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Volume 2, No. 1

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    ROMAN CATHOLIC NEWS Volume 2, Issue 1 TUESDAY, 1 January, 2002 Feast of Mary Mother of God HAPPY NEW YEAR Today s Lectionary Readings
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002

      Volume 2, Issue 1

      TUESDAY, 1 January, 2002

      Feast of Mary Mother of God


      Today's Lectionary Readings


      * * *

      • Angelus Address on World Day of Peace 2002
      • Euro Should Promote Prosperity and Solidarity, Pope Says
      • At Year End, Pope Asks Forgiveness for His Faults
      • 2.5 Million Came to See John Paul II at Vatican Last Year
      • Pope Expresses Closeness to Fire Victims in Lima
      • England and Wales Celebrate " Day by the Life "
      • Argentine Cardinal Requests to Work "For Social Peace"
      • Beijing Bishop Pei, 83, Dies; Was Loyal to Rome
      • Spanish Episcopal Conference Denounces Common Law
      • Cardinal Errázuriz, "Christmas Requests of Us a Change of
      Heart "
      • 70,000 Youths Greet New Year in Prayer in Budapest
      • Sri Lanka Bishops Declare that the Christmas Message is a
      Message of Reconciliation

      * * *

      Angelus Address on World Day of Peace 2002

      Pope Calls for "Global Mobilization of Consciences"

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2002 (Zenit.org).- At the end of the Mass
      on this New Year´s Day, the 35th World Day of Peace, John Paul
      II appeared at the window of his library to pray the Angelus with
      pilgrims gathered in St. Peter´s Square. Here is a translation of
      his address, which he gave in Italian.

      Dear Brothers and Sisters!

      1. Happy New Year to all! We exchange this greeting at the
      beginning of 2002, under the blessed gaze of Mary Most Holy,
      whom we venerate today as Mother of God. A greeting of serenity
      and peace in this World Day of Peace, which is renewed every
      year since 1968, when it was instituted by my venerated
      predecessor, Servant of God Paul VI. Humanity has need of
      peace to construct the civilization of love. Unfortunately, at this
      time of history, preoccupations and difficulties place obstacles
      on this road. However, it cannot and must not be abandoned.
      There must be a response of justice and love to negative forces,
      guided by perverse interests, which are bent on making the
      world a theater of war.

      2. The Message for this Day of Peace must be viewed in this
      context, in which I have wished to reaffirm that "there is no peace
      without justice, and no justice without forgiveness." In fact, there
      is no possibility of re-establishing the broken order if justice and
      forgiveness are not combined.

      I appeal in particular to the men and women who experienced
      the terrible world wars of the last century. I turn to the young
      people who, fortunately, did not experience those conflicts. To all
      I say: Together we must be firmly opposed to the temptation to
      hatred and violence, which only gives the illusion of resolving
      conflicts, but ends in real and permanent losses. Instead,
      forgiveness, which might seem like weakness, presupposes
      great spiritual strength and ensures long-term advantages.

      Forgiveness, which is opposed to the instinct to respond to evil
      with evil, is an attitude that has profound religious motives,
      especially for Christians, but is also ruled by rational
      foundations. For all, in fact, believers and nonbelievers, the rule
      applies of doing to others what one wishes be done to oneself.
      Applied at the social and international level, this ethical principle
      constitutes a masterful way to construct a world of greater justice
      and solidarity.

      3. In a globalized world, where threats to justice and peace have
      large-scale repercussions to the detriment of the weakest, the
      global mobilization of consciences is an imperative. The Great
      Jubilee of 2000 laid the foundations: One must not be
      discouraged by the trials of history, but persevere in the
      determination to direct in a just way personal, family and social
      choices, as well as the overall lines of national and international

      We turn to the heavenly Mother of God, to obtain the peace of
      Christ for the world. At the dawn of this new year, we confidently
      entrust to her the Church and the whole of humanity.

      * * *

      Euro Should Promote Prosperity and Solidarity, Pope Says

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II expressed
      the hope that the euro will promote peace and prosperity in
      European Union countries, as well as solidarity and justice in
      the world.

      At the end of Mass for the World Day of Peace, at St. Peter´s
      Basilica, John Paul II wished "peace and prosperity to the
      countries of the European Union, which today, with the single
      currency, attain a historic goal."

      Following the recitation of the Angelus, the Holy Father told the
      pilgrims in St. Peter´s Square that he hoped the euro would
      foster "the full development of the citizens of the different
      countries. May justice and solidarity grow throughout Europe for
      the benefit of the whole human family!"

      Beginning today, the euro is the currency of the more than 300
      million inhabitants of the European member states.

      * * *

      At Year End, Pope Asks Forgiveness for His Faults

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2002 (Zenit.org).- At the end of 2001, John
      Paul II asked God´s forgiveness for his "faults" and "omissions"
      and entrusted his "apostolic commitment" to divine Providence.

