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"Catherine's Hat," and more... Happy September!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello group. We ve received a lot of nice response about the last blog entry (the tribute about Catherine s Hat). Several of you asked where the pattern for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2006
      Hello group. We've received a lot of nice response about the last
      blog entry (the tribute about Catherine's Hat). Several of you asked
      where the pattern for Catherine's Hat is available. The pattern was
      originally printed in the ROCKING HORSE NEWS in 1999, by special
      permission from Catherine.

      It is currently available in the book of knitting machine patterns we
      sell called "PRETTY AND PRACTICAL." This is a spiral bound book that
      features all the patterns, tips, hints, etc. from the ROCKING HORSE
      NEWS publication for the years 1995-2003. It has 50+ pages of
      garments, gift items, hats, afghans, items for the home, learning
      pages, and more. The price for this book is still $20 +$4.99 Priority
      Mail shipping (or $2.99 for regular mail). The book is not available
      electronically at this time, so I can't email the book. All of the
      patterns in the book include instructions to use built-in patterning
      capability, like punchcards or electronic built-in patterns, or hand
      manipulation can be done.

      There was a lot of discussion about the tribute at our store's Knit
      Club last Saturday. I was not present, but I've been told that
      everyone thought it would be a very nice tribute if we could print
      the entire story and reprint the pattern in the next issue of the
      ROCKING HORSE NEWS. So we have decided to do this. The next issue
      would normally be mailed at the beginning of October, but it will be
      available early so it can be given out at our September Seminar.

      MORE NEWS: We are pleased to announce that Barb Kuklok will be
      showing her "Stained Glass Sewing" technique and samples at the
      September Seminar. Barb will be doing this session for a Morning or
      Afternoon Assembly, so everyone will be able to see this. Joyce
      Anderson has graciously offered to do one of the other Assemblies.
      Her knitting and sewing experiences are always great to listen to.

      And of course, we are very excited to have Renee from Sheila's Shawls
      do a presentation on Thursday evening for our Pre-Seminar session.
      Hope to see many people there!

      Remember that the $10 discount registration for Entire Seminar
      package expires on September 15th.

      happy knitting and sewing!
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