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Volume 2, No. 127

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    ROMAN CATHOLIC NEWS Volume 2, Issue 127 THURSDAY 13 June 2002 Feast of St. Anthony of Padua * * * WEAR THE BROWN SCAPULAR OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL AND PRAY
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      Volume 2, Issue 127
      THURSDAY 13 June 2002

      Feast of St. Anthony of Padua

      * * *


      * * *

      • General Audience Address on Psalm 91(92)
      • World Youth Day Cross Arrives in Toronto
      • Papal Envoy Named for Dedication of Los Angeles Cathedral
      • Prayer: An Imperative for Bishops´ Meeting in Dallas
      • New York Auxiliary Bishop McCarthy Resigns
      • Cardinal Kasper Sees Progress in Dialogue with Orthodox

      * * *

      General Audience Address on Psalm 91(92)

      Good and Evil Are Fully Understood in God´s Light, Pope Says

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 12, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Here is a translation
      of John Paul II´s address at today´s general audience, which he
      dedicated to a reflection on Psalm 91[92].

      1. Psalm 91[92], which we have just heard, the song of the
      righteous man to God the creator, is given a special place in the
      ancient Hebrew tradition. In fact, the title given to the Psalm
      indicates that it is to be sung on the Sabbath (see verse 1).
      Hence, it is the hymn raised to the Eternal and Most High Lord
      when, at sundown on Friday, the holy day of prayer,
      contemplation, [and] serene stillness of body and spirit begins.

      The solemn and grandiose figure of God the Most High is at the
      center of the Psalm (see verse 9), around whom is depicted a
      harmonious and peaceful world. Also placed before him is the
      righteous person who, according to a concept dear to the Old
      Testament, is filled with well-being, joy and long life, as a natural
      consequence of his honest and faithful existence. This refers to
      the so-called theory of retribution, according to which every crime
      is already punished on earth and every good act recompensed.
      Although there is an element of truth in this view, yet -- as Job will
      intuit and Jesus confirm (see John 9:2-3) -- the reality of human
      suffering is much more complex and cannot be so easily
      simplified. In fact, human suffering must be considered in the
      perspective of eternity.

      2. But let us now examine this wise hymn of liturgical
      implications. It is made up of an intense call to praise, to the
      joyous song of thanksgiving, to the festival of music, plucked
      from the 10-chord harp, the lyre and the zither (see verses 2-4).
      The love and faithfulness of the Lord must be celebrated through
      liturgical song that is conducted "with art" (see Psalm 46[47]:8).
      This invitation is also valid for our celebrations, so that they will
      recover splendor not only in the words and rites, but also in the
      melodies that inspire them.

      After this appeal never to break the internal and external thread of
      prayer, true constant breath of faithful humanity, Psalm 91[92]
      proposes, as though in two portraits, the profile of the wicked
      (see verses 7-10) and of the righteous (see verses 13-16). The
      wicked, however, is placed before the Lord, "forever on high"
      (verse 9), who will make his enemies perish and will scatter all
      the evildoers (see verse 10). In fact, only in the divine light is one
      able to understand the depth of good and evil, of righteousness
      and wickedness.

      3. The figure of the sinner is depicted with vegetable images:
      "the wicked flourish like grass and all sinners thrive" (verse 8).
      However, this flowering is destined to dry up and disappear.
      Indeed, the Psalmist multiplies the verbs and words that
      describe the devastation: "They are destined for eternal
      destruction; ... Lord, indeed your enemies shall perish; all
      sinners shall be scattered" (verses 8,10).

      At the root of this catastrophic outcome is the profound evil that
      grips the mind and heart of the wicked: "A senseless person
      cannot know this; a fool cannot comprehend" (verse 7). The
      adjectives used belong to the language of wisdom and denote
      the brutality, blindness, foolishness of the one who thinks he can
      rage over the face of the earth without moral consequences,
      deceiving himself that God is absent and indifferent. Instead, the
      man of prayer is certain that, sooner or later, the Lord will appear
      on the horizon to establish justice and break the arrogance of the
      foolish (see Psalm 13[14]).

      4. Here we are, then, before the figure of the righteous, sketched
      as in a vast colored painting. In this case also there is recourse
      to fresh and verdant vegetable images (see Psalm
      91[92]:13-16). As opposed to the wicked who is luxuriant but
      ephemeral like the grass of the fields, the righteous rises toward
      heaven, solid and majestic like a palm or a cedar of Lebanon.
      The righteous "are planted in the house of the Lord" (verse 14),
      namely, they have a relation that is extremely solid and stable
      with the temple and, hence, with the Lord, who has established
      his dwelling in them.

      Christian tradition also toys with the double meaning of the
      Greek word "phoinix," used to translate the Hebrew term that
      indicates the palm. "Phoinix" is the Greek name for palm, but
      also for the bird that we call the "phoenix." Now, it is known that
      the phoenix was the symbol of immortality, because it was
      thought that this bird was reborn from its ashes. The Christian
      lives through a similar experience in his participation in the
      death of Christ, source of new life (see Romans 6:3-4). "[God] ...
      even when we were dead in our transgression, brought us to life
      with Christ" -- the Letter to the Ephesians says -- "[and] raised us
      up with him" (2:5-6).

