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Volume 2, No. 126

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      Volume 2, Issue 126
      WEDNESDAY 12 June 2002

      * * *


      * * *

      • Declaration on Environment Signed by Pope and Patriarch of
      • Faith Seen as Giving Meaning to Protection of Environment
      • Church in Venezuela Is Not Competing with State, Pope Says
      • Cardinal Dulles Weighs In on Proposal for U.S. Bishops
      • Accused Bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, Resigns
      • Cardinal George Sees Limited Role for Alleged Abusers
      • 60,000 Children on Pilgrimage to Fatima

      * * *

      Declaration on Environment Signed by Pope and Patriarch of

      "We Are Still Betraying the Mandate God Has Given Us"

      VENICE, Italy, JUNE 11, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Here is the text of the
      joint declaration signed Monday by John Paul II and Patriarch
      Bartholomew I of Constantinople on the Christian commitment
      to protect the environment.

      We are gathered here today in the spirit of peace for the good of
      all human beings and for the care of creation. At this moment in
      history, at the beginning of the third millennium, we are
      saddened to see the daily suffering of a great number of people
      from violence, starvation, poverty, and disease. We are also
      concerned about the negative consequences for humanity and
      for all creation resulting from the degradation of some basic
      natural resources such as water, air and land, brought about by
      an economic and technological progress which does not
      recognize and take into account its limits.

      Almighty God envisioned a world of beauty and harmony, and He
      created it, making every part an expression of His freedom,
      wisdom and love (cf. Gen 1:1-25).

      At the center of the whole of creation, He placed us, human
      beings, with our inalienable human dignity. Although we share
      many features with the rest of the living beings, Almighty God
      went further with us and gave us an immortal soul, the source of
      self-awareness and freedom, endowments that make us in His
      image and likeness (cf. Gen 1:26-31; 2:7). Marked with that
      resemblance, we have been placed by God in the world in order
      to cooperate with Him in realizing more and more fully the divine
      purpose for creation.

      At the beginning of history, man and woman sinned by
      disobeying God and rejecting His design for creation. Among the
      results of this first sin was the destruction of the original
      harmony of creation. If we examine carefully the social and
      environmental crisis which the world community is facing, we
      must conclude that we are still betraying the mandate God has
      given us: to be stewards called to collaborate with God in
      watching over creation in holiness and wisdom.

      God has not abandoned the world. It is His will that His design
      and our hope for it will be realized through our co-operation in
      restoring its original harmony. In our own time we are witnessing
      a growth of an ecological awareness which needs to be
      encouraged, so that it will lead to practical programs and
      initiatives. An awareness of the relationship between God and
      humankind brings a fuller sense of the importance of the
      relationship between human beings and the natural
      environment, which is God´s creation and which God entrusted
      to us to guard with wisdom and love (cf. Gen 1:28).

      Respect for creation stems from respect for human life and
      dignity. It is on the basis of our recognition that the world is
      created by God that we can discern an objective moral order
      within which to articulate a code of environmental ethics. In this
      perspective, Christians and all other believers have a specific
      role to play in proclaiming moral values and in educating people
      in ecological awareness, which is none other than responsibility
      towards self, towards others, towards creation.

      What is required is an act of repentance on our part and a
      renewed attempt to view ourselves, one another, and the world
      around us within the perspective of the divine design for creation.
      The problem is not simply economic and technological; it is
      moral and spiritual. A solution at the economic and technological
      level can be found only if we undergo, in the most radical way, an
      inner change of heart, which can lead to a change in lifestyle and
      of unsustainable patterns of consumption and production. A
      genuine conversion in Christ will enable us to change the way
      we think and act.

      First, we must regain humility and recognize the limits of our
      powers, and most importantly, the limits of our knowledge and
      judgment. We have been making decisions, taking actions, and
      assigning values that are leading us away from the world as it
      should be, away from the design of God for creation, away from
      all that is essential for a healthy planet and a healthy
      commonwealth of people. A new approach and a new culture
      are needed, based on the centrality of the human person within
      creation and inspired by environmentally ethical behavior
      stemming from our triple relationship to God, to self, and to
      creation. Such an ethics fosters interdependence and stresses
      the principles of universal solidarity, social justice, and
      responsibility, in order to promote a true culture of life.

      Secondly, we must frankly admit that humankind is entitled to
      something better than what we see around us. We and, much
      more, our children and future generations are entitled to a better
      world, a world free from degradation, violence and bloodshed, a
      world of generosity and love.

