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happy holidays, don't forget to knit/sew for those less fortunate!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello friends, we at Rocking Horse Farm wish you a nice holiday and a blessed New Year! Our store will be closed tomorrow (Saturday, December 24th) but open as
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2005
      Hello friends, we at Rocking Horse Farm wish you a nice holiday and a
      blessed New Year!

      Our store will be closed tomorrow (Saturday, December 24th) but open
      as usual the following week. We considered taking some time to do
      inventory and other things but have decided to remain open for
      business... even though our store calendar said we "may be closed"
      inbetween December 27th and December 31st.

      The January/Winter 2006 issue of the Rocking Horse News has been
      mailed out to all subscribers. We were told mail is slow due to the
      holiday, so some recipents may not receive their issue until after the

      This issue features a page about Barb Kuklok's new sewing and
      embroidery design CD's, that come complete with pattern files and/or
      printable instructions for projects. Check page 11 for ordering info
      and prices.

      Other newsletter features are patterns for headbands on standard, mid
      or bulky knitting machines, a great article about how to chnage
      written patterns to create a custom fit, and a fun "2006 wish list."

      We are especially proud of two articles in this newsletter issue. The
      first is an illustrated description of how to do an E-wrap cast-on
      (page 2). The second is a tutorial about Sponge Retainer Bars: what
      they do, why they work, and how to know when to change it. You will
      see pictures of different types of sponge bars and a picture of a
      sponge bar that is "past it's prime." You wouldn't believe how many
      emails we get each week from people saying they acquired a knitting
      machine from an unknown seller or non-dealer and it wouldn't work
      because it didn't have a decent sponge bar. We even get an occasional
      email about acquired machines without sponge bars at all. It's
      unfortunate that some people get introduced to machine knitting in
      this frustrating way.

      Other news from the shop: We have had inquiries about patterns for dog
      sweaters on the knitting machine. There isn't any one reliable free
      pattern for a universal dog sweater, I've discovered. The patterns
      I've found don't seem to make sense or are for a special-sized dog.
      Therefore I have to stick to recommending a book to purchase called
      "CANINE HAUTE COUTURE" by Peggy Barton. This book MUST be good because
      we constantly sell out of this book. We don't have any in stock right
      at the moment but will be re-stocking it soon. So if you are waiting
      to hear from me about a pattern to knit a sweater for Poochie, please
      wait just a bit longer. The book isn't very expensive, it is easy to
      read and use, and has a variety of sizes.

      We have organized our entire class schedule for 2006 and I will be
      posting it as a .pdf file on our website and here in the group soon.

      Speaking of the website, I am having trouble using earthlink to host
      pictures all of a sudden... so if you go to the newsletter page you
      may see "under construction" instead of the color pictures of the
      latest patterns from Rocking Horse News. I am working on this and will
      get the pics up ASAP. We KNOW pics are important!

      Lastly, we were able to turn in over a hundred items that were here
      decorating our "Mitten Trees" this December. Some items went to a
      women's shelter, some to a food shelf, some for national distribution,
      and a few pairs of slippers went to Operation Toasty Toes.

      A few days ago I got a great email from a soldier. I am going to end
      this mailing with some quotes from the message. Keep this in mind when
      you are embroidering and knitting so you won't forget to make an extra
      item for the charity of your choice.

      "Toasty Toes,
      last year while in iraq I received a set of your slippers and they
      were a blessing. Right now I am back again and have a group of 60
      Hospital Corpsmen with me from 2D Marine Division in Camp Lejeune. We
      are part of the 22nd MEU out here securing an area north of Baghdad.
      We are living in tents and building with no heat or running water. I
      was able to get this email out at one of camps that have all the
      ammenities of the States.

      If you feel it in your hearts to send a package again my way, I will
      distribute your warm slippers to my guys.


      We are working on getting a package out ASAP.

      Happy holidays to all our friends.
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