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Volume 2, No. 5

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    ROMAN CATHOLIC NEWS Volume 2, Issue 5 MONDAY, 7 January, 2002 Today s Lectionary Readings http://www.nccbuscc.org/nab/010702.htm Feast of St. Raymond of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2002

      Volume 2, Issue 5

      MONDAY, 7 January, 2002

      Today's Lectionary Readings

      Feast of St. Raymond of Peñafort


      * * *

      • John Paul II´s Address Before the Angelus
      • Star of Wise Men Challenges Secularized Society, Pope Says
      • John Paul II Congratulates Russians on Their Christmas
      • Pope Stresses Importance of Religion to Italian
      • Iran Will Participate in Assisi Prayer Meeting with Pope
      • Bishop Angelo Scola Appointed Patriarch of Venice
      • 2 Auxiliary Bishops Named for Washington Archdiocese
      • Polish Prime Minister Invites Pope to Visit His Country Again
      • U.N. Still Feeling Effects of Sept. 11
      • Caritas Support to Afghans Included Fasting
      • Sister Emmanuelle of Cairo Receives France´s Legion of

      * * *

      John Paul II´s Address Before the Angelus

      Children, Too, Must Be Missionaries, Pope Says

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Following a Mass
      during which 10 new bishops were consecrated, John Paul II
      prayed the Angelus from his library window with several
      thousand pilgrims gathered in St. Peter´s Square. Here is a
      translation of the Pope´s Angelus address, which he gave in

      Dear Brothers and Sisters!

      1. The solemnity of Epiphany emphasizes the universality of the
      Church and her missionary vocation. The Church exults today
      because "the true light that enlightens every man" has been
      manifested to all peoples (John 1:9).

      Like Mary, she rejoices to see people of all races, nations and
      cultures enter the humble cave of Bethlehem to adore the Son of
      God. At the same time, increasingly she feels the urgency to be
      "light," to spread the salvific message to all peoples. The
      missionary mandate is for all believers, called to proclaim and
      witness to the mystery of salvation that was fulfilled in the
      incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ.

      2. Today the Church entrusts the task of evangelization
      especially to children. This is the meaning of Children´s World
      Missionary Day, which this year has the motto "Enkindle Hope,"
      and commits "missionary children" to spread the light of
      solidarity especially where the darkness of poverty, suffering and
      war are particularly dense. Children´s missionary support is
      particularly dear to the numerous missionaries who, faithful to
      Christ´s mandate, work to spread the Good News to the furthest
      corners of the earth. Our gratitude, coupled with our constant
      prayer to the Lord, is directed to each one of these intrepid

      The bishops whom I had the joy of consecrating this morning
      will be dedicated with special attention to the exacting
      missionary task. I renew my cordial greetings to them, their
      families and all those who are united to their spiritual joy. Dear
      brothers and sisters, we will support their ministry with prayer so
      that they will be sure guides of the flock that the Lord has
      entrusted to them.

      3. Some Eastern Churches, such as the Russian Orthodox
      Church and the venerable Oriental Churches, such as the
      Coptic, Ethiopian and Armenian, today celebrate the Nativity of
      Jesus Christ. I address my best wishes to them and assure
      them of my constant prayer. May the celebration of the coming of
      the Word of God among men be the source of new spiritual
      vigor, of new strength in him, and of communion among all of us,
      who acknowledge him as Lord and Savior. May it be a source of
      joy in proclaiming him to all the peoples of our time.

      May the heavenly Mother of God, on whose lap is the Wisdom of
      the Father, obtain for all Christians the gift of full communion,
      and the gift of peace for all. Thanks to her intercession, may
      every person of good will be illuminated by the vivifying light of
      the mystery of the Lord´s Nativity.

      * * *

      Star of Wise Men Challenges Secularized Society, Pope Says

      Celebrates Epiphany by Consecrating 10 New Bishops

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- On the feast of the
      Epiphany, John Paul II said the star that guided the wise men
      from the East to Bethlehem also awakens a nostalgia for God in
      our secularized society.

