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July embroidery~knitting~spinning news! Having a hot time down on the farm...

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    We are having a hot time at Rocking Horse Farm this summer. We have hot new ideas for Knitting Camp (July 13-15) and Sewing/Embroidery Camp (July 20-22)...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2006
      We are having a "hot" time at Rocking Horse Farm this summer. We have
      "hot" new ideas for Knitting Camp (July 13-15) and Sewing/Embroidery
      Camp (July 20-22)... We have some "hot" deals on equipment for sale
      that will be anounced later this month... and we are working on
      articles for the Summer Issue of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS about how to
      keep cool during a "hot" summer.

      Before I share this month's tips, hints and sale news, I would like
      to get the "upcoming events" out of the way, so here goes:

      Embroidery club meets here on Sat. July 1, 10am (free for anyone,
      whether you purchased your machine here or not) ++includes special
      thread sale++

      Machine Knitting club meets here on Sat. July 1, 1:30pm (free for
      anyone, whether you purchased your machine here or not) This month's
      demonstration talk will be about Carole's travel experience visiting
      a yarn shop in Europe, and Jason's travel experience visiting the
      Amana Woolen Mills in Iowa. Come see the knit Mukluks made at the
      Amana Woolen Mills.

      Fiber Friends meets Tuesday, July 18 at 6pm.
      Round Sock Machine Knitters meet Saturday, July 15, 10-6 (potluck)

      Machine Knitting "Camp" is Thurs-Sat July 13-15
      Sewing & Embroidery "Camp" is Thurs-Sat July 20-22

      +++registration forms for camps are in the "files" section of the
      yahoo group+++


      Recently someone called us about yarn that had a mold smell. The
      person purchased two cones of 100% cotton yarn, on cardboard cones.
      The items were in a plastic shopping bag, left in a car over a
      weekend. Something to keep in mind about hot weather and humidity is
      that moisture can get trapped in plastic bags or wrapping, which can
      effect any paper or fiber items the same way sun can fade things. The
      problem is that it's easy to tell when sun damage is happening, but
      not so easy to tell when moisture damage is happening.

      My suggestion is to do a quick inventory and pay attention to the way
      you store your craft items. This could mean yarns or threads wrapped
      in plastic and/or on paper or cardboard centers; patterns or books
      stacked in cardboard boxes on bare cement floors, or items crammed
      together in storage without any space around them for circulation.
      And I know there are some of you out there who have craft items
      crammed in storage so the spouse doesn't find them.... haha.


      Donna Peters operates the website called Country Rain. She has an
      excellent article about the pros and cons of buying equipment on ebay
      or other online sites. I have been sending people to her page to read
      this article very often lately. I believe her comments can apply to
      anything purchased online, whether it is a knitting machine,
      embroidery machine, or spinning wheel. Read her comments here:



      Recently I've been talking with people about the history of fiber
      arts. We have a small collection of pictures in our "photo" section
      of historic items. Here is a great site with FREE PATTERNS of some
      neat items, including a Lady's Fourteenth Century Style Knitted Hood
      with Lirripipe, Fifteenth-Century Men's "Acorn" Caps, and Civil War
      era items: Child's Muff, 1860, Ladies Victorian Mitts (1860s), Baby's
      Victorian Boots (1860s), Knitted Winter Shawl 1864, Shell Counterpane
      1860, and much more.

      Find them here:


      Happy knitting and sewing!
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