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(resending message with all links working) FW: charitable knitting and sewing for this holiday season

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2005
      > Hi, friends. When you are knitting and sewing, don't forget to make an
      > extra item or two for charitable giving. There are many opportunities
      > to donate items this year, including our own Mitten Tree project (as
      > pictured on the front page of the Yahoo Group). Over the next few days
      > I will be sending some info about project ideas.
      > Today I am highlighting our Operation Toasty Toes project. We have one
      > of the earliest-formed groups of this project. Since 2001, we have
      > sent more than a thousand pairs of slippers to troops stationed
      > overseas. Read more about it at our website, on this page:
      > http://home.earthlink.net/~rhfarm/id8.html
      > In 2001 TV personality Jason Davis came to Rocking Horse Farm and
      > taped a live segment that has been shown on stations across the
      > country. Here is a link to the segment details:
      > http://www.kstp.com/article/stories/s12202.html
      > A free pattern is available here:
      > http://www.house.gov/latourette/issues_make_toasty_toes.htm
      > And finally, this page has information about the origins of the
      > project. It began in Ohio, in the jurisdiction of the senator that
      > hosts this page:
      > http://www.house.gov/latourette/issues_toasty_toes.htm
      > In the past few weels we have received shipment of several parcels
      > containing slippers to be sent. They will be used to decorate our
      > store "mitten trees" for a few weeks and then passed along to the
      > local coordinator to be shipped in the next shipment.
      > You can participate by donating money for postage, yarn, or completed
      > slippers. They can be hand knit, crochet, or machine knit.
      > Let's make it a happy season for everyone by continuing to be
      > charitable!
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