Holy Father there to pray.

      The meditation ended in the courtyard of the Cathedral of Our Lady
      of the Rosary, where altar boys and other servers waited for the

      The rosary ended with a prayer the Pope composed, calling on the
      Virgin Mary's intercession, and promising to remain with her "next
      to the innumerable crosses on which your Son is still crucified."

      Events on Saturday ended with the "procession of torches" from the
      Grotto of the Apparitions to the basilica of Lourdes, which the Holy
      Father followed from the terrace of the Residence of Our Lady, where
      he stayed that night.

      John Paul II read a few words, asking pilgrims to pray for
      a "special intention."

      "Invoke the Virgin Mary with me, so that she will obtain for the
      world the longed-for gift of peace," he said.

      "May she inspire in us sentiments of forgiveness and fraternity!" he
      implored. "May arms be put down and hatred and violence extinguished
      in our hearts."

      * * *

      Chirac Sees Common Ground for France and Church
      During Ceremony to Welcome the Pope

      LOURDES, France, AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- When greeting John Paul
      II over the weekend, President Jacques Chirac said that France and
      the Holy See are united in a struggle for a world "that puts people

      The Pope arrived Saturday morning at the Tarbes-Lourdes airport for
      his pilgrimage to Lourdes. Chirac and representatives of the Church
      in France were on hand to greet the Holy Father.

      "I thank the Lord for allowing me to return once again to this
      beloved land of France and to greet all of you with a heartfelt
      message of grace and peace," John Paul II said, when stepping for
      the seventh time on French soil.

      His visit was intended to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of
      the proclamation of the dogma of Mary's immaculate conception.

      Recalling that France was commemorating the 60th anniversary of
      the "landing in Provence," during World War II, the Pope appealed
      for "harmony between peoples" and "a renewed commitment to the
      pursuit of peace on the part of all."

      The Holy Father, who in recent months has asked for the recognition
      of the Christian roots of Europe in the continent's Constitutional
      Treaty, highlighted "the great patrimony of culture and faith" with
      which Christianity has marked the history of France, in particular
      with her "great saints," "outstanding masters of Christian
      thought," "schools of spirituality," and "many missionaries."

      "With respect for the responsibilities and competences of all, the
      Catholic Church desires to offer society a specific contribution
      toward the building of a world in which the great ideals of liberty,
      equality and fraternity can form the basis of social life, in the
      tireless pursuit and promotion of the common good," John Paul II

      For his part, in his welcome address to the Pope, President Chirac
      said that "France and the Holy See are united in this struggle for a
      world that puts people first at all times."

      "We are driven by the ideal of humanity united by universal values
      and capable by that same token of respecting and celebrating the
      diversity of its histories and its cultures; humanity all the more
      assured in its quest for knowledge and progress since it abides by
      the ethics of responsibility and the requisites of solidarity," the
      French president emphasized.

      Chirac described the Pope as an "indefatigable pilgrim"
      who "embodies courageousness and spirit, and this strength that has
      made you, Most Holy Father, a universal shepherd and a man of

      * * *

      Pope Assails Massacre of Refugees in Burundi

      VATICAN CITY, AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II condemned the
      attack on a camp of Congolese Tutsi refugees in Burundi, in which at
      least 180 people died, most of them women and children.

      The massacre Friday night left some 111 wounded in a camp managed by
      the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. The camp sheltered about
      3,000 civilians in Gatumba, 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Bujumbura,
      near the Congolese border.

      In a message sent Sunday to Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the apostolic
      nuncio in Burundi, the Pope said he "unites himself to the prayer of
      the persons affected by this tragedy" and "commends the deceased to
      the Lord's mercy."

      The telegram, sent in the Holy Father's name by Vatican Secretary of
      State Cardinal Angelo Sodano, encourages "the aid and the United
      Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in their important mission to
      care for the wounded and offer assistance to the families and
      refugees of the region."

      According to U.N. sources, the refugees are Congolese of the Tutsi
      tribe, known as Banyamulenge, who have fled from the border area of
      South Kivu, where clashes are occurring between insurgents and
      government troops.

      The National Liberation Forces, a rebel faction of the Hutu tribe in
      Burundi, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying its
      combatants were pursuing Burundi soldiers hiding in the refugees'

      * * *

      Holy See Willing to Mediate for Iraqi City
      Vatican Secretary of State Makes Announcement

      VATICAN CITY, AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- The Holy See manifested
      publicly its readiness to mediate to save Najaf, the Shiite holy
      city in Iraq.

      In an interview on a news program of Italian public radio, GR RAI,
      Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano said that "if
      requested, the Pope will allow this mediation."

      "The objective is that all parties sit around a table and talk," the
      cardinal said.

      "The whole endeavor of the Pope and of the Holy See is an endeavor
      of mediation, although not always in the technical sense, provided
      by international law, for which mediation can only be requested by a
      state," he added.

      "But there is another type of mediation closer to what we might
      call 'good offices.' It is a concrete action of mediation, designed
      to encourage the parties to talk," the cardinal explained. "We are
      always ready to carry out this action. The Pope certainly does not

      In the exclusive interview with RAI's reporter, the cardinal said
      that "the killings that have been repeated in these months are a
      dishonor for Islam and for the noble Iraqi people."

