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book about Double Jacquard fabric, yarn sale, BKreative sewing tips & techniques

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Inside this blog entry: 1. Have you seen the new BKreative sewing site? 2. excellent book for Double Jacquard knitting is available again 3. July yarn sale!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2006
      Inside this blog entry:

      1. Have you seen the new BKreative sewing site?
      2. excellent book for Double Jacquard knitting is available again
      3. July yarn sale!


      Has everyone seen Barb Kuklok's new webpages? Click here for a quick
      peek: http://www.rhfusa.com/bkreative/index.asp And take a look at
      all the great tips and techniques available on her "Finishing
      Touches" cd for $17 +s/h.

      There is still time to sign up for Sewing and Embroidery camp and
      work with Barb in person: July 20-22.


      For some reason, there is a big buzz about Double Jacquard fabric
      lately. we had a feature about Double
      Bed Jacquard in a 2004 issue of ROCKING HORSE NEWS (print edition)
      and mentioned this book. The single remaining copy we had left
      (other than our private copy that isn't for sale!) was snatched up
      right away, and I've spent the last week looking around for a source
      of more of these books.

      Thanks to info from a reliable source, it seems that Mr. Ritthaler
      wrote this single book in 1993 and dropped out of sight. Seems like
      a "one hit wonder." It is a great book, and I've scrounged up
      another half dozen or so more of them. I am expecting them to arrive
      here from a former distributor in the southeastern US.

      The book is divided into 5 sections:

      1. Preliminaries (yarns, machine accessories, preparation for
      knitting, getting comfortable with the color changer, special
      instructions for electronic machines (i.e. KR switch), and special
      instructions for punchcard machines.

      2. The Fabrics (striper backing, bird's eye, tuck stitch jacquard,
      basic blister jacquard, modified jacquard, and shaping instructions
      for double bed jacquard)

      3. Color Separation (Elongation method, combined color row method, 3
      color double bed jacqaurd)

      4. Knitted Projects (reversible afghan, blister jacquard scarf, self-
      charted sweater)

      5. Cut and Sew (how to, neckline templates)

      The book sells for $14.95 +s/h and our stock should be replenished
      by early next week, until they run out. For those who request it, I
      will include a copy of our 2004 Rocking Horse News article "All
      About Double Jacquard" at no charge.


      Tamm Sport is on sale until July 31st. The sale price is
      $14.30/pound cone for this excellent acrylic sport weight. Some
      information from the manufacturer:

      Sport 2/7
      100% Acrylic

      Approximately 1 pound cones, 1722 yards per pound

      Suggested knitting tension: knitting tensions - 8 or 9 for
      sweaters, 7 - 9 for garter carriage

      Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle (cool water and
      mild soap) and dry (low heat).

      Comments: The yarn is very comparable to Mary Lue's Symphony
      and Bramwell's Roselan Double Knitting. This yarn is very soft,
      similar to Tamm's Kitty yarn.

      This yarn will be a great yarn for afghans and sweaters. Works great
      on the garter carriage. The shades will provide you a lot of
      flexibility and the softness will be pleasing to both young and old.
      A total of seven pastel colors. There are shades of these colors:
      blue, camel, grey, khaki, purple, rose, and taupe. There is also the
      basic colors and some specialty colors

      For afghans and baby blankets try 1 strand of Sport and 1 strand of
      Cristal or Kitty at tension 10 - 10.2


      And don't forget this:

      "Attention Hand Knitters....
      Our yarns are not just for machines.
      Forget tying-in new ends of yarn.
      Enjoy working with a larger cones!"
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