      Thirdly, aware of the value of prayer, we must implore God the
      Creator to enlighten people everywhere regarding the duty to
      respect and carefully guard creation.

      We therefore invite all men and women of good will to ponder the
      importance of the following ethical goals:

      1. To think of the world´s children when we reflect on and
      evaluate our options for action.

      2. To be open to study the true values based on the natural law
      that sustain every human culture.

      3. To use science and technology in a full and constructive way,
      while recognizing that the findings of science have always to be
      evaluated in the light of the centrality of the human person, of the
      common good, and of the inner purpose of creation. Science
      may help us to correct the mistakes of the past, in order to
      enhance the spiritual and material well-being of the present and
      future generations. It is love for our children that will show us the
      path that we must follow into the future.

      4. To be humble regarding the idea of ownership and to be open
      to the demands of solidarity. Our mortality and our weakness of
      judgment together warn us not to take irreversible actions with
      what we choose to regard as our property during our brief stay
      on this earth. We have not been entrusted with unlimited power
      over creation, we are only stewards of the common heritage.

      5. To acknowledge the diversity of situations and responsibilities
      in the work for a better world environment. We do not expect
      every person and every institution to assume the same burden.
      Everyone has a part to play, but for the demands of justice and
      charity to be respected the most affluent societies must carry the
      greater burden, and from them is demanded a sacrifice greater
      than can be offered by the poor. Religions, governments, and
      institutions are faced by many different situations; but on the
      basis of the principle of subsidiarity all of them can take on
      some tasks, some part of the shared effort.

      6. To promote a peaceful approach to disagreement about how
      to live on this earth, about how to share it and use it, about what
      to change and what to leave unchanged. It is not our desire to
      evade controversy about the environment, for we trust in the
      capacity of human reason and the path of dialogue to reach
      agreement. We commit ourselves to respect the views of all who
      disagree with us, seeking solutions through open exchange,
      without resorting to oppression and domination.

      It is not too late. God´s world has incredible healing powers.
      Within a single generation, we could steer the earth toward our
      children´s future. Let that generation start now, with God´s help
      and blessing.

      Rome -- Venice, 10 June 2002

      * * *

      Faith Seen as Giving Meaning to Protection of Environment

      Closing of Symposium Organized by Bartholomew I of

      VENICE, Italy, JUNE 11, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Faith in God gives full
      meaning to environmentalism, Catholic Patriarch Angelo Scola
      of Venice said at the closing of an ecological symposium
      organized by the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople.

      Addressing the symposium "Religion, Science, and the
      Environment," held from June 5-10 on a cruiser in the Adriatic
      Sea, Patriarch Scola urged overcoming the "myopic point of view"
      of the "prevailing culture."

      "On the one hand it reduces everything that can be known to that
      which is empirically measurable, and on the other it tends to
      make it coincide with the ´technically´ possible," the patriarch
      told the meeting Monday in the Ducal Palace.

      During the same session, John Paul II and Orthodox Patriarch
      Bartholomew I of Constantinople signed a joint declaration on
      the environment. The Pope participated via a satellite connection
      from the Vatican.

      Patriarch Scola emphasized that creeds can play a decisive role
      in counteracting the "myopic" tendency, which does not consider
      the environment as "man´s dwelling" but "simply as the object of
      every possible manipulation."

      The threats looming over the environment today are "human
      arrogance and the lack of ability to organize a coherent defense
      of the ecosystems," he continued.

      In addressing environmental problems, the speaker said that
      man "is destined to interact with the cosmos," which is
      mistakenly considered as "extrinsic" to life and to people.

      "On the contrary, it is space that has been lived in and time that
      has been experienced because, insofar as it is a prolongation of
      the personal and social body, it becomes the expression of every
      society. History is portrayed in the environment, a history made
      up of the intertwining of the personal communal experiences of
      men and women, individuals who are generators of civilization,
      art and culture," Patriarch Scola continued.

      In this context, the patriarch highlighted the role of religions as
      builders of civilization. He acknowledged, however, that, after the
      September terrorist attacks, religions were sometimes seen as
      "stumbling blocks."

      "Following the terrible attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, many have
      invited the men of religions to put their faith in parentheses,
      suspected of being one of the principal causes of this clash of
      civilizations, which seems to threaten the dawn of the third

      On the contrary, he contended, the symposium shows "that, to
      the degree that they avoid any ideological deviation, far from
      being a stumbling block, religions are precise resources for the
      construction of civilizations in reciprocal dialogue."

