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Volume 3, Issue 106

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  • John N. Lupia
    ROMAN CATHOLIC NEWS Volume 3, Issue 106 MONDAY 2 JUNE 2003 Feast of SS. Marcellinus and Peter * * * WEAR THE BROWN SCAPULAR OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL AND
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003

      Volume 3, Issue 106

      MONDAY 2 JUNE 2003

      Feast of SS. Marcellinus and Peter

      * * *


      * * *

      • On World Communications Day
      • John Paul II Says Media Professionals Are Called to Be "Agents of Peace"
      • Christian Values Are Stimulus for New Europe, Says Pope
      • John Paul II Highlights Conditions for a Peaceful Future
      • Papal Trip to Bosnia Confirmed
      • Cardinal Law Meets With Pope
      • Cardinal Colasuonno Dies; Helped Forge Relations With Russia
      • Audit of U.S. Diocesan Policies to Begin
      • Bush Calls John Paul II "One of the Greatest Moral Leaders of Our Time"
      • L'Osservatore Romano Encourages Changes to Euro-Constitution
      • Cause Under Way for Italian Who Helped Save Jews From Nazis

      * * *

      On World Communications Day

      "Media Professionals Called to Be Agents of Peace," Says Pope

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- Here is a translation of John Paul II's address today to the crowds gathered in St. Peter's Square before the praying of the Regina Caeli at midday.

      Dear Brothers and Sisters!

      1. This Sunday, the solemnity of the Lord's Ascension is being celebrated in many countries. Forty days after Easter -- we read in the Gospel -- Jesus led the Apostles "out as far as Bethany and, lifting up his hands, he blessed them. While he blessed them, he parted from them, and was carried up into heaven" (Luke 24:50-51). The ascension is the final moment of Christ's "Pasch," which John the Evangelist describes, precisely, as a passage "out of this world to the Father" (John 13:1).

      He wishes to lead the whole of humanity to the one heavenly Father. "I will go and prepare a place for you," he told his disciples during the Last Supper, "... so that where I am you may be also" (John 14:3). May today's feast awaken in our hearts the desire for heaven, our eternal homeland.

      2. Today, moreover, is the World Communications Day, whose theme is "The Means of Social Communication at the Service of Authentic Peace, in the Light of 'Pacem in Terris.'"

      Forty years after the publication of the historic encyclical of Blessed Pope John XXIII, it is all the more important to reflect on the role of the mass media in the construction of a peaceful world, founded on truth, justice, love and liberty. Indeed, may the means of social communication make a valid contribution to peace, pulling down the barriers of mistrust, encouraging understanding and mutual respect, and, in addition, fostering reconciliation and mercy. It is, therefore, in virtue of their vocation and of their profession that mass media professionals are also called to be agents of peace.

      3. May Mary Most Holy, Star of Evangelization, protect and assist all those who work in the field of social communication, especially at the service of the Gospel and the Church. Likewise, may Mary, Queen of Heaven, help all of us to live with our gaze constantly turned to Christ, who today ascends triumphant into the glory of Paradise.

      "Regina Caeli ..."

      * * *

      John Paul II Says Media Professionals Are Called to Be "Agents of Peace"

      On World Communications Day

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II says the mass media must be means to promote peace, and communicators are called to be agents of reconciliation.

      Addressing several thousand pilgrims gathered today in St. Peter's Square before the praying of the Regina Caeli, the Pope noted that it was World Communications Day.

      On this occasion, at the Pope's request, the theme of the World Day was "The Means of Social Communication at the Service of Authentic Peace, in the Light of 'Pacem in Terris,'" in commemoration of John XXIII's 1963 encyclical.

      In the current world situation, it "is all the more important to reflect on the role of the mass media in the construction of a peaceful world, founded on truth, justice, love and liberty," said John Paul II.

      "Indeed, may the means of social communication make a valid contribution to peace, pulling down the barriers of mistrust, encouraging understanding and mutual respect and, in addition, fostering reconciliation and mercy," he said.

      The Holy Father emphasized that it is "in virtue of their vocation and of their profession that mass media professionals are also called to be agents of peace."

      The Pope concluded by hoping that the feast of the Ascension, which was celebrated today in many countries, may awaken in believers "the desire for heaven, our eternal homeland."

