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Volume 2, No. 190

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    ROMAN CATHOLIC NEWS Volume 2, Issue 190 TUESDAY 3 September 2002 Feast of Pope Gregory the Great * * * WEAR THE BROWN SCAPULAR OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL AND
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002

      Volume 2, Issue 190
      TUESDAY 3 September 2002

      Feast of Pope Gregory the Great

      * * *


      * * *

      • Papal Message to "Peoples and Religions" Meeting in Sicily
      • Pope Assails Marginalization of Religion in European
      • John Paul II Wants a Halt to All Wars During 2004 Olympics
      • Parish Care of Youth a Priority for the Church, Says Pope
      • Russian Artist's "Last Supper" Is Message of Peace
      • 37 Priests Ordained for Opus Dei
      • Catholic Biblical Federation Meeting in Beirut
      • "Brother's Day" Aims to Keep Alive Mother Teresa's Legacy
      • Paris Archdiocese Launches Campaign to Promote Catechism
      • Holy Spirit's Activity in the Believer

      * * *

      Papal Message to "Peoples and Religions" Meeting in Sicily

      "Darkness Is Not Dissipated with Arms"

      VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Here is the message
      John Paul II sent to the international meeting of Peoples and
      Religions, being held in Palermo, Sicily, through Tuesday.

      To My Venerable Brother,
      The Cardinal Roger Etchegaray,
      President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council of Justice and

      Receive, dear Cardinal, my kind greetings, which I would ask you
      to give to the distinguished participants in the 16th International
      Meeting of Prayer for Peace, held in Palermo with the topic
      "Faiths and Cultures Between Conflict and Dialogue."

      I greet the Archbishop of Palermo, Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi,
      the beloved Churches of Sicily and their priests. I am sure that
      these days of reflection and prayer will help the people of Sicily,
      with even more awareness, to make of their island a land of
      welcome and solidarity, of coexistence and peace. Indeed, the
      vocation of Sicily is that of a crossroads of meeting, at the heart
      of the Mediterranean, between North and South, between East
      and West.

      2. The forthcoming meeting at Palermo takes me back to Assisi,
      to that 27 October 1986 when, for the first time, I invited
      representatives of Churches, Christian communities, and of the
      great religions to pray for peace, one beside the other. And you,
      dear Cardinal, were one of the main promoters of that
      memorable day, which marked the beginning of a new way of
      meeting between believers of different religions, not with mutual
      opposition and less so in mutual contempt, but in the search for
      a constructive dialogue in which, without falling into relativism or
      syncretism, each one opens to others with esteem, all being
      conscious that God is the source of peace.

      Since then, extending the Spirit of Assisi, these meetings of
      prayer and mutual reflection have been organized and I thank the
      Community of Sant'Egidio for its courage and audacity with
      which it has recaptured the "Spirit of Assisi" that, year to year,
      has made its strength felt all over the world. Thanks to God,
      there are not a few cases in which the Spirit of Assisi, favoring
      dialogue and mutual understanding, has brought along concrete
      fruits of reconciliation. We are, then, invited to support it and to
      spread it, by walking along the path of justice, certain of the help
      of God who knows how to open ways of peace where men do
      not succeed.

      Nowadays it is even more necessary to live this spirit; this is the
      reason why last January I wished to return to Assisi, together
      with the representatives of Christian Churches and the great
      religions after the dramatic events of last September 11th.
      Assisi, then, became like an "agora" of peace between peoples,
      and there I said that it was necessary to lift the fog of suspicion
      and misunderstanding. But darkness is not dissipated with
      arms; it is removed with lamps of light (see "Speech in Assisi,"
      24 January 2002).

      3. In Palermo, on the 1st of September, these lamps will light
      again to shed their beams on all the Mediterranean, a place of
      ancient coexistence among different religions and cultures, but
      also a scenario of misunderstanding and cruel conflicts.
      Specifically, I am thinking about the Holy Land, immersed in a
      spiral of what seems unstoppable violence.

      In addition to the painful conflicts, how many peoples are
      oppressed by hunger and poverty, especially in Africa, a
      continent that seems to incarnate the existing imbalance
      between the North and the South of the planet! Let a new appeal
      spring from Palermo, an appeal that will make everyone be
      committed to justice and authentic solidarity with responsibility.

      4. The topic of the Congress offers the possibility to make a
      global analysis of the planet's situation and to evaluate which
      steps we have to take together.