      * * *

      Church in Venezuela Is Not Competing with State, Pope Says

      Encourages Bishops During "ad Limina" Visit

      VATICAN CITY, JUNE 11, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The Church in
      Venezuela wants to collaborate with, not compete against, public
      authorities in helping the nation, says John Paul II.

      The Pope encouraged the Church´s works for Venezuela when
      he met the nation´s bishops today during their quinquennial "ad
      limina" visit to the Holy See.

      Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, before the short-lived coup
      against him in April, had leveled harsh criticisms against the
      Church´s hierarchy.

      Chávez had cut back on the public support of the Church´s
      program for integral development, and went so far as to accuse
      the Church of being a "cancer" in the "revolution" he was trying to

      The Venezuelan bishops informed the Holy Father about the
      poverty gripping their country, despite its status as a leading oil

      "The face of the suffering Christ," the Pope said, "becomes
      concrete in so many peasants, Indians, urban marginalized
      people, abandoned children, neglected elderly, mistreated
      women and unemployed youth."

      "I know that all this urgently appeals to your pastoral concern,
      because one cannot ignore one´s unfortunate neighbor, who so
      many times needs immediate attention," the Holy Father added.

      "The Church, both through the abnegated dedication of many
      persons as well as the constant action of so many institutions,
      has always given and continues to give witness of the divine
      mercy, with its generous and unconditional dedication to the
      neediest," John Paul II continued.

      Therefore, the Holy Father said, "without entering into
      competition with all that is the domain of the public authorities,
      the Church feels called at times to give a voice to those whom no
      one seems to be listening to."

      On other occasions, the Church will have to "look for ways of
      loyal collaboration in those initiatives that seek the integral good
      of people and which, therefore, also correspond to the very
      mission of the Church, as they do to the specific objective of
      social organizations."

      "The latter cannot be indifferent to, much less ignore, the
      considerable contribution of the Church to many aspects that
      belong to the common good," the Pope stressed.

      "I know very well that this facet of your ministry is not always
      easy, and that misunderstandings, attempts at distortion, or
      more or less partisan purposes are not lacking," the Holy Father

      "However, this is not the domain in which the Church moves,
      which wishes to promote, precisely, an atmosphere of open and
      constructive dialogue, patient and impartial, among all those
      who have public responsibilities in their hands, so that the
      dignity and inalienable rights of the person will be appreciated,"
      John Paul II concluded.

      * * *

      Cardinal Dulles Weighs In on Proposal for U.S. Bishops

      Cautions That Outright Dismissal from Priesthood Is a Complex

      NEW YORK, JUNE 11, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Cardinal Avery Dulles
      describes as a "compromise" the draft document which
      recommends how U.S. bishops should deal with priests
      involved in sexual abuse of minors.

      Writing in the New York Times, the cardinal noted that initial
      reactions to the draft document fall into two general categories.

      On the one hand are those favoring an approach of "zero
      tolerance" and "one strike and you´re out." A second school of
      thought, Cardinal Dulles noted, "cautions against hasty and
      simplistic solutions and asks important questions."

      "The draft document," the theologian added, "[...] represents a
      compromise. ... On the issue of dismissal from the priesthood,
      for example, it seeks to steer a middle course, calling for the
      return to lay status of any who in the future commit a single act of
      abuse of a minor and all who in the past have committed more
      than one such offense."

      The cardinal´s article appeared as U.S. bishops prepare for a
      crucial meeting this week in Dallas, Texas, to decide how to deal
      with the crisis of priestly scandals. A bishops´ ad hoc
      commission has published a draft program on how to deal with
      the sex abuses cases and how to avoid them in the future.

      In the Times article, Cardinal Dulles cautioned: "The issue of
      dismissal from the priesthood is complex and contentious.
      Theologically speaking, anyone who is ordained remains a
      priest forever. To return a priest to the lay population is to
      obfuscate this theological principle. Is it not better, the second
      school will ask, for the church to take responsibility for its erring
      priests and continue to care for them as priests rather than
      dismiss them, as if expelling them from its ranks would protect
      society from them?

      "There may be a need to limit a priest´s ministry, even severely.
      He may have to be sent to a monastery for a life of seclusion and
      penance. But involuntary return to the laity should be very rare
      and (as the draft recognizes) should never be imposed without
      due process."