      * * *

      Christian Values Are Stimulus for New Europe, Says Pope

      Receives Pilgrims From France Celebrating St. Yves' 7th Centenary

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- A day after the Vatican expressed surprise over the absence of any reference to Christianity in the draft Preamble of the European Constitution, John Paul II invited Christians to cooperate actively with their values in the construction of the new Europe.

      The Pope made this invitation Saturday to a group of some 100 French pilgrims from Brittany, led by Bishop Lucien Fruchaud of Saint-Brieuc and Treguier, who were in Rome to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of St. Yves, in many countries, patron of lawyers, judges, and notaries.

      Yves de Helori (1253-1303), according to tradition an ecclesiastical judge, resigned his post in order not to betray his conscience given the impositions of French King Philip IV. The saint spent the rest of his life defending the poor and preaching the Gospel.

      "The values proposed by St. Ives continue to be a powerful stimulus for our time, particularly in the Europe that is being constructed," the Pope said in his address.

      "Servant of justice, St. Yves invites men of good will to construct a world of peace, founded on respect for law and the service of truth," he said.

      In order to "defend the poor, this lawyer encourages people and nations to live in solidarity and equity, which will guarantee the rights of the weakest, whose inalienable dignity must be fully recognized," the Pope said.

      He added: "May the example and life of St. Yves serve to invite Christians to contribute actively to the construction of Europe, community of destinies in which all are called to work so that love and truth will meet, and justice and peace will embrace."

      * * *

      John Paul II Highlights Conditions for a Peaceful Future

      Including Human Rights, Disarmament and Respect for the Environment

      VATICAN CITY, MAY 30, 2003 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II repeated the cry "War never again!" and called for disarmament, the promotion of human rights, development and respect for the environment.

      The Pope made his plea today when he received the credentials of Gunkatsu Kano, the new Japanese ambassador to the Vatican. Kano, 61, a career diplomat, had been ambassador in Colombia.

      "Through the painful vision of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, your country continues to be a living witness of the tragedies of the 20th century," the Pope said. He invited his audience to hear once again Pope Paul VI's famous expression at the United Nations on Oct. 4, 1965: "War never again!"

      "The latter puts in danger the very future of humanity," John Paul II said. He urged the continuation of "the progressive, balanced and controlled elimination of weapons of mass destruction, as well as of nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament."

      The Holy Father also mentioned the need "to prevent potential aggressions, but without these measures being detrimental to the fundamental needs of the civilian populations affected, which at times are condemned to poverty and despair."

      The "culture of peace" the Pope said, must be founded "on respect of human life and the primacy of the right in its dimension of justice and equity, oriented toward the patient construction of peaceful coexistence among nations and the promotion of the common good."

      Because of this, "the question of peace cannot be separated from the question of human dignity and human rights," he said.

      This calls for economic cooperation with "poor countries so that they will become agents of their own development," he added.

      Lastly, this objective calls for due importance to be given to the problems of the environment and man's role in creation, the Pope said.

      "To care for creation is a moral duty for all men, as the will of the Creator is that man be worthy of his vocation, governing nature as a responsible administrator and not as a merciless exploiter," he said. "It also means to leave a habitable earth to future generations."

      * * *

      Papal Trip to Bosnia Confirmed

      VATICAN CITY, MAY 30, 2003 (Zenit.org).- The Vatican press office confirmed that John Paul II on June 22 will visit Banja Luka, a city in Republika Srpska, the ethnic Serb part of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

      The Pope's 101st international trip will last about 13 hours. He will leave Rome at 8:14 a.m. and return at 9 p.m., the press office said today.

      The key moment of the visit will be the beatification of Ivan Merz (1896-1928).

      Born in Banja Luka, Merz was a consecrated layman, philosopher and theologian who dedicated himself to the education of youth in the ambit of Catholic Action. He played a key role in the liturgical movement among Croatian Catholics. John Paul II will visit Croatia from June 5-9.

      * * *

      Cardinal Law Meets With Pope

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II received in audience Cardinal Bernard Law, archbishop emeritus of Boston, the Vatican press office reported.

      The cardinal, who is chaplain of the Sisters of Mercy of Alma Convent in Clinton, Maryland, has been in Rome for the past few days. He still holds posts in some Vatican organizations, following his resignation as archbishop of Boston. He met the Pope on Saturday.

      Cardinal Law is a member of the Council of Cardinals for the study of organizational and financial problems of the Vatican, and of nine other Vatican congregations and councils.