      "Even today it evokes profound feelings despite the fact that, as
      with many other signs of the sacred, it runs the risk at times of
      being made banal by the consumerist use made of it," the Pope
      said during his homily at Mass in St. Peter´s Basilica.

      As customary, the Holy Father celebrated the feast by ordaining
      new bishops. This year he ordained 10 -- five Italians, three
      Congolese, one Filipino and one Portuguese.

      "By being placed again in its original context, the star we
      contemplate in the manger also speaks to the mind and heart of
      the man of the third millennium," the Pope said in his homily. "It
      speaks to secularized man, awakening in him the nostalgia of
      his condition as pilgrim in search of truth, of the absolute

      "Who does not feel the need of a star to guide him on the road of
      life on earth?" the Pope asked. "Individuals and nations both feel
      this need."

      Jesus is that star, the Pope answered, for "all peoples,
      regardless of race or culture. ... This is how the Church was
      born, composed of men and women who, united in Christ, are
      guided by the Holy Spirit in their pilgrimage toward the Kingdom
      of the Father, and have received a message of salvation to
      propose to all."

      This is the foundation of the missionary vocation of every
      Christian, especially of the new bishops, the Pope concluded.

      * * *

      John Paul II Congratulates Russians on Their Christmas

      Days After Moscow Choir Sings for Pope with Alexy II´s Approval

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II today
      congratulated the Eastern Churches, particularly the Russian
      Orthodox, which celebrate Christmas on the night of Jan. 6-7.

      " Some Eastern Churches, such as the Russian Orthodox
      Church and the venerable Oriental Churches, such as the
      Coptic, Ethiopian and Armenian, today celebrate the Nativity of
      Jesus Christ," the Pope said during his midday Angelus
      address at St. Peter´s Square.

      "May the celebration of the coming of the Word of God among
      men be the source of new spiritual vigor, of new strength in him,
      and of communion among all of us, who acknowledge him as
      Lord and Savior," he added.

      The Pope´s mention of the Russian Church was significant.
      Patriarch Alexy II has been extremely critical of Rome, given the
      rebirth of Catholic communities in the post-Communist era. This
      has impeded a papal visit to Moscow.

      Rome and Moscow seemed to come closer last week, however.
      With the approval of Alexy II, the lubileum choir, composed of 35
      Russian young women, gave a concert of Russian Orthodox
      liturgical hymns for the Pope in his private chapel. Nothing like
      this had ever happened before.

      At the end of the concert on Jan. 1, the Holy Father told the
      singers: "I am happy that you came from Moscow with the
      blessing of Patriarch Alexy II. I take advantage of this opportunity
      to send him, through your mediation, a fraternal greeting and
      best wishes on the nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

      The Holy Father thanked maestro Alexander Nevzorov, director of
      the choir, and said: "I very much appreciate Russian liturgical
      song and I feel extremely close to your culture, especially the
      religious. Russian culture, art, literature and song are realities
      filled with intense spirituality that raise the mind and heart to God
      and fill them with benevolence and compassion toward the

      * * *

      Pope Stresses Importance of Religion to Italian Schoolteachers

      Schools Must Be Tailored to Students, John Paul II Says

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II urged
      Catholic teachers to promote "the perennial human values,
      which stem from the evangelical view of life," in order to have
      schools that are tailored to students.

      The Pope made this proposal Saturday when he received in
      audience the participants of the national congress of the Italian
      Association of Catholic Teachers. He urged that the "necessary
      reform processes of the school" be undertaken which must
      always favor the "needs of students."

      The Holy Father stressed that education centers should become
      "privileged places for cultural promotion, capable of recovering
      social esteem and credibility."

      John Paul II urged teachers to transmit "the contents of the
      Catholic religion with competence, elaborating didactic
      proposals that respond to the formative needs of students and
      respect the nature and objectives of the school."

      The Pope praised the work of Catholic teachers in an
      atmosphere of "open dialogue and, at the same time, critical of
      the surrounding reality."

      He encouraged them to continue forming students in order to
      "contribute to the construction of a peaceful and just human
      coexistence, founded on dialogue between cultures and
      acceptance and appreciation of differences."