      5. Another image, taken from the animal kingdom, represents
      the righteous and is directed to exalting the strength that God
      lavishes, even in old age. "You have given me the strength of a
      wild bull; you have poured rich oil upon me" (Psalm 91[92]:11).
      On one hand, the gift of divine strength makes one triumph and
      gives security (see verse 12); on the other, the glorious forehead
      of the righteous is anointed with oil that radiates energy and a
      protective blessing. Psalm 91[92], therefore, is an optimistic
      hymn, strengthened by music and song. It celebrates trust in
      God who is the source of serenity and peace, even when one
      witnesses the apparent success of the wicked. A peace that is
      intact even in old age (see verse 15), a stage still lived in
      fruitfulness and security.

      We conclude with the words of Origen, translated by St. Jerome,
      which take their cue from the phrase in which the Psalmist says
      to God: "You have poured rich oil upon me" (verse 11). Origen
      comments: "Our old age has need of God´s oil. As when our
      bodies are tired, they are only refreshed by being anointed with
      oil, as the flame of a lamp is extinguished if oil is not added to it:
      so, also, the flame of my old age needs to grow with the oil of the
      mercy of God. The Apostles also went up to the Mount of Olives
      (see Acts 1:12), to receive light from the oil of the Lord, because
      they were tired and their lamps had need of the Lord´s oil. ...
      Hence we pray to the Lord so that our old age, and our every
      effort, and all our darkness will be illuminated by the oil of the
      Lord" (74 Homilies on the Book of Psalms -- "Omelie sul Libro
      dei Salmi," Milan, 1993, pp. 280-282, passim).

      * * *

      World Youth Day Cross Arrives in Toronto

      TORONTO, JUNE 12, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The World Youth Day
      cross has arrived in Toronto after a trek that took it to places as
      diverse as Alaska and ground zero in New York.

      The cross arrived Sunday, and was carried on youths´ shoulders
      for 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) in a pilgrimage that included flags,
      hymns and prayers.

      The procession continued on the streets of the city, from St.
      Augustine Seminary to St. Michael´s Cathedral, where prayers
      were led by Cardinal Aloysius Ambrosic.

      During the weeks leading up to World Youth Day in late July, the
      cross will be carried to stops throughout the archdiocese.

      After traveling through Italy, the last venue of World Youth Day, the
      cross visited a number of places in North America. In New York,
      it was taken to the World Trade Center site, where prayers were
      recited for the victims of Sept. 11.

      The cross left Peterborough and arrived in Toronto´s diocesan
      territory on June 6, thus completing the tour of the country´s
      Catholic communities, which began in Montreal on April 28.

      * * *

      Papal Envoy Named for Dedication of Los Angeles Cathedral

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 12, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II
      appointed Cardinal James Francis Stafford, president of the
      Pontifical Council for the Laity, as special envoy for the Sept. 2
      dedication of the new Los Angeles cathedral.

      When the city of Los Angeles condemned the quake-damaged
      Cathedral of St. Vibiana in 1996, the archdiocese was left without
      a cathedral church.

      The site for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels was
      acquired in December 1996. The cathedral complex was
      designed by Spanish architect José Rafael Moneo of Madrid.

      The complex includes a residence and a conference center, in a
      2.5-acre landscaped plaza. A 600-car parking garage is beneath
      the buildings on the east end of the site.

      * * *

      Prayer: An Imperative for Bishops´ Meeting in Dallas

      To Make the Impossible Possible, Admits Episcopal Conference

      WASHINGTON, D.C., JUNE 12, 2002 (Zenit.org).- U.S. bishops
      are asking for prayers as they gather in Texas to decide on an
      effective response to the crisis of clergy sexual abuse.

      The Web page of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
      (www.nccbuscc.org) states that prayer is an indispensable help
      "to assure the safety of children, address the problem of clergy
      sexual abuse, and formulate concrete initiatives for the future."

      During the 46 hours the conference will be in session in Dallas,
      the bishops request prayers "for victims of clergy sexual abuse,
      and for the bishops, that God might send his Holy Spirit to grant
      them the wisdom and courage to do his holy will at this critical
      moment in the life of the Church."

      "Parish communities, individuals and groups of the faithful may
      gather together to pray in the course of these days in many
      different ways," they suggest.

      Likewise, the Web page states that during the meeting,
      "bishops, victims of sexual abuse, and others will spend 48
      hours in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, asking the Lord
      Jesus to bring healing and peace to victims and to be present to
      our bishops."

      "Parishes, religious communities and other groups might well
      conduct continuous adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during
      this same time, beginning with a Mass designed to coincide with
      the opening Mass for the bishops´ meeting at 7 a.m. on
      Thursday, June 13, and concluding 48 hours later with a Mass
      on Saturday morning at 7 a.m.," the Web page adds.

      The booklet of Scriptures, prayers and meditations which will be
      used during this eucharistic adoration is available for free
      download on this Web site and may be reproduced free of
      charge. See (www.usccb.org/comm/vigilpr2.pdf). It is in PDF

      The texts for the Masses on Thursday morning, Friday evening
      and Saturday morning are also available on the site
      www.usccb.org/comm/weblit.htm. The texts of morning prayer
      and midafternoon prayer for these days, as they will be prayed by
      the bishops, are also available.

