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Re: [RokuDigitalVideoPlayer] mog channel

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  • christo andonyadis
    I have some pandora channels that are started with a specific song and others that are an artist. I find the specific song channels more consistent. And if
    Message 1 of 58 , Sep 25, 2010
      I have some pandora channels that are started with a specific song and others that are an artist. I find the specific song channels more consistent. And if pandora plays a song you don't like on a particular channel and mark it as thumbs down and it won't be played again. And neither will that "direction".
      I hear that pandora has a bunch of human listeners who categorize songs - rather than some artificial intelligence...

      thumb9d on handheld - excuz typ0s

      From: Trevor Holyoak <trevor@...>
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      I've got about 15 different channels set up right now. Unfortunately, several of them play basically the same stuff, but that was the only way to get specific artists that I wanted to at least hear on occasion.

      I admit I do have strange tastes. I like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo, Avril Lavigne, and a bunch of others that nobody has ever heard of. I don't like most of the other music from the same era as The Beatles, so that causes problems, and I have similar problems with Pink Floyd. I do like some of the music that's similar to Depeche Mode, but very little that Pandora thinks is like Avril Lavigne.

      I actually tried Mog today, and really enjoyed listening solely to Depeche Mode for an hour. That may be a better option for people like me. (Although I probably won't go beyond the trial period because I could have done that with my own mp3 collection.)

      - Trevor

      On 9/25/2010 5:27 PM, Ken Diggs wrote:

      Maybe that's the difference in making Pandora work for you:  I've got like 10 or 15 channels to fit that number of different types of music I like.  If you have eclectic musical tastes and try to reflect all of it in a single channel, Pandora may never me able to figure you out!

      On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 4:41 PM, Mark Randol <mdrandol@...> wrote:

      I've been playing with Pandora a little.  It seems to be easy to get it confused if you have 'wide' musical tastes.  I've blown away a couple 'channels' because it started playing stuff it thought was similar to something I liked a couple days ago but doesn't really fit into today's mood.  So.....

      I've started doing things like setting up channels for female hard rock / blues / edgier pop stuff (Pat Benetar & Joan Jet were seeds).  For that to work you have to RUTHLESSLY dislike anything that doesn't fit and NEVER like anything that's not a fit - even if you like the song.  So far I've found a couple artists I didn't know about.

      I've got a couple channels going like that.

      From: Ken Diggs <kendiggs@...>
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      Subject: Re: [RokuDigitalVideoPlayer] mog channel

      That's weird, Trevor.  You're the first person I've heard from who hasn't been thrilled with the music it eventually learns to queue up for them.   Maybe it has something to do with the types of music you prefer--or it seriously might be that your tastes are so cool and specific that it has trouble nailing you down.
      Despite Trevor's less-than-optimal experience with it, I'd still highly recommend it for anyone to try.  I've got a whole bunch of music-loving buddies who think it's the most killer app ever.  And it has introduced me to all KINDS of different musicians and songs that reflect all my different musical moods, by creating lots of different channels to fit those moods.  Personally, I love it.
      Best if you get an account going online, then link to your Roku after you're a bit familiar with how it works.

      On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 10:52 PM, Trevor Holyoak <trevor@...> wrote:

      I've spent hours training it, but I still can't listen to it for very long before being reminded of why I no longer listen to commercial radio. I always end up turning on my digital music player instead, which plays any combination of music I want, when I want, and only what I want, using my personal mp3 library. However, I must admit I've discovered a handful of groups I really like that I was not previously aware of through Pandora - but it took many, many hours of listening to stuff I don't really like that much to get there.

      - Trevor

      On 9/24/2010 9:24 PM, Ken Diggs wrote:
      The beauty of Pandora--for the uninitiated--is not really that it will play a particular song by a particular artist whenever you want to hear it:  it LEARNS your musical tastes and plays similar artists and songs that you'll like.  The more you interact with it, the more it learns your musical tastes.  (And the algorithms it uses to accomplish this are truly impressive and accurate.)  It does it by starting with an artist or song that you give it and then by playing similar music for you.  You tell it thumbs up on the ones you like, and thumbs down on the ones you don't.  And, of course, you skip songs you don't like.  Pretty quickly, it's playing stuff you love--some that you've already known about, and some stuff you've never heard of.  AND you can create any number of personal "channels'  in this way to reflect all your diverse musical preferences and moods.
      It's an astonishingly good service, especially for free!

      On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 9:49 PM, Mark Young <Mark12547@...> wrote:
      On 24-Sep-2010 6:31 PM, Joel B wrote:
      If you haven't heard of pandora, you probably do live a sheltered life. 

      Mog on the other hand I've never heard of either.
      Is that "Mog" like the "Moog Synthesizer"? My father had an album of Moog Synthesizer songs. (Yes, that's vinyl records.) But "Mog"--I hadn't heard of that until it was an announced channel.

      I hadn't heard of Pandora until I came across mention of it on the Roku Netflix Player Forum. (Yes, back when the Roku DVP was the Roku Netflix Player.)


    • Tommy
      OK if that s the reason for having to give a credit card, what s the reason for automatically charging your credit card if you don t cancel by the end of the
      Message 58 of 58 , Oct 13, 2010
        OK if that's the reason for having to give a credit card, what's the reason for automatically charging your credit card if you don't cancel by the end of the free trial? Why not make it so the user will contact them by the end of the trial if they want to continue?

        --- In RokuDigitalVideoPlayer@yahoogroups.com, "jnuneznyc" <john@...> wrote:
        > There is a reason for the credit card. Only way MOG (and every other service provider out there) can make sure that you don't keep signing up for multiple free trials. Which is why the MOG developer stated that for the Roku a credit card is not needed. Because it's tied to your Roku's identification string. On a computer this is not possible without installing code and hiding it within your system and affecting your registry (for Windows users).
        > I am weary of handing out my CC as much as anyone else but my CC has the ability to generate numbers for a single transaction which I would do over install yet another piece of software on my computer.
        > Note... I don't work for MOG, I don't even have MOG as my channel but I am a developer and this is a task I have to deal with on new projects.
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