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Re: Roku Streaming Stick It's not hard to have lots of games on an Android platform. And people comparing specs (CPU, RAM) with the Roku are wasting their time. Again, the Fire TV is
Trevor Holyoak
Apr 12
Re: Hulu Playon does do the job, for a fee. I bought a lifetime pass a while back for 45 bucks which is far less expensive then one year of Hulu Plus. Considering the
Ryan Downey
Apr 12
Hulu So I keep seeing that I can watch Hulu (not Hulu Plus) on my Roku 2xs for free.  Everytime I try to find a way I hit a dead end.  Some say I can use PlayOn,
Apr 10
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Re: Roku Streaming Stick I'm disappointed in the streaming stick, there is a bathroom between where my router is and the TV the stick is being used on and was unable to get it to
Apr 10
Re: Roku Streaming Stick Got to try the Amazon Fire TV as beta tester and I am impressed. Seems like they have found most of the short comings of Roku. Gaming is the big one. The Say
Apr 10
Re: Roku Streaming Stick HI. Go check out the reviews. I think you’ll be as completely disappointed reading the reviews. I always add up the 1 and 2 stars, and then compare the
Apr 10
Re: Roku Streaming Stick I have both, the gaming is impressive. I'm doing a series of stories about the Fire TV on the streaming advisor Sent from my iPad
Ryan Downey
Apr 6
Re: Roku Streaming Stick The big game changer might be this new amazon fire TV. We will have to see but the gaming feature is where I always thought roku dropped the ball. Sent from my
Apr 6
Re: Roku Streaming Stick The Roku 3 is unquestionably a better product, way faster. The LAN connection makes a big difference for streaming. Of course the new product is going to
Ryan Downey
Apr 3
Re: Roku Streaming Stick They have a new stick out to compete with Google. You don't need the special HDMI port anymore.
Joe Ridgely
Apr 3
Re: Roku Streaming Stick The stick only works on a handful of TV's. Check the list of compatable TV's. Mike
Michael Collazo
Apr 3
Re: SuperUSVoxTV - Don't Do It! I am not sure what going on with superusvox tv but it does not play right for me it does show in clips like photos  ________________________________ From:
Kelly Ray
Apr 3
Re: SuperUSVoxTV - Don't Do It! Well, I can see why they don’t offer refunds… I paid for the script and found I had to log in to the playon scripts website to D/L the script. No problem
    Candy Olbrych
    Apr 3
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    Re: Roku Streaming Stick I read a little about it. The processing speed of the stick is slower than Roku 2 and Roku 3, it only has wifi connectivity. The combination of slower
    David Randal
    Apr 3
    Re: Hulu plus on Roku XR issues So Thank you to everyone!!  we bit the bullett and bought the new Roku and it is phenominal!!  Hulu works great and the colors are incrediable!  so glad we
    Melinda Bartlett-Blante
    Apr 3
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    New Channel: RawCountryTV We just launched a new private channel -- RawCountry.TV -- (Add: RawCountryTV) -- streaming country music video from across the nation and around the world --
    Apr 3
    Re: SuperUSVoxTV - Don't Do It! I believe you need the latest upgrade. Download the latest script and install it, and I think you will find that it works GREAT! This happened to me too.
    Apr 1
    Roku Streaming Stick Got an email from Roku today announcing the Roku Streaming Stick. The ad text makes it sound like a better deal than the Roku3? Anyone know more about it?
    David Bond
    Apr 1
    Re: Hulu plus on Roku XR issues Really? No more problems with low resolution on Netflix with a new Roku? We have the old 2XS, and Netflix switches in and out of very low resolution on
    Apr 1
    Re: Considering a Roku Time Warner will fine you if you hook a splitter up to your internet to receive tv. They probably have a filter on it somewhere anyway, so it will filter out
    Randy X
    Apr 1
    Re: Hulu plus on Roku XR issues I had one of the old ROKUs and I was having problems with NETFLIX not streaming at high definition and a lot of buffering. I checked my router, I even
    Mar 30
    Re: Considering a Roku Before you buy a splitter first see if your TWC Internet has the free un blocked TV channels, unconnect the internet coaxial cable cord from the back of your
    Mar 30
    Re: Hulu plus on Roku XR issues I haven't had this problem with my Roku 2 or Roku3.  But I have a friend who kept having problems with a Roku2, the image would freeze or stutter.  He tried
    Mar 24
    Re: SuperUSVoxTV - Don't Do It! Mine still works Joe the Dog Sitter On Mar 17, 2014, at 11:15 AM,
    Joe Yahoo Sonoma
    Mar 24
    Re: Hulu plus on Roku XR issues Melinda - the problem is that your equipment is "old". Not old by years but old by progress. We fought that patience tester for a long time and at Christmas, I
    Joe Average
    Mar 24
    Re: Hulu plus on Roku XR issues On mine, it seems it only freezes up in Hulu Plus if you've watched NetFlix on it before - so best to reboot it (unplug and re-power) before watching Hulu Plus
    Mar 22
    Hulu plus on Roku XR issues SO we have a very old Roku box. the outside says it is a XR model. I bought it back in June 2010. when looking on Wikipedia it seems to be borderline
    Mar 22
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    Re: Playon Plugin ILIVE CHANNEL works great I quit Comcast a month ago and have a roku box. I too missed my local news and installed a simple rabbit ears antenna. Being within the city of St Paul,
    Nancy Patrick
    Mar 22
    Re: SuperUSVoxTV - Don't Do It! I have used SuperusVoxtv in the past and it has worked; however, recently, I am not able to use it. Every time I try to – the channel comes back saying that
    Mar 22
    Re: Considering a Roku I'm an TWC Internet user only, and with a splitter I can get 76 free channels, I am in Kountze Texas so I guess we haven't been blocked or either the TWC
    Mar 22
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