      On Dec. 13, John Paul II accepted Cardinal Law's resignation, in the wake of reports of scandals by priests in the Boston Archdiocese.

      * * *

      Cardinal Colasuonno Dies; Helped Forge Relations With Russia

      Nuncio Fostered Rebirth of Church in Former Soviet Lands

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- Cardinal Francesco Colasuonno, one of the architects of diplomatic relations between Russia and the Vatican, died Saturday. He was 78.

      John Paul II appointed him in March 1990 as the Vatican's official representative to the Soviet Union, with the rank of apostolic nuncio.

      The nuncio was familiar with the situation in the Communist countries. He had been appointed nuncio in Yugoslavia in 1985, and the Pope had sent him on special missions to Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia and Warsaw.

      During Archbishop Colasuonno's four years of diplomatic service in Moscow, he also helped foster the rebirth of the Catholic Church in former Soviet territories.

      He traveled throughout the post-Soviet republics, contacting the small Catholic communities that had maintained their fidelity to the Pope during 70 years of repression.

      When he arrived in Vladivostok, for example, not knowing how to contact the Catholics, he simply walked the streets wearing his cassock so that people would see him. Today, in that city of the Far East, the Catholic Church has been reborn.

      On Nov. 12, 1994, Archbishop Colasuonno was named apostolic nuncio in Italy, and was thus spared the tensions that have arisen with the Russian Orthodox Church. John Paul II made him a cardinal on Feb. 12, 1998. The cardinal was nuncio emeritus to Italy at the time of his death.

      When learning of his death, the Pope sent two telegrams, one to Archbishop Francesco Cacucci of Bari, and the other to Teresa Colasuonno, the cardinal's sister, to underline the service to the Church carried out by Cardinal Colasuonno, especially in Eastern Europe.

      Francesco Colasuonno was born in 1925 in Grumo, in the Bari Archdiocese. His funeral services will be presided over on Monday in his birthplace by Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, prefect emeritus of the Congregation for Eastern Churches.

      The College of Cardinals now has 167 members, including 111 electors under age 80 who could vote in a conclave for a new pope.

      * * *

      Audit of U.S. Diocesan Policies to Begin

      WASHINGTON, D.C., JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- An audit of diocesan policies dealing with the problem of sexual abuse of children and young people by clergy will begin this month, the U.S. bishops' conference says.

      The audit will be conducted by the Gavin Group of Boston, headed by William Gavin, a compliance auditor formally with the FBI.

      The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, adopted by the bishops' conference in June 2002, established an Office for Child and Youth Protection. One of the duties of this office is to produce "an annual public report on the progress made in implementing the standards in this Charter."

      To facilitate an audit of the 195 Catholic dioceses and eparchies (dioceses of the Eastern Catholic Church) in the United States, the bishops' conference engaged the Gavin Group as consultants.

      More than 50 auditors were trained May 19-22 to do on-site audits of the compliance of dioceses with the standards of the charter. The auditors will operate in teams of two, and no auditor will be permitted to audit his own diocese if he or she is a Catholic. The audit does not include an evaluation of the dioceses' pre-charter policies or actions.

      The plan is to audit about 11 dioceses a week between late June and late October. The reports will be forwarded to the Office for Child and Youth Protection, which will begin drawing up the overall report.

      * * *

      Bush Calls John Paul II "One of the Greatest Moral Leaders of Our Time"

      Statements in Krakow on the Eve of Colin Powell's Visit to the Vatican

      KRAKOW, Poland, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- U.S. President George W. Bush described John Paul II as "one of the greatest moral leaders of our time," on the eve of Secretary of State Colin Powell's visit to the Vatican.

      On Saturday, while visiting Krakow, the city of which Karol Wojtyla was archbishop, the U.S. president said amid applause: "At Wawel Cathedral in 1978, a Polish cardinal began his journey to a conclave in Rome, and entered history as Pope John Paul II -- one of the greatest moral leaders of our time."

      Further on in his speech, delivered at Wawel Royal Castle, Bush added: "Through the years of the Second World War, another legacy of the 20th century was unfolding, here in this city of Krakow."

      "A young seminarian, Karol Wojtyla, saw the swastika flag flying over the ramparts of Wawel Castle," Bush said. "He shared the suffering of his people and was put into forced labor. From this priest's experience and faith came a vision: that every person must be treated with dignity, because every person is known and loved by God."