      * * *

      Iran Will Participate in Assisi Prayer Meeting with Pope

      TEHRAN, Iran, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- A representative of the
      Islamic Republic of Iran will participate in the Assisi world prayer
      meeting for peace convoked by the Pope for Jan. 24, the official
      agency IRNA reported.

      The news was revealed by Mustafa Borujerdi, Iranian
      ambassador to the Vatican, at a recent meeting with Cardinal
      Francis Arinze, president of the Pontifical Council for
      Interreligious Dialogue.

      The Iranian ambassador said that his country is always willing to
      participate in any initiative to promote dialogue between

      Iran and the Vatican will jointly organize the fourth Dialogue
      Forum between Islam and Catholicism, which will take place in
      Rome sometime next year. The third forum was held in Tehran
      last summer.

      Iran, which is 99% Muslim, has some 200,000 Christians. It
      maintains diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

      John Paul II has invited the world religions, particularly
      "Christians and Muslims," to meet in Assisi to demonstrate that
      religion "must never be a reason for conflict."

      * * *

      Bishop Angelo Scola Appointed Patriarch of Venice

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II appointed
      Bishop Angelo Scola as new patriarch of Venice, replacing
      Cardinal Marco Cé, who resigned for reasons of age.

      Scola was born in 1941 in the Diocese of Milan. Most recently he
      has been rector of the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, after
      having been bishop of Grosseto until 1995.

      Archbishop Scola, a theologian of international renown -- he was
      a professor at the Catholic University of Fribourg and the John
      Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family of the
      Lateran University -- is one of the closest disciples of Monsignor
      Luigi Giussani, founder of the Communion and Liberation

      * * *

      2 Auxiliary Bishops Named for Washington Archdiocese

      WASHINGTON, D.C., JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II has
      named Monsignor Kevin J. Farrell and Father Francisco
      Gonzalez Valer as auxiliary bishops of the Washington

      Bishop-elect Farrell, 54, has been vicar general for
      administration and moderator of the archdiocesan curia.
      Bishop-elect Gonzalez, 62, has been episcopal vicar for
      Hispanic Catholics in the archdiocese.

      Born in Dublin, Ireland, Farrell was previously vicar general for
      administration/moderator of the curia and pastor of Annunciation
      Parish, Washington.

      Francisco Gonzalez Valer was born in Arcos de Jalon, Spain, on
      May 22, 1939. His previous duties include being director of
      Hispanic, Cursillo, and Charismatic movements in the
      Archdiocese of Washington.

      * * *

      Polish Prime Minister Invites Pope to Visit His Country Again

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Polish Prime Minister
      Leszek Miller has invited John Paul II to make another pastoral
      visit to Poland.

      Such a visit would be the Holy Father´s eighth to his native land
      in his 23-year pontificate. Reports in the Polish and Italian press
      said it could occur this June.

      "All of us in Poland would be delighted if you returned again to
      our country," the Prime Minister said at the end of a half-hour
      audience with John Paul II on Thursday in the Pope´s private

      Later, Vatican Press Office director Joaquín Navarro-Valls said
      that the Pope and Miller discussed Church-state relations in
      Poland, and addressed "the problems of European integration
      and the international situation."

      This was Miller´s first meeting with the Pope since the
      post-Communist left took office in Poland following the
      September elections.

      * * *

      U.N. Still Feeling Effects of Sept. 11

      Interview with Vatican Permanent Observer

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The Vatican in 2001
      took a leading role in U.N. discussions on topics as diverse as
      human cloning, racism, and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

      In this Vatican Radio interview, Archbishop Renato Martino, the
      Vatican´s permanent observer at the United Nations in New
      York, evaluates the year´s work and its effect on the international

      --Q: What is the atmosphere at the United Nations headquarters
      in New York after the attacks on the Twin Towers and the

      --Archbishop Martino: The U.N. headquarters are located in the
      heart of New York, therefore, it is not surprising that the Sept. 11
      events have had what I would say is an indelible effect. The
      repercussions of the attacks on the World Trade Center have
      elicited a feeling of uncertainty that grips all those who enter the
      U.N. building daily.

      --Q: If we were to evaluate the activity of the United Nations in
      2001, what would you say are the results obtained that will have
      the greatest possibility of having positive and lasting effects?

