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Happy New Year! Have you filled out your knitting & sewing "WISH LIST" for 2006?

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello friends! On the front page of our Yahoo Group I ve removed the picture of the MITTEN TREES and put up a picture of one of the knitting patterns included
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
      Hello friends! On the front page of our Yahoo Group I've removed the
      picture of the MITTEN TREES and put up a picture of one of the
      knitting patterns included in the Winter 2006 Issue of the ROCKING
      HORSE NEWS. The latest issue has been mailed to all print subcribers
      (not available online, sorry...) and I am proud to say we have been
      getting lots of good comments on the headband patterns.

      Headbands, you say? Yes, headbands. It seems something as simple as
      winter headgear changes styles as fast as anything else people wear.
      For the past few years I've been traveling around the country
      promoting "beanie" hat styles at seminars. Don't worry, they are still
      "IN" and will be here for awhile... just look at the latest ads from
      department stores.

      But yes... the headband is back in full force. We've taken an old
      stand-by pattern from the 1970's, combined it with a version from the
      80's that our customers complained was difficult to follow, added our
      own twists to bring it into the 21st century, had several beginners
      and some well-seasoned knitters proofread and try them, and VOILA! We
      have the perfect headband pattern for the 21st century. High school
      and college students are wearing headbands again, and not only for
      skiing or snowboarding. In fact, it's fashionable on some campuses to
      wear the headband OVER a beanie. Yes, I said a headband OVER a beanie
      hat. Remember folks, we at Rocking Horse Farm don't ~make~ the styles,
      we just want to be sure all of our customers and friends know what the
      current styles are.

      So, grab your copy of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS and make headbands on
      your standard or bulky knitting machines. If you have a mid-gauge
      knitting machine, follow the mid-gauge instructions on the page with
      the bulky machine pattern.

      As always, remember that color pictures of everything in our print
      publication are available free to look at or save on our website's
      "newsletter" page.

      By the way, I mentioned in a previous email that I wasn't able to put
      up the new color pics due to a earthlink webhosting glitch pertaining
      to our site. That problem has been corrected, so watch for lots of
      changes at our website.

      What about our embroidery friends, you may ask? I haven't forgotten
      about you, I want you to know that there are plans in the works to
      improve our website's MACHINE EMBROIDERY page. One small example is
      the plan to have some nice color pictures of projects made using Barb
      Kuklok's new "B KREATIVE" cd's.

      JANUARY EVENTS--------------------------------------------------------

      EMBROIDERY CLUB, Sat. Jan. 7, 10am. Free. bring "show and tell." I
      believe the demonstration will focus on ripping out an error or motif
      on an finished item to make a change that a customer requests.

      MACHINE KNITTING CLUB,Sat. Jan. 7, 1:30pm. Free. Demonstration will be
      FELTED SLIPPERS, knit on the machine to size and then felted. Also,
      Show and Tell, and update on OPERATION TOASTY TOES.

      FIBER FRIENDS Hand Knitting and Spinning Wheel Club, Tues. Jan. 17, 6-
      9pm. Free. Demonstration will be a crocheted dishcloth for those
      interested, (bring needles and yarn or purchase yarn here), as well as
      beginner and advanced fiber carding and spinning techniques.

      Antique ROUND SOCK KNITTING MACHINE gathering for the Upper Midwest
      USA and Western Canada is at our store, Sat. Jan. 21, 10-6. Free.
      potluck lunch. Pete and Deb Oswald always have a great project cooked
      up for these events.

      DESIGNAKNIT software SEMINAR, HANDS-ON. This is another opportunity
      for Jason's Introduction to DesignaKnit for those interested in all
      elements of the program: Interactive Knitting, Stitch Designer,
      Standard Garment Styling, and (time permitting) an overview of
      Original Pattern Drafting. Cost is $25 and includes lunch and a spiral
      bound workbook that you can keep (purchase seperately for $15 +s/h if
      you cannot attend this class). Sat. January 28, pre-registration
      required. A seperate email will be sent out about this event.

      WINTER WARMUP KNIT-IN, Saturday February 11, 10-6. Bring your knitting
      machine and supplies to knit in a group. Learn from each other, meet
      new friends, and enjoy the snacks and fellowship. This is like a one-
      day version of our Summer Knitting Camp. Cost is $25, includes
      breakfast and lunch. Registration forms are in the ROCKING HORSE NEWS.

      SUMMER CAMPS are listed in the Rocking Horse News. The camps will be
      one week apart this year, for several reasons... Knitting Camp will be
      Thurs-Sat. July 13-15, and Sewing/Embroidery Camp will be Thurs-Sat.
      July 20-22.

      Watch the yahoo group "FILES" section for registration information, or
      check the ROCKING HORSE NEWS print publication.

      What else is new? We have a lot of things to SELL. We have several NEW
      SHIPMENTS of COTTON YARN in the variety of weights. Use for
      dishcloths, table runners, hotpads, summer tops. $6.50 pound, new
      colors in this week.

      YARN WINDERS: we have a new shipment of Electric Cone Winders, belt
      driven, new from the factory. These winders wind the yarn on the
      cardboard cones and do a great job. We have a special price, only $249
      while other shops and teh manufacturer suggest higher prices.

      We have a large supply of cotton BLOCKING CLOTHS to make your own
      blocking board.

      KNITTING MACHINE TILT STANDS are also good sellers, we have sold quite
      a few that were given as gifts. They will work with practically ANY
      knitting machine model except Passap, either with a ribber or without.
      Price is $109 +s/h.

      Last of all, thanks to everyone who made our MITTEN TREE charity drive
      a success. We had a ton of items to share. Keep up the good work!
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