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December knitting & Fiber news, including Holiday Party 12/3!!!

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello, this is the December knitting and fiber update from Rocking Horse Farm. (Embroidery and Sewing news was sent separately.) Many of you will receive this
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2005
      Hello, this is the December knitting and fiber update from Rocking
      Horse Farm. (Embroidery and Sewing news was sent separately.)

      Many of you will receive this on December 3rd, the day of our annual
      Holiday Open House. We have invited all of our local customers and our
      far-away friends who may be in the area to come to the shop for
      Embroidery Club at 10am, Potluck Holiday Lunch at 12:30, and/or
      Knitting Club at 1:30pm. Everyone who attends will receive some
      special gifts including a cookbook and other surprises.

      For those who aren't able to visit us today, we wish you a happy
      holiday season and a blessed new year. But don't forget to tell the
      special people in your life what you would like to receive as a gift!
      You owe it to yourself to make your knitting and sewing giftlist
      known. We can help your spouse find exactly what you are wishing for.

      It's also very important to think about others. We have a small forest
      of Christmas trees set up in the shop and they are slowly being buried
      in hats, mittens and slippers. All of the items we collect before
      Christmas this year will be distributed to Hurricane victims as well
      as some local persons. I will be posting pics of some of the donated
      items in the photo section of the yahoo group.

      Something you may wish to receive for the holidays could be the book
      "Make Your Knitting Machine Sing." This well-illustrated book is a
      must for anyone who owns a knitting machine. It will teach you to care
      and maintain it top to bottom. If you own a Passap knitting machine
      you would want the corresponding book, "Be Your Own Passap Paramedic."
      We have both in stock, ready to ship.

      The Winter issue of the Rocking Horse News isn't due until January,
      but we are busy getting it ready to distribute early. We've worked
      hard on a fantastic article about converting printed patterns to your
      custom size. We've even developed a new custom size chart to aid in
      your pattern writing. The article is aplicable to hand or machine
      knitters, but specific hints for machine knitting are included.
      Patterns in this issue include Headbands for adult or children,
      written for Standard AND bulky machines with instructions for
      converting to Mid-Gauge machines. Of course there is the usual Tech
      Tips column, recipe, Back to Basics, and more. You should receive your
      copy in the US mail soon. If you do not receive yours, your
      subscription has expired. THE ROCKING HORSE NEWS IS NOT AVAILABLE
      ONLINE, SORRY. (This semi-montly email is NOT our newsletter. This
      email serves as a supplement to the Rocking Horse News.)

      Another charity knitting project we are starting is called "Sheila's
      Shawls." People across the US are handknitting prayer shawls which are
      distributed to women affected by abuse. The project is named after the
      late Sheila Wellstone. I will send more info about this in a later
      email announcement.

      Besides our Holiday Open House on 12/3, we have a "Fiber Friends"
      Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 20. The event is open to anyone
      interested in knitting, crochet, spinning, felting or fiber arts.
      Refreshments will be provided. December 20, 6-9pm.

      If you have any specific interest in finding holiday patterns, please
      let us know. We have a nice selection of pattern leaflets featuring
      Christmas decorations, winter-themed afghans by Charlene Shafer,
      Hannukah items, wall hangings, Christmas Stockings for over the
      fireplace, and more.

      Happy Knitting and Sewing!
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