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Happy Valentine's Day, knitters and fiber artists!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hope everyone had a wonderful day and received some nice messages from friends or loved ones. We had a good time at our Winter Warm-Up Knit In last Saturday.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2006
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      Hope everyone had a wonderful day and received some nice messages from
      friends or loved ones.

      We had a good time at our "Winter Warm-Up" Knit In last Saturday. We
      had a small group but it was perfect to make sure everyone got a lot
      out of the day. Everybody seemed excited to attend our three-day
      summer knitting camp.

      Our Summer Sewing & Embroidery Camp is also sounding great. Barb is
      working on some great projects that will be unveiled later... but here
      is a hint: you will learn how to do "stained glass" with any regular
      sewing machine! A great change for this camp is that everyone will pay
      one flat registration fee, so even if you choose to bring your own
      projects to work on as part of the group you will still receive all of
      the instructions, designs and kit materials! So everybody wins, and
      you are guaranteed to go home with new ideas and patterns even if you
      choose to work on your own items.

      In other news: At our website, I've altered the "links" page by
      request. It is now easier to read and locate links quickly. There is a
      wide variety of links for knitting and embroidery, and other fiber
      arts such as yarn dyeing, felting, and spinning; and even links for
      pages to get design ideas from other knitters and embroiderers. Our
      link page is INTERACTIVE! Please add any links that are appropriate
      for our craft(s).

      Carole is busy working on a new knitting book written specifically for
      Mid-Gauge knitting machines. This is very exciting, because there are
      very few books written for these machines! The new book will be ready
      in time for the PURLS OF JOY SEMINAR (knitting and embroidery seminar
      in Minneapolis, Minnesota) in April. The book will be in the same
      format as our very popular book for bulky knitting, THE BULKY BOOK.

      Don't forget that we sell Ashford spinning wheels and products.
      Ashford spinning wheels can be used for more than just spinning...
      Carole uses her "Traveller" model spinning wheel by Ashford to ply
      several thin yarns together for knitting. Make your own unique blends
      quickly and evenly, and tell everyone they are your own exclusive
      creation! The Ashford Traveller spinning wheel is shown in the new
      picture on the front page of this Yahoo group. Price for an unfinished
      double-treadle Traveller wheel is $395+s/h, or $465+s/h for lacquered

      If you live near or are travelling to our store, you can try your hand
      on our Ashford wheels free of charge. On the third Tuesday of every
      month we have a free class for beginner-through-advanced spinners and
      hand knitters. We call it "Fiber Friends," because everyone is always
      friendly and having a great time. You might hear the laughter from
      outside as you enter! Fiber Friends meets Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 6-9pm
      and every third Tuesday thereafter.

      There is a rumor that Jan will be doing a session on Wagon Wheel Rag
      Rugs again at a future Fiber Friends gathering, and also at September
      Seminar 2006. We will keep everyone posted.

      If you are into knitting, crochet or felting, don't forget that we
      have a complete stock of LAMB's PRIDE skein wool. Our regular every-
      day price is $7.99 per skein, a discount from the suggested price of
      $12 or up. The colors are fantastic and we stock both weights: worsted
      size and bulky size. (Bulky is the thickest). This stuff is S-O-F-T.
      Many felting patterns ask for it, too.

      EMBROIDERY MACHINE owners: If you missed Jerome Jensen's class on
      Embroidery on Paper, check out some of the pictures showing the gold
      butterfly on a greeting card. All sorts of greeting cards are
      available here, in packets with envelopes ready for your fantastic
      embroidery designs. Each packet has the website listed that shows the
      templates you can use to make designing your embroidered cards. Prices
      for card packs range from $7 and up.

      UPDATE ON FRED: Carole's husband Fred is doing better after surgery.
      He is starting to spend more time at the store, although some days are
      still a little rocky. Thanks for your good wishes!

      Happy knitting and sewing.
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