      "Many ask the question, "What can I do to help?" the conference
      reported. Its response: "The only way any of us can discern an
      answer to that question is by seeking the presence of Christ,
      ´the way, the truth and the life.´ Many things seem impossible for
      us. But with God, all things are possible."

      * * *

      New York Auxiliary Bishop McCarthy Resigns

      NEW YORK, JUNE 12, 2002 (Zenit.org).- A New York auxiliary
      bishop quit after admitting to several affairs with women,
      becoming the fourth U.S. prelate in recent months to step down
      because of sex scandals.

      Auxiliary Bishop James F. McCarthy, 59, pastor of St. Elizabeth
      Ann Seton Church in Shrub Oak, Westchester County, admitted
      to the affairs after they were brought to the attention of Church
      officials in a letter, the Associated Press reported.

      The announcement Tuesday came only hours after the Vatican
      accepted the resignation of Bishop J. Kendrick Williams, 65, of
      Lexington, Kentucky, who was accused in three sex abuse

      The New York Archdiocese said Bishop McCarthy´s affairs
      occurred during the course of several years. Church officials
      said they will cooperate with prosecutors if any legal issues
      arise from the affairs.

      * * *

      Cardinal Kasper Sees Progress in Dialogue with Orthodox

      After a Cruise, and a Historic Signing

      VENICE, Italy, JUNE 12, 2002 (ZENIT.org-Avvenire).- Cardinal
      Walter Kasper smiles at the thought of the quip entitled "From
      the Crusades to the Cruisers."

      From June 5-10, leaders of Christian Churches and
      communities (including Cardinal Kasper) and scientific experts
      cruised on the Adriatic Sea to reflect on the challenges
      confronting the environment. The cruiser´s passengers were
      guests of Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople.

      "This experience has finally shown that there is more that unites
      us than that separates us," said Cardinal Kasper, the president
      of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

      "Much has been written on the difficulties of the ecumenical
      dialogue," he said. "Instead, for once the news is positive: Two
      sister Churches wish to arrive at full unity."

      Q: In the course of the cruise, the ecumenical patriarch of
      Constantinople celebrated the liturgy in Sant´Apollinare in
      Classe [in Ravenna], an event that had not taken place for 12
      centuries. What is the significance of this event?

      Cardinal Kasper: We can see it as an emblem of the road
      traveled to date. It tells us that we have made good progress
      although, obviously, there is still much to be done. However, we
      are already in a new situation.

      This can also be seen in the joint signing of the "Venice Charter"
      with the Holy Father. In sum, in matters such as the protection of
      the Creation, where there are no dogmatic problems to be
      resolved, there already is collaboration.

      Q: However, in this spring, winter winds continue to blow in

      Cardinal Kasper: Sadly, this is true. The situation has worsened
      since February. Frankly, we are still unable to understand this

      We are told that all problems must be solved before a meeting
      between the Holy Father and Patriarch Alexy II. All right; we are
      willing, but how is it possible if there is no dialogue? A critical
      dialogue might even be necessary at the beginning, but
      difficulties cannot be surmounted without talking.

      It is a disgrace that two religious leaders cannot meet to show
      the world that there is a willingness to reconcile. In any event, I
      am confident. For our part, we are totally available for dialogue
      and I am convinced that the problems will be resolved.

      Q: From your point of view, what fruits have resulted from the
      Pope´s recent trip to Bulgaria?

      Cardinal Kasper: It was a very positive visit. Surely, relations with
      Orthodoxy cannot be reduced to the difficult situation with the
      patriarch of Moscow. In recent years, we have been witnessing a
      series of important steps forward.

      In Greece, for example, the Pope´s visit and then that of an
      Athens delegation to the Vatican have given great impetus to
      relations. The same may be said of Romania, and of the
      patriarchates of Serbia, Alexandria and Antioch, of many other
      Orthodox Churches.

      Q: And with the Patriarchate of Constantinople?

      Cardinal Kasper: Recent events are a further demonstration of
      the good climate that has been created. As usual, for the feast of
      Sts. Peter and Paul at the end of June, a delegation sent by
      Patriarch Bartholomew will come to Rome. Moreover, we are
      hoping to renew the works of the International Commission of
      Theological Dialogue on the problems that still divide us from
      the doctrinal point of view.

      Q: What are the obstacles to renewing this endeavor?

      Cardinal Kasper: We are prepared to begin again based on any
      reasonable proposal. For example, I am convinced that to begin
      by focusing solely on the question of the Eastern Churches in full
      communion with Rome would lead us to a dead end. How can
      one speak of this topic without addressing the question of
      primacy? Primacy is the real [one] that must be surmounted.

      Q: The "filioque" question, at least in principle, seems to have
      been surmounted.

      Cardinal Kasper: Not for all. In this area also the dialogue must
      be renewed. However, I know that a local theological
      commission in the United States and Canada is doing
      interesting work.

      * * *


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