      The Holy Father´s words resounded in St. Peter´s Basilica on
      Dec. 31 in the afternoon, during the traditional thanksgiving hymn
      "Te Deum."

      In the presence of some 8,000 pilgrims, the Holy Father said it
      "is a special duty to acknowledge our own frailties and the times
      when we have not been completely faithful to the love of God."

      "We ask the Lord´s forgiveness for our faults and omissions,"
      the Pope said. "Let us continue to be confidently abandoned to
      the Lord´s goodness. He will not fail to offer us his mercy and to
      help us continue in our apostolic commitment."

      The Bishop of Rome concluded by praying to God. "At the end of
      the year, we already look toward the new one, and our hearts are
      confidently abandoned to your mysterious plans of salvation," the
      Pope said.

      He spent New Year´s Eve praying in his private chapel that 2002
      will be a year of "love and peace."

      * * *

      2.5 Million Came to See John Paul II at Vatican Last Year

      VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2002 (Zenit.org).- John Paul II in 2001
      met directly with 2.5 million faithful in public events, not including
      parish visits and pastoral trips, the Vatican reported.

      The Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, the institution that
      organizes the Holy Father´s public activities, revealed in an
      official statement Monday that the statistics for 2001 include 43
      Wednesday general audiences, special audiences, liturgical
      celebrations, and the Angelus. The last is the Pope´s traditional
      meeting with pilgrims on Sundays and feast days.

      According to 2001 data, 550,000 pilgrims met with the Pontiff in
      general audiences; 218,000 in special audiences; 980,000 in
      liturgical celebrations; and 810,000 in the Angelus.

      The total number of people who personally saw the Holy Father
      last year was 2,558,300. The data do not include meetings with
      the Pope outside the Vatican.

      * * *

      Pope Expresses Closeness to Fire Victims in Lima

      Rome, (31 Dec. NE - eclesiales.org) On Sunday Pope John Paul
      II expressed his closeness to and solidarity with the victims and
      relatives of the devastating fire of 29 December in the center of
      Lima. More than 250 were killed and many injured when the fire
      erupted Saturday. Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State,
      sent a message directed to the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal
      Juan Luis Cipriani, saying that the Pope expressed his "deep
      pain " when hearing " the dreadful news of the numerous deaths
      caused by a gigantic fire in the historical center of Lima, that has
      filled the day with mourning to so many families of the beloved
      Peruvian town".

      [Text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *

      England and Wales Celebrate " Day by the Life "

      London, Dec. 31 (NE - eclesiales.org) On 30 December the "Day
      of Life" England and Wales celebrated that day to defend human
      life and the dignity of society. Catholics from 2,800 parishes of
      England and Wales defended life and dignity of the most fragile
      and vulnerable of society. Through a message of the Episcopal
      Conference the Bishops " thanked God with joy for the gift of life
      ". " the attacks to the dignity and sanctity of the human life in each
      state have been increased alarmingly in the recent years, " also
      their message affirmed " We remembered our faults, and the
      faults of society to protect human life and to maintain human
      dignity ", added the Prelates.

      [Text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *

      Argentine Cardinal Requests to Work "For Social Peace"

      Buenos Aires, Dec. 31 (NE - eclesiales.org) Through an official
      notice by the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario
      Bergoglio requested to the Argentine population "to work in favor
      of social peace". In the context of the serious crisis that currently
      affects this nation, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires emphasized
      the necessity to end corruption and to avoid violence. " All must
      realize that are no magical solutions and for that very reason
      there is a great need for hard work right now more than ever for
      social peace. Everyone must avoid violence which conspires
      against the rights of people" also affirmed the Cardinal in the
      official notice.

      [Text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *

      Beijing Bishop Pei, 83, Dies; Was Loyal to Rome

      Also Esteemed by Faithful of State-Approved Church

      ROME, JAN. 1, 2002 (ZENIT.org-Fides).- The Rome-appointed
      bishop of Beijing, Matthias Pei Shangde, died on Christmas Eve
      after being hospitalized for months with kidney trouble. He was

      He died in Shengxing hospital in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province.
      He had been under house arrest since April.

      A funeral will be held Wednesday in the Bishop´s home parish of
      Zhangjiapu. Police have ordered the Mass closed to those from
      outside the village.

      Born in 1918, Matthias Pei Shangde was one of six children. His
      parents, who were Catholics, were originally from Zhangjiapu. At
      age 13 he entered the seminary of the Congregation of the
      Lord´s Disciples, a Chinese congregation founded by Cardinal
      Celso Costantini, the first apostolic delegate to Beijing.

      Ordained a priest on May 30, 1948, Pei taught at Geng Xin
      Catholic school in the Beijing Diocese. When the Communists
      came to power in China in 1950, he was subjected to forced
      labor, at a Beijing medicine factory.

      As a result of the Cultural Revolution, he spent 10 years
      undergoing "re-education." He was released in 1980 and
      returned to Beijing.