      "In time, this man's vision and this man's courage would bring fear to tyrants and freedom to his beloved country, and liberation to half a continent," the president added. "To this very hour, Pope John Paul II speaks for the dignity of every life and expresses the highest aspirations of the culture we share."

      Bush is in Europe for the Group of Eight nations summit in Evian, France. Colin Powell will be received in audience on Monday by John Paul II to speak about the renewal of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as about the Mideast in general, in the wake of the Iraqi war.

      The U.S. secretary of state is expected to report on the provisions of the application of the "road map" toward peace, supported by the United States, Russia, Europe and the United Nations.

      During the visit, there will also be discussions on the process of reconstruction and pacification of Iraq after the war, which Rome and Washington disagreed over.

      Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes, president of the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum," celebrated Mass today in Baghdad's cathedral. He is in Iraq at the request of the Pope, to coordinate Catholics' contribution to the country's reconstruction.

      * * *

      L'Osservatore Romano Encourages Changes to Euro-Constitution

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- The Vatican's semiofficial newspaper encouraged proposals that would include a reference to Christianity in the future European Constitution.

      In its June 1 Italian edition, L'Osservatore Romano published a front-page article applauding the suggestions to the European Convention by members of the European Popular Party and by Italian Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini.

      Fini, who represents the Italian government in the convention, signed an amendment requesting "the insertion of the Judeo-Christian religious heritage" among the values that inspire the European Union.

      L'Osservatore Romano stated that the draft Preamble "is surprising, not so much for what it contains" -- it refers to the Greco-Roman heritage and the Enlightenment -- "but for what it omits and denies."

      "In the present form, the draft Preamble delineates a Europe deprived of one of the most authentic roots of its history," namely, Christianity, the paper said. "The hope still remains that the persistent petitions to amend the text will be accepted."

      * * *

      Cause Under Way for Italian Who Helped Save Jews From Nazis

      Process for Odoardo Focherini Is Introduced at the Diocesan Level

      CARPI, Italy, JUNE 1, 2003 (Zenit.org).- The cause of beatification is under way for Odoardo Focherini, who helped to save 105 Jews from Nazi deportation during World War II.

      Focherini (1907-1944) was administrative director of the Italian newspaper Avvenire, a post he filled from 1937 onward. At the time, the newspaper's director was Raimondo Manzini, author of fiery debates against Fascism.

      In 1938, Focherini hired Jewish journalist Giacomo Lampronti for Avvenire, who had been fired from his previous job as a result of the racial laws. Lampronti was also hired, in 1942, at the request of Manzini, to whom Cardinal Pietro Boetto of Genoa had entrusted, for their protection, a number of Polish Jews traveling in an International Red Cross train.

      From October 1943 onward, Focherini's main occupation was to save Jews from deportation. As anti-Jewish laws became more severe, and racial deportations got under way, Focherini organized, with the cooperation of other people, an efficient network for the expatriation to Switzerland of more than 100 Jews.

      Focherini's method was to make contact with families, obtain documents from the synagogues, seek financial support, and provide false documentation to endangered Jews.

      On March 11, 1944, Focherini was arrested by the Nazis in a hospital while he was caring for a sick Jew. Isolated in the Flossenbürg camp, Focherini was later sent to the Hersbruck camp, where inmates worked from 3:30 a.m. until the afternoon. Whoever could not keep pace was sent to the crematory.

      Suffering from an untreated leg wound, Focherini died at 37 on Dec. 27, 1944.

      Before dying, he dictated a letter to a friend named Olivelli: "My seven children … I would like to see them before dying. ... However, O Lord, accept this sacrifice also and You protect them, together with my wife, my parents, and all my loved ones."

      He added: "I state that I die in the most pure Roman, apostolic, Catholic faith, and in full submission to the Will of God, offering my life in holocaust for my diocese, for Catholic Action, for the Pope, and for the return of peace to the world."

      "I beg you to tell my wife that I have always been faithful to her, that she has always been in my thoughts, and that I have always loved her intensely," he said.

      In his memory, the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy gave him a golden medal in 1955. Yad Vashem, the Israeli national authority for the Remembrance of the Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust, proclaimed him "Righteous Among the Nations."

      The cause of beatification was introduced Saturday in the Diocese of Carpi.

      * * *


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