      "Which are the foundations to build up during this new period in

      This point, which emerged from the important transformations of
      the 20th century, questions our religious traditions and our
      different cultures. "Will it be enough" -- I asked the youth
      gathered in Toronto for the recent World Youth Day -- "to bet on
      the present technological revolution that seems only ruled by
      production and efficiency criteria, without a reference to the
      religious dimension of man, and without universally
      acknowledged ethical principles" (speech at the Vigil, 27 July

      The urgency of this moment reminds humanity that the reason
      for our existence, and the root of our hope, can only be found in
      the Face of God. May the meeting in Palermo enhance this
      general awareness and contribute to build a world with more
      fraternity and freedom.

      I offer my spiritual participation and heartily invoke from God
      every blessing on the works of the congress and on all its

      Castel Gandolfo, 29 August 2002

      * * *

      Pope Assails Marginalization of Religion in European

      Calls for EU's Extension to Include Balkan Countries

      CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul
      II criticized the marginalization of communities of believers and
      of religions in the European Convention, the body that could end
      up writing a constitution for the continent.

      The Holy Father expressed "concern" and "distress" in seeing
      that the political and civil forum, initiated in February, falls into the
      "marginalization of religions, which have contributed and still
      contribute to the culture and humanism of which Europe feels
      itself legitimately proud."

      "I think that it is at the same time an injustice and an error of
      perspective," the Pope added. He made his comments in an
      address when he received Christos Botzios, the new
      ambassador of Greece to the Vatican.

      "To recognize an undeniable historical fact does not at all mean
      to be unaware of the exigency of a just secularism of states and,
      therefore, of Europe," the Pontiff added.

      He expressed a similar criticism Jan. 10 when he met with all
      the ambassadors accredited to the Vatican.

      John Paul II also expressed his support for the extension of the
      European Union to include, in particular, the Balkan countries.

      "It is evident that the opening to the different European nations
      will make possible the lasting removal of risks of confrontations
      in that region, so that the dramatic conflicts that bloodied the end
      of the 20th century will not be repeated," the Pope said.

      According to John Paul II, the "progressive acceptance" of all the
      European countries in the Union "will consolidate a culture of
      peace and solidarity, one of the strong points of the European

      Ambassador Botzios, 63, a career diplomat, thanked both the
      Holy Father and Orthodox Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens
      for the work of the two Churches "which have joined their voices
      in favor of European integration, emphasizing that the Christian
      roots of Europe must be preserved."

      * * *

      John Paul II Wants a Halt to All Wars During 2004 Olympics

      CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul
      II called for a truce in all wars during the 2004 Olympic Games in

      The next Olympics "will offer the possibility of a new experience
      of fraternity to vanquish hatred, to bring individuals and peoples
      closer," the Pontiff said today, when he received the credential
      letters of Christos Botzios, the new ambassador of Greece to the

      "For this occasion, I make an appeal for a lasting truce from all
      violence so that the peaceful spirit and healthy stimulus, proper
      to the founders of the Olympic Games, may spread in all areas
      of society and in all continents," the Pontiff said.

      "I hope that, in a perturbed and at times uncertain world, this
      sports event will be a joyful manifestation of everyone's
      belonging to the same human, fraternal and mutually supportive
      community," the Pope said. The Olympics are scheduled for Aug.
      13-29, 2004.

      Ambassador Botzios, 63, noted that the wish for peace had
      already been expressed jointly by John Paul II and Orthodox
      Archbishop Christodoulos during the Pope's visit to Athens in
      May 2001.

      * * *

      Parish Care of Youth a Priority for the Church, Says Pope

      Calls for Promotion of "Oratories"

      VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Parish youth centers,
      or "oratories" as St. John Bosco called them, are the workshop
      of an active faith, a "place of education" and a "school of service"
      to others, says John Paul II.

      The Pope made that observation Saturday when he received
      some 400 pilgrims from Varese, Italy, at Castel Gandolfo. The
      pilgrims were celebrating the centenary of St. Victor's youth
      oratory and of the Robur et Fides sports association.

      According to the Holy Father, the oratory is the most appropriate
      place for the pastoral care of youth. Along with the family, such a
      pastoral center "constitutes a priority for the Church," he said.

