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RE: [RokuDigitalVideoPlayer] Re: CBS shows?

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  • Gabriel Gutierrez
    Message 1 of 44 , Apr 15, 2012
      >Really it's an individual thing on whether you would find it worth it.
      This is really the point.  I like Hulu plus for two reasons: I like getting older episodes of shows (like "Community" and "Wipeout") that aren't on Netflix and I LOVE being able to watch Hulu on my android phone.  Sometimes I have some down time with my job & it is so cool to watch a show while I wait.

    • Paula Noakes
      I have TV Links on my PlayOn settings. I believe you just have to click enable to make it work on the Roku, but it s been a while since I tried it. There is
      Message 44 of 44 , Jul 15, 2012
        I have TV Links on my PlayOn settings. I believe you just have to click
        "enable" to make it work on the Roku, but it's been a while since I tried
        it. There is a free trial of PlayOn/PlayLater so I would suggest that first
        to see if you like them. I like that Hulu is on there and not HuluPlus,
        because I don't have the HuluPlus subscription and there aren't a lot of
        shows on it that I would watch so I don't want to add it right now. There
        are also a ton of private channels that you can access. Google "Roku private
        channels" and there will be a lot of results. I've used this one
        http://www.rokuprivatechannels.com/ successfully. You will have to sign into
        your Roku account at www.roku.com. then add the channel by going to My
        Account and click on Add A Private Channel under the Manage Account title.
        There's usually a code that's four to whatever digits long that you would
        need to type in.

        http://streamfree.tv/apps/roku-private-channels/ is a really good site for
        private channels lists too. If you want to add a channel and you don't see
        it, just try googling it with "roku private channel" and see if it comes up.
        I've found several that way that weren't on the published lists.

        Paula Noakes
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        From: tulip_five
        Sent: Friday, July 06, 2012 7:22 PM
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        Subject: [RokuDigitalVideoPlayer] Re: CBS shows?

        How do you get TVLINKS.COM on your PlayOn? I am new to all this. I didn't
        see anything called TVLINKS.COM and don't know how to install anything. All
        help is appreciated. I see people love PlayOn but so far, I don't see the
        point in having it.
        --- In RokuDigitalVideoPlayer@yahoogroups.com, "codonnel1" <codonnel1@...>
        > I have PLAYONTV and that is the best channel out there. You get
        > everything on there, including Youtube and CBS. There is a plugin channel
        > you can add to Playon for free, it is called TVLINKS.COM. I watch
        > everything on that now, we even get the AMC shows, the Walking Dead
        > --- In RokuDigitalVideoPlayer@yahoogroups.com, "nazario_van"
        > <van_nazario@> wrote:
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > --- In RokuDigitalVideoPlayer@yahoogroups.com, Stacey <sk5150@> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > I've had my Roku for a couple of months,love it. But the question
        > > > lingers,is there a better box? Google tv,Apple tv,net gear etc....has
        > > > anyone tried others,and what was better or worse and why?
        > > >
        > > > Thanks
        > > >
        > > > Stacey=
        > > >
        > > Re: I use both my Roku and Google TV box. Both are the 2 best
        > > solutions out there. Frankly, I like them both the same. Individually,
        > > they have limitations that one has over the other.
        > >
        > > Don't recommend other setup boxes unless all you want to do is watch
        > > netflix/hulu plus. Google TV and Roku are the best for "Cable Cord
        > > Cutters"
        > >
        > > 1. Google TV Pro's
        > >
        > > a. Web Browser Based- You can find a website that offers free TV or
        > > movies that is compatible and works, just add to favorites, create a
        > > link from your main control page and you now have a channel.
        > >
        > > b. You can add special Apps from Google Play made exclusively for
        > > Google TV or you can use "hacks"/work-arounds to install other Android
        > > apps on your Google TV that may not be compatible with Google TV.
        > > Google TV runs on Android OS so you have the Android market available to
        > > you. The Logitech Revues are currently updated to Android 3.1 and the
        > > Sony Blu Ray's with Google TV have version 3.2
        > >
        > > c. Optimized for GoogleTV Official YouTube Channel. Just type in
        > > search: "full episodes of (your favorite TV shows)" and you will most
        > > likely find uploaded episode to watch.
        > >
        > > d. Google TV has a better JustIn TV and better YouTube channel than
        > > Roku.
        > >
        > > 2. Google TV Con's
        > >
        > > a. No Hulu Plus app. You are limited to only Netflix and Crackle for
        > > mainstream content.
        > >
        > > b. On the Revue 3.1 Android you can only use the PLEX channel to stream
        > > local media. The "channels" options/plugins don't work on Android 3.1.
        > > Works OK on Sony's with Android 3.2
        > >
        > >
        > > Roku Pros:
        > >
        > > a. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. Every week they release 2 to 3 working
        > > Public Channels and many new Private channels show up as new channels if
        > > you do some internet searching/research and look for them. So there is
        > > always new content to add to your Roku box. Most of the times they can
        > > be "crappy" channels but every once-in-a-while you get surprised with
        > > good stuff.
        > >
        > > b. You have full Hulu Plus, Netfix and Crackle for on demand stuff.
        > >
        > > c. You have RateRix as a working alternative for the missing YouTube
        > > Channel.
        > >
        > > d. Plex is much better on Roku than on Google TV with the custon
        > > channels/plugins working ok.
        > >
        > > e. USTVNOW channel allows you to watch mainstream basic local channels
        > > (ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, Fox, PBS, My9) for free. But you need to be behind
        > > a proxy to setup. It won't let you configure/setup with US IP
        > > Addresses. Catastophegirls Roku Site has step-by-step instructions on
        > > how to configure. Works great if you qualify for registration and can
        > > follow the setup instructions.
        > >
        > > This channel is for US Servicemen living abroad. Setting up behind a
        > > proxy fools their system into thinking you are overseas. Luckily, you
        > > just need to be behind a proxy during initial setup. Once configured
        > > properly works OK and you can use normally with your default US IP
        > > address scheme.
        > >
        > > USTVNOW for ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, Fox, PBS, My 9)
        > >
        > > MummyBox for Discovery, NatGeo, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network and other
        > > "Cable" channels. Please note that these "Cable Channels" are Asian and
        > > Middle-Eastern versions but are transmitted in English. There are times
        > > when they don't transmit or are removed by MummyBox if content providers
        > > require the removal of their channels.
        > >
        > > JustIn.TV offers live streams of movies and many mainstream TV shows.
        > > Many in English and foreign languages (Mostly Spanish, German and
        > > Indian).
        > >
        > > Good luck.
        > >
        > > Roku Cons:
        > >
        > > a. No browser support with flash
        > >
        > > b. Limited number of codecs supported
        > >
        > > c. You have to wait for other developers to create channels for you. On
        > > Google TV you just need to find a working website, add to favorites and
        > > create a link/shortcut on your main App page and you have your own
        > > "custom channel". No need to be a developer.
        > >
        > > Hope this info helps. If you can afford it, get both boxes like I did.
        > > All I pay for TV is $16 for both Netflix and Hulu Plus. These paid plus
        > > the tons of free content available on both platforms no need to pay
        > > abusive Cable/Satellite TV service.
        > >
        > > If you live in an area that an over-the-air digital antenna can pick up
        > > your local channels then you don't need to worry about complicated
        > > USTVNOW setups. Unfortunately, I wasn't as lucky with OTA so I needed
        > > USTVNOW as an alternative.
        > >
        > > Good luck.
        > >


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