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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello everyone, we have a busy week but wanted to take a moment to send a note. Our newest Pattern Book for knitters YOUR MID-GAUGE FAVORITES is now DONE and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2006
      Hello everyone, we have a busy week but wanted to take a moment to
      send a note.

      Our newest Pattern Book for knitters "YOUR MID-GAUGE FAVORITES" is now
      DONE and ready for shipment. However, we will not be processing any
      orders until after this weekend due to our Seminar activities. Carole
      and Fred are headed off to Indiana to teach at Charlene Shafer's
      SPRING FLING and Jason is off to Kansas City, Missouri where he is
      demonstrating at the Mid America Knitting Extravaganza sponsored by
      KnitCraft (the company that brings you Silver Reed machines, Millor
      yarns, and DesignaKnit and Fittingly Sew software). This means that
      our walk-in store in St. Cloud, Minnesota is open by appointment only
      this week on Thurs/Fri/Sat.

      The Spring Issue of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS Knitting & Fiber Arts
      publication has been mailed to all subscribers. Several pages direct
      you to look at more photographs on our website. I intend to have them
      posted both here AND at our regular website so they are easy to
      locate. I have been trying to upload a short video of the technique
      used to make the "MAKING WAVES" garment on page 4, but yahoo doesn't
      like my file or thinks it is too large. I am still working on this
      matter. Maybe they don't want it posted because the title sounds
      scandalous. In the video you see Carole's hand knitting, that's hardly

      Here is a hint for people to ponder: if static electricity is a
      problem in your knitting or sewing room, is anyone familiar with the
      "magic" cloth that Copier Service People use to wipe off copy
      machines? When static is causing paper jams, I only need to touch the
      cloth to the machine and it dissipates. Anyone know of a reason why we
      can't keep some of this near our fiber arts equipment? I wouldn't know
      where to purchase it, the Copier Service person was nice enough to
      leave one here.

      Keep knitting or sewing (or both) and we will be back in touch soon.
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