      He was secretly ordained bishop of Beijing in 1989. Esteem for
      Bishop Pei among members of the state-approved "patriotic"
      church increased recently.

      At the same time, there was growing criticism of the
      state-approved bishop of Beijing, Fu Tieshan, for taking part in
      the illicit ordination of bishops on Jan. 6, 2000, and for his harsh
      reaction to the canonization of China´s martyrs on Oct. 1, 2000.

      * * *

      Spanish Episcopal Conference Denounces Common Law

      Madrid, (29 NE - eclesiales.org) the Spanish Episcopal
      Conference affirmed that Common Law Marriage is " pernicious
      ". In their message for the "Day of the Family and Life," the
      Bishops of the Subcommission for the Family and the Defense
      of Life presented a message remembering that Christmas " is
      not only the celebration of God who becomes man, it is also the
      celebration of the family and life. A boy is born to us, to us a son
      is given ".

      [Text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *

      Cardinal Errázuriz, "Christmas Requests of Us a Change of Heart "

      Santiago of Chile, (Dec. 27 NE - eclesiales.org) the birth of Our
      Lord Jesus " requests of us a change of heart ". Thus
      emphasized Francisco Javier Cardinal Errázuriz, Archbishop of
      Santiago, in his Christmas message. Also, the Cardinal
      emphasized the vision of hope amid the sparks and problems
      that span the world, a world that must carry Christians to the birth
      of the Son of God. "On that night fond memories and Christmas
      carols transport us to a very different atmosphere, in which love
      and benevolence is projected for human coexistence, for which
      we yearn more than ever, and for the protection of God. " " The
      Son of God - the Cardinal affirmed --came to Earth to seek victory
      over our enemies, hatred and revenge, and to establish
      reconciliation and Peace".

      [Text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *

      70,000 Youths Greet New Year in Prayer in Budapest

      Ecumenical Meeting Organized by Taizé Community Concludes

      BUDAPEST, Hungary, JAN. 1, 2002 (Zenit.org).- About 70,000
      young people, many from the troubled Balkans, heard appeals
      for Gospel forgiveness at an ecumenical meeting organized by
      the Taizé Community.

      The young people prepared to return home today, after five days
      of prayer and reflection which included attention to a letter by
      Brother Roger, Taizé founder, entitled, "Love and Say It with Your

      The meeting was opened Dec. 28 by Brother Roger and
      Cardinal Laszlo Paskai, archbishop of Budapest. It was held in
      HungExpo, Budapest´s Exhibitions Park.

      "Forgiveness is what is most impressive in the Gospel," Brother
      Roger said in a message that was translated into 20 languages.
      "The fact of forgiveness can change the heart of each one of us,
      because when we forgive, hardness of heart vanishes and there
      is room for infinite goodness."

      The young people who descended on Budapest included
      Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. They were housed in
      schools, parishes and other public places.

      John Paul II sent a message to the participants, inviting them to
      be "´sentinels of the morning´ at this particular moment when
      the world, divided and prey of violence and fear, seeks signs of

      "The presence of youth from the whole world, meeting in prayer
      and concord, witnesses to the profound aspiration for peace and
      fraternity that dwells in the human heart," John Paul II added. The
      Holy Father visited Taizé, in France, in 1986.

      On New Year´s Eve, in the pavilions of the HungExpo, which
      were converted into an imposing place of prayer, a young
      Frenchman took the habit and joined the Taizé monks.

      * * *

      Sri Lanka Bishops Declare that the Christmas Message is a
      Message of Reconciliation

      Rome, (Dec. 27 NE - eclesiales.org) an urgent call for
      reconciliation is the content of the message published by the
      Episcopal Conference of Sri Lanka. In their joint pastoral letter,
      the Prelates also emphasize the message of Christmas is
      essentially a reconciliation message and of peace ", Christians
      anywhere in the world celebrated Christmas after a period of
      much tension and violence ".

      Text translated and edited by Roman Catholic News]

      * * *



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      Monks of Adoration:

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      gather, collect, and publish information on Dolores Immacolata
      Gili (1892-1985) for an investigation into her cause as a Servant
      of God, as well as to promote her cause and to perpetuate her
      cult by directing prayer groups assembled in her honor. It has
      continuously enjoyed the ecclesiastical approval of Theodore
      Cardinal McCarrick, and the Most Reverend John Joseph Myers,
      Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey.

      Call or write today regarding favors granted through the intercession of Dolores Immacolata "Mama" Gili, or, for more information about the cause of her investigation for canonization to:

      Rev. Dante DiGirolamo, Director
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      Kearny, New Jersey 07032
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      Volume 1, Issue 14 C
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      Volume 1, No. 16
      Cause of Mama Gili as Servant of God (Part 2)

      Volume 1, No. 29
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      Volume 1, No. 68
      Dolores Immacolata "Mama" Gili (1892-1985)

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