      The center is an environment where children and youths can
      reinforce "the values received in the family," the Pope said.
      "Sports activities, offered by the parishes, contribute" to this
      objective. If well planned, they help "young people to be
      generous and mutually supportive," he said.

      The Holy Father expressed the hope that the cultural and sport
      services offered by parishes "be distinguished by a generous
      opening to solidarity."

      It is precisely in service, inspired by prayer, that one finds "the
      privileged way" for the birth and growth of authentic ecclesial
      vocations "marked by dedication to the service of others," John
      Paul II stressed.

      * * *

      Russian Artist's "Last Supper" Is Message of Peace

      Exhibited in Milan

      MILAN, Italy, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The Shrine of Santa
      Maria delle Grazie, the setting of Leonardo da Vinci's
      masterpiece "The Last Supper," is now also the venue for the
      exhibition of a Russian artist's vision of the Gospel scene.

      Natalia Tsarkova's "The Last Supper" was blessed by John Paul
      II at Easter. It will be exhibited Sept. 4-11 in the sacristy of the
      Marian shrine here.

      Tsarkova's painting is also a message of peace at this time,
      which coincides with the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist
      attacks. On that day, a Mass will be celebrated here for the

      The presentation of the painting will take place during a
      congress in which the artist will express her "message of
      peace." Among the speakers are Cardinal Jorge María Mejía,
      Vatican archivist and librarian, and Paolo Biscottini, director of
      Milan's diocesan museum.

      "The decision to exhibit the work in the Shrine of Santa Maria
      delle Grazie, the place of Leonardo's Cenacle, is not accidental,"
      Tsarkova explained. "On the contrary, it has a strong symbolic

      "Following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, which has marked the
      history of humanity, Christ is no longer represented with the
      classical iconography; rather, he opens to the world and directs
      his gaze to all men, calling them to reflection, repentance and
      peace," she added.

      The Russian artist painted John Paul II's "official portrait" during
      the Great Jubilee. The picture now is the property of the Vatican

      * * *

      37 Priests Ordained for Opus Dei

      TORRECIUDAD, Spain, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Opus Dei's
      bishop ordained 37 new priests for the personal prelature,
      urging them to be "pious, learned, joyful."

      Bishop Javier Echevarría presided over Sunday's ceremony,
      which was held in front of the Shrine of Torreciudad since the
      church could not accommodate the 7,000 participants.

      The prelate asked the new priests to be "pious, learned, joyful
      and athletes in the supernatural and human spheres."

      The second successor of Monsignor Josemaría Escrivá pointed
      out the coincidence of the ordination with the centenary of the
      birth and forthcoming canonization of the Opus Dei founder, on
      Oct. 6. Bishop Echevarría appealed to the faithful to undergo a
      "daily conversion" and to take "recourse to the Virgin" to "receive
      fruitfully so much grace from God."

      The new priests come from the United States, Spain, Portugal,
      Argentina, the Philippines, Nigeria, New Zealand, France, Italy,
      Peru, the Netherlands, Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela.

      The youngest is Mexican Mario Arroyo, 28, and the oldest is
      Basque Eduardo Martínez Bernaola, 57, philologist and

      * * *

      Catholic Biblical Federation Meeting in Beirut

      BEIRUT, Lebanon, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The sixth plenary
      assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation which opens here
      Tuesday will focus on the believer's encounter with Scripture in a
      context of pluralism.

      This "biblical summit" will focus on the Acts of the Apostles, for
      starters. It also will focus on the 2001 apostolic letter "Novo
      Millennio Ineunte."

      The theme of the meeting, which runs until Sept. 12, is "The
      Word of God, a Blessing for All Nations."

      The Catholic Biblical Federation was begun in 1969 to promote
      the biblical apostolate in dialogue with evangelical groups, in the
      light of the Second Vatican Council's "Dei Verbum."

      Its ordinary members are episcopal conferences, and its
      associates are centers and organizations of biblical instruction.
      The group is present in 123 countries and has 300 associates.
      Its new president is Bishop Vincenzo Paglia of Terni, Italy.

      "The challenge is to communicate the Gospel in a rapidly
      changing world, as evidenced by the events taking place here in
      the Middle East," the organizers said.

      * * *

      "Brother's Day" Aims to Keep Alive Mother Teresa's Legacy

      ROME, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- "Brother's Day," an initiative to
      preserve Mother Teresa's legacy of charity, will be observed this
      Thursday, the fifth anniversary of her death.