      "We appeal for respect for the sacred character of the city, but at
      the same time we condemn all forms of violence," he said.

      The radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and some 800 men have been
      shut-in in the venerated mosque of Imam Ali Ben Taleb since Sunday.
      That is when the U.S. forces, supported by Iraqi police, launched an
      offensive against the principal strongholds of the militia in Najaf,
      some 200 kilometers (125 miles) south of Baghdad.

      The Iraqi National Conference appealed to Muqtada al-Sadr to abandon
      the struggle.

      * * *

      New U.S. Immigration Policy Stirs Concerns
      Could Hurt Genuine Asylum-Seekers, Warns Bishop

      WASHINGTON, D.C., AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- Expansion of a federal
      program that allows some illegal immigrants to be expelled without a
      hearing fails to "protect the basic rights of victims of
      persecution," says a U.S. bishop.

      The chairman of the U.S. episcopate's Migration Committee, Bishop
      Thomas Wenski, said in a statement last week that he was troubled by
      the federal Department of Homeland Security's announcement
      that "expedited removal" would be expanded to points along the U.S.
      border other than points of entry.

      Expedited removal, enacted as part of immigration reforms in 1996,
      allows law enforcement officials to summarily remove would-be asylum-
      seekers, who arrive in the United States, without the opportunity of
      presenting their claim for asylum to an immigration judge.

      The U.S. bishops' conference has consistently opposed expedited
      removal as a violation of human rights and the norms of
      international law.

      Bishop Wenski's, coadjutor of the Orlando Diocese, said in his
      statement: "The expansion of the use of expedited removal, in our
      view, could lead to the return of more bona fide asylum-seekers to
      their persecutors, resulting in further harm to them and possibly
      their death."

      He added: "While the new policy acknowledges the possibility of
      referring refugees or those fleeing persecution to an immigration
      judge, we fear that Border Patrol agents, who are trained to
      apprehend and detain undocumented migrants, are not experts in
      asylum law and are not prepared to make life-and-death decisions in
      this area."

      "The new policy represents a conflict of interest for Border Patrol
      agents," the chairman of the bishop's Migration Committee said.

      "They should not be given the task of an adjudicator, who is trained
      to ascertain whether an entrant should receive the protection of
      U.S. asylum law," he said. "The training of a law enforcement
      official and an enforcement agency is to enforce the law, not
      interpret it."

      "We ask the administration to reconsider this new policy," Bishop
      Wenski added. "The use and expansion of expedited removal within the
      United States further erodes the cherished tradition of our nation
      as a place of safe haven for the world's persecuted and undermines
      our nation's moral credibility throughout the world."

      * * *

      Venezuelan Cardinal Tallys Recall Vote as "Gigantic Fraud"

      CARACAS, Venezuela, AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- The recall
      referendum held Sunday on Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez was
      a "gigantic fraud," says Cardinal José Castillo Lara.

      The National Electoral Council reported today that Chávez won
      of the votes in the recall, compared with 41.7% who voted for his
      ouster. The tally was 4.99 million votes to 3.57 million.

      The Venezuelan-born cardinal told Vatican Radio that a "gigantic
      fraud" took place in the referendum.

      "There was a move to the ballot boxes never before seen in
      Venezuela," he said. "But the electoral centers, changing the
      dispositions, used people of the ruling party in the vote-counting."

      "Exit polls at the ballot boxes showed that there was 65% in favor
      of 'yes,' that is, of the revocation of the mandate, and only 35% or
      at most 40% in favor of the president," said the cardinal, who is an
      expert in juridical questions and president emeritus of the
      Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State.

      The cardinal also said that governmental representatives bought
      votes at the ballot boxes.

      "Poor people were given the equivalent of U.S. $50 or $60 if they
      voted 'no,' that is, to keep the president in the government," he

      * * *

      40,000 Christians Leave Iraq in Wake of Attacks

      BAGHDAD, Iraq, AUG. 16, 2004 (Zenit.org).- Some 40,000 Christians
      have left Iraq in the wake of recent attacks on churches in the
      country, says a government official.

      In statements Sunday to the Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, the
      minister for displacement and migration, Pascale Icho Warda, said
      that the emigration "is due to the insecurity and the attacks on
      churches in Baghdad and Mosul two weeks ago."

      Four attacks on Christian places of worship in Baghdad and two in
      Mosul left at least 10 dead and 50 wounded at the beginning of

      On Aug. 2, John Paul II sent a message to Archbishop Emmanuel III
      Delly, patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans and president of the
      assembly of the Catholic bishops of Iraq, to express his sympathy.

      "At this time of trial I am spiritually close to the Iraqi Church
      and society, and I renew the expression of my heartfelt solidarity
      to the pastors and faithful," the papal telegram said.

      John Paul II assured Iraqi Christians of his prayer and "constant
      commitment" so that "a climate of peace and reconciliation will be
      established in the beloved country as soon as possible."

      Christians comprise about 700,000 of Iraq's 24 million inhabitants.

      * * *

      * * *


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