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Making Waves.... important pattern update for vest

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello everyone, we have all returned from last weekend s seminars and are now prepared for the next round. Carole and Fred enjoyed meeting everyone at Charlene
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2006
      Hello everyone, we have all returned from last weekend's seminars and
      are now prepared for the next round. Carole and Fred enjoyed meeting
      everyone at Charlene Shafer's Spring Fling in Indiana. Carole received
      many fine comments about her G-Carriage accessory class, and her book
      Socks for All Seasons was so well liked she completely sold out. If
      you purchased the book and are waiting for your copy, be assured they
      have all been mailed as of today.

      Jason represented Rocking Horse Farm at the Mid-America Knitting
      Extravaganza in Kansas City last weekend. The MAKING WAVES vest from
      the current "Rocking Horse News" issue was a hit. Check the picture on
      the front page of the Yahoo Group to see Carole wearing the finished

      Now on to the important update: Please take a moment to check your
      copy of the Spring 2006 Issue of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS Machine
      Knitting and Fiber Art publication. It has come to our attention that
      some copies of this issue were distributed with faded printing or
      unreadable text.

      Please turn to page 4 and look at the Instruction labeled SIDE FRONT.
      It should read:

      "Starting on the left side of the machine, E-Wrap cast-on needles
      L35, L34 + L31 and L30."

      Some of the pages appear to have a dash ( - ) instead of a plus sign.
      Please correct this in your issue if it is a problem. The needle set-
      up is clearly listed at the beginning of the pattern as "2 needles in
      work and 2 needles out of work," so this minor clarification shouldn't
      be a big deal.

      The same thing happens farther down, in the instruction labeled "First
      Wave." It should read:

      "Continue in this manner until the last set of needles: R30, R31 +
      R34 and R35."

      Lastly, the entire bottom two lines of printing may be faded on some
      of page 4. It should read:

      "There will be 12 wave sections to the underarm. Each wave section
      contains one complete "wave" from left to right on the machine, and
      one complete "wave" from right to left on the machine."

      I (Jason) take this problem very seriously. If you are a subscriber
      and ever notice that the issue you receive is faulty or unreadable in
      some way, please let me know and I will replace it immediately. We
      take extra efforts to proofread and check every page when we assemble
      the publication, and I want to know if you are ever unsatisfied.

      On a lighter note, thank you to everyone who have commented on the new
      look of the publication. You have noticed that there are more pictures
      and illustrations than ever before, and that we keep trying to make
      the print large enough to read without raising the price. We are still
      charging the same subscription rate we have used since 1995. This is
      not a profit-maker, folks.... it is simply our effort to keep people

      On Thursday April 27th we are off teach at the Purls of Joy Seminar in
      Moundsview, Minnesota. Carole, Fred and Jason are representing Rocking
      Horse Farm in the knitting, felting and fiber arts fields, and Jerome
      and Barb are teaching machine embroidery and sewing. Hope to see many
      of you there!
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