      He added: "The draft document does not explicitly raise the
      question of homosexuality, but it is a matter of obvious concern.
      Noting the large proportion of offenses against adolescent boys,
      some bishops will seek to screen out all homosexually inclined
      seminarians. Others will see the issue rather as one of
      obtaining psychologically mature candidates capable of living up
      to their commitment to celibacy."

      The cardinal further cautions: "The bishops are understandably
      concerned to show that they are taking bold and decisive
      measures. But they should take care not to lock the church into
      positions that will later prove to be unwise."

      * * *

      Accused Bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, Resigns

      Insists on His Innocence in Wake of Abuse Allegations

      LEXINGTON, Kentucky, JUNE 11, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II
      accepted the resignation of Bishop Kendrick Williams of
      Lexington, Kentucky, the third U.S. prelate in recent months to
      exit under the shadow of sexual allegations.

      According to the Vatican Press Office, the bishop handed in his
      resignation in keeping with Canon 401, 2 of the Code of Canon
      Law, part of which reads, "if because of illness or another
      serious reason, his capacity to carry out his office is diminished."

      On May 31, Bishop Williams, 65, submitted his resignation
      through the papal nuncio, Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo. Its
      acceptance was announced today.

      "I do not want my resignation to give any credence to the
      allegations made against me," Bishop Williams said in a
      statement. "I offered my resignation to the Holy Father, stating
      that I believe that by my stepping down, the diocese can rid itself
      of the cloud that hangs over it and me at this time."

      The bishop had been accused of abuse by three plaintiffs, the
      Associated Press reported.

      "I agonize that while this process continues, the diocese suffers
      without a leader," he said. "Since no one knows how long this
      will last, I believe it is best for me to step down, so a new bishop
      can be appointed as soon as possible. The Holy Father concurs,
      and my resignation is effective today. This will allow him to begin
      the process to appoint a new bishop."

      A standing body of priests of the diocese, known as the College
      of Consultors, will now convene to elect an administrator to
      oversee the diocese until a new bishop takes over.

      Bishop Williams´ statement may be read on the diocese´s Web

      In March, Anthony O´Connell resigned as bishop of Palm Beach,
      Florida, after admitting he abused a seminary student in
      Missouri more than a quarter-century earlier. And last month,
      Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland´s resignation was
      accepted by the Vatican a day after he acknowledged paying a
      man $450,000 to settle a sexual misconduct allegation against

      * * *

      Cardinal George Sees Limited Role for Alleged Abusers

      Responds to Survey That Finds Wide Support for "Zero

      CHICAGO, JUNE 11, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Cardinal Francis George
      said that in certain situations, it would be possible for priests
      found guilty of sexual abuse to minors to continue working for the
      Church, the Chicago Tribune reported.

      The cardinal was responding to a survey that found widespread
      support among laity for a "zero-tolerance" policy toward such
      priests, the paper said Monday.

      Repentance is a basic dynamic of the faith, the archbishop of
      Chicago said, so he could see "a limited type of administrative
      work" in the Church for someone accused of a single instance of
      wrongdoing 30 or 40 years ago and who seems to have

      Yet, he emphasized at a news conference here: "The assurance
      of the protection of our children -- that´s the bottom line, that is
      more important than anything else."

      He received a report from the Catholic Lawyers Guild of Chicago
      indicating that many parishioners were disappointed over how
      the Church has handled sex abuse allegations in the past.

      The report was based on the comments of an estimated 10,000
      Chicago-area Catholics who had gathered in meeting halls and
      schoolrooms last month to discuss how the crisis.

      Of the 2,000 respondents to a survey by the lawyers guild, 64%
      agreed with a survey statement, "No priest should ever be
      reassigned to any other ministry (office work, hospital chaplain,
      etc.) after a substantiated allegation of sexual misconduct with a

      * * *

      60,000 Children on Pilgrimage to Fatima

      FATIMA, Portugal, JUNE 11, 2002 (Zenit.org).- More than 60,000
      children prayed for world peace as they participated in the
      annual pilgrimage for minors to the Marian shrine of Fatima.

      "We are going to ask Our Lady to teach us to be friends of
      peace," Bishop Manuel Madureira Dias said in his homily
      Sunday. He said the pilgrimage had the Pope´s blessing.

      For his part, Bishop Serafim Ferreira e Silva of the Diocese of
      Fatima-Leiria, appealed to the children to construct "a future of
      peace" and to be more responsible than their parents.

      Police reported that over 300,000 people eventually turned up at
      the Fatima shrine. "The children arrive first; then thousands of
      parents come in cars to collect them," Bishop Ferreira explained.

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