      The idea was launched in 1999 by Father Miguel Elías Alderete
      Garrido, priest and promoter of the Spanish-language
      "Catolicos" Internet page (www.catolicos.org.ar).

      Sister Nirmala, Mother Teresa's successor as head of the
      Missionaries of Charity, supported the initiative in a letter dated
      Aug. 7, 1999, so "long as the observance of the Day is to invite
      people to prayer and to putting love into action, without any kind
      of fund raising or collection of goods involved."

      Father Alderete Garrido said the day should be observed with
      works of mercy.

      "Open the doors of your home to the neediest," he urged. "Share
      your table with the hungry; clothe the naked; give drink to the
      thirsty; visit the sick; welcome the pilgrim."

      * * *

      Paris Archdiocese Launches Campaign to Promote Catechism

      PARIS, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- How can the Church propose
      the Catechism to families that do not frequent their parish?

      Pastoral officials in the Paris Archdiocese have responded with
      a promotional campaign that includes 90,000 posters and the
      distribution of pamphlets in the streets.

      The first posters were placed in supermarkets and shopping
      centers, while letters were sent to 80,000 families.

      According to the archdiocese's Department of Catechesis, "the
      decrease in the number of children who usually participate in
      parish activities is due to the lack of communication of the faith
      by parents."

      Widely seen in shopping centers in the recent days was a large
      poster with a curly-haired girl embracing a world map and the
      phrase: "The Catechism, point of support in life."

      The campaign began Aug. 27 and will end Sept. 10. By that time
      Paris' 107 parishes hope to receive the majority of registrations
      for pastoral activities directed to children. Last year, parish
      centers welcomed 17,000 children to programs taught by 1,400

      The archdiocese's Web site (www.catholique-paris.com) gives
      details on individual parishes and their programs.

      * * *

      Holy Spirit's Activity in the Believer

      Cardinal Francis Arinze

      VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 2, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Here is another of the
      reflections presented during the June videoconference of
      theologians entitled "Pneumatology from the Second Vatican
      Council to Our Times." The videoconference was sponsored by
      the Congregation for the Clergy.

      The Holy Spirit's Activity in the Believer
      Cardinal Francis Arinze

      The real source of Christian sanctity consists in the dwelling of
      the Holy Spirit, because, according to the words spoken by John
      Henry Cardinal Newman, "Christ carries us to sanctity coming to
      us through his Spirit; and since his Spirit is saintly, we are
      saints, if we are in a state of grace. Christ is present in the
      hearts he visits with his grace."

      The reality of original sin is overcome by a new justice that
      comes from the Holy Spirit, so that our work, enacted in the Spirit
      of Christ, contains a principle of justification, which is the
      presence of the Spirit, who, once again quoting Cardinal
      Newman, "sanctifies those actions, that life, that obedience for
      which it is the original cause, and that he himself orders and
      defines." In this perspective we are able to also reflect on the
      expression used by the Eastern Church, which calls the Holy
      Spirit "iconoplastes," meaning he who moulds the image of the
      Son in mankind.

      The Holy Spirit is the Gospel's great promise: The Lord who had
      made himself manifest to his servants, dwells in their hearts:
      "He descended once more through and with his Spirit, and then
      the promise at last was kept." Christ's physical presence, which
      was limited in its location, had to be "exchanged with the
      Counselor's multiple spiritual dwellings within us."

      The Spirit came so as to complete in us what Christ has
      completed within himself. The Spirit is entrusted with bestowing
      individually upon each of us all that Christ had done for all of us.
      Christ's redemption reaches each of us through the Spirit. John
      Henry Newman says: "Everything that Christ did in flesh one
      thousand eight hundred years ago is really -- typologically and
      similarly -- enacted in us, one by one, until the end of time."

      In this sense the Spirit enacts within us, what the Son has
      achieved: "We too are led by the same Spirit through the
      temptations of this world; we too obey through the Spirit; we die
      through sin, we are resurrected in justice through the Spirit; and
      we are proclaimed children of God. Christ himself promises to
      repeat in each of us, figuratively and mysteriously, everything that
      he achieved and suffered in the flesh."

      The profoundness of the Spirit's work in our person is manifest
      through prayer in a particular manner. This is the work of the
      Spirit who prays in us, and we in him: the Holy Spirit and our
      spirits address, in Christ, the one and same prayer: Abba,

      * * *


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