      --Archbishop Martino: The U.N. program cannot be realized from
      one year to the next. In particular, I would like to refer the
      commitment of the heads of state and government, adopted at
      the summit of the year 2000, in favor of a 50% reduction of
      absolute poverty by the year 2015.

      Over the past year, this has been the object of continued
      commitment on the part of the delegates. This is something
      positive. Unfortunately, however, because of the Sept. 11 events
      and the present recession, it has already been announced that
      the objective will not be reached until 2030.

      --Q: What are the most significant topics addressed by the
      United Nations, to which the Vatican is committed?

      --Archbishop Martino: As it has always done, this year, the
      Vatican delegation took part in all the U.N. fields of action.

      I have spoken officially on several points of the agenda, which I
      would like to enumerate, because they are very important: the
      uprooting of poverty; international economic cooperation;
      economic development, especially in Africa; disarmament; the
      protection of elderly and handicapped people; questions
      regarding human rights, in particular, freedom of religion;
      rejection of human cloning.

      In regard to the Vatican´s activity, I would like to point out in
      particular the seminar on child-soldiers that we convoked on
      June 5 at the United Nations, a very important event that we
      organized in cooperation with the office of Olara Otunno, the
      representative of the U.N. secretary-general for children in
      conflict situations.

      Former child-soldiers of Kosovo, Uganda and Colombia
      participated in this seminar; they gave living and dramatic
      testimony of their experience. Mr. Otunno said that in all the
      conflict situations he visited, the first thing he saw was the
      commitment of the Catholic Church, missionaries, priests,
      religious and Catholic laity to rescuing these victims of war.

      Outstanding among the most important events, the U.N. will
      [sponsor] in 2002, are the second world assembly on elderly
      people, which will be held in Madrid in the spring; and the
      special session of the General Assembly on children, which will
      be held in New York in May. Finally, the summit on the
      environment and sustainable development will be held in
      Johannesburg, South Africa, in August, to evaluate the world
      situation 10 years after the Rio de Janeiro conference.

      * * *

      Caritas Support to Afghans Included Fasting

      PONDICHERRY, India, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Church-run
      Caritas International has so far spent $10.8 million on projects
      for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and on the Iranian and Pakistan

      The Caritas confederation provided food and blankets for 10,000
      refugees in Jalozai, Peshawar, the largest of the refugee camps,
      which shelters 70,000 refugees, according to Father Ivan
      Ambroise, Caritas Asia coordinator, in statements to SAR News.

      To show solidarity with the Afghan Muslims, the Caritas
      members also fasted during Ramadan, Father Ambroise said.

      Caritas´ Islamabad-Rawalpindi office, operating from Peshawar,
      distributed food packages to nearly 3,000 families in the Jalozai
      camp during Ramadan. The packages contained foodstuffs
      including seven types of dried fruits traditionally used in
      Afghanistan to break the Ramadan fast.

      Caritas Hyderabad distributed tents, blankets and oil stoves to
      2,000 internally displaced Afghan families at Chapman on the
      Pakistan border, Father Ambroise added.

      Caritas International is a confederation of 154 Catholic relief,
      development and social service societies working in 198

      * * *

      Sister Emmanuelle of Cairo Receives France´s Legion of Honor

      PARIS, JAN. 6, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The nun popularly known as
      Sister Emmanuelle of Cairo has received her native France´s
      Legion of Honor.

      President Jacques Chirac signed the decree conferring the
      award on Jan. 1.

      Sister Emmanuelle, the 93-year-old religious of the
      Congregation of Our Lady of Sion, was honored for her work
      among the poorest of the Egyptian capital. For more than 20
      years she served the poor there and built schools and hospitals.

      Born Madeleine Cinquin, she was orphaned in early
      adolescence. She entered religious life in 1931, took the name
      Emmanuelle, and began her apostolate by teaching philosophy
      and Turkish, Tunisian and Egyptian literature.

      She returned to Paris in 1993, in obedience to her superiors who
      were concerned about her health. Her books and interviews
      continue to have great impact on French public opinion.

      * * *

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