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Purls of Joy classes

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Sorry for the two messages! After sending the other, it occured to me that people might like to konw what we are teaching at this seminar. Here is Carole s
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2005
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      Sorry for the two messages! After sending the other, it occured to me
      that people might like to konw what we are teaching at this seminar.
      Here is Carole's list:

      This can be a hands-on class of various techniques. Pros and cons of
      different methods and blocking products are explained. Experience
      the "TLF" (tender-loving-feel) of your fabric. Bring questions about
      Jiffy or Europro steaming products, and blocking wires. Class will
      be conducted on a Jiffy Steamer and blocking board.

      Garter Carriage Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
      Class is a very thorough description of the Garter Carriage. Learn
      the uses for all the "extras" that came with your G Carriage. Discuss
      various uses, appropriate tensions, trouble shooting, care and
      maintenance. This class features question and answer time. Based on
      the user-friendly book by Carole. Class taught on a Brother
      electronic with G Carriage. Learn how to make sure your G Carriage
      stays in tip-top shape.

      Felted Hats and Other Felting Projects
      Using the Rocking Horse Farm Guide to Felting Wool the entire process
      is covered from start to finish. Class attendees will be eager to
      knit fabric and cut & sew into projects such as a felted bear, baby
      booties, or sweatshirt cardigan bands; or felt a knit swatch and
      calculate a garment pattern. Use your Silver Reed mid-gauge to knit
      wool fabric to felt. This is a great use for wool that biases. We
      will also discuss "needle felting" (sometimes called "dry felting").
      Felted teddy bear kits will be available for purchase.

      Knitting with Exotic Yarns
      There are many beautiful hand knitting yarns that we can use
      on the machine. Learn how to make the most out of novelty and exotic
      yarns by combining them with cone yarns or using on their own. Don't
      let the hand-knitters have all the fun and get all the enjoyment from
      exotic yarns.

      Bulky & Mid-Gauge Knitting
      Tips and Tricks of making great garments on Bulky or Mid-
      Gauge knitting machines. Topics covered include yarn recommendations
      and Tension settings. Carole will show patterns written specifically
      for mid-gauge knitting machines.

      Jason's Class List:

      DesignaKnit: Stitch Designer Overview
      DesignaKnit software has 4 major elements: Stitch Designer, Garment
      Styling, Original Pattern Drafting and Interactive Knitting. We will
      start from scratch to learn about the Stitch Designer element. Bring
      a laptop with DAK installed to do hands-on work. Kaleidoscope,
      Birdseye and stencil tools will be explored.

      DesignaKnit: Interactive Knitting
      We will knit new fairisle patterns designed by Dr. Wurst on a Silver
      Reed machine, but with instructions for Passap, Brother or KnitKing.
      All Silver Reed machines are electronic patterning masters whether
      they are fine gauge 3.5mm, standard 4.5mm, mid gauge 7.0mm or bulky
      9.0 because they all connect to DAK on your PC with one simple cable.
      No more outdated disk drives needed. Class will be conducted on a
      Silver Reed knitting interactive with DAK.

      Mood Indigo
      Dying with indigo has been a practice since biblical times.
      Dr. Wurst interprets the ancient art of indigo dye technique for
      modern knitwear designers. Historic methods of design creation, such
      as wax-batik, plangi (tie dye) with seeds, and stenciling will be
      discussed. Instead of authentic indigo dye, there are several modern
      ways to duplicate the appearance. This can be an exciting approach to
      creating unique artistic garments from natural fibers.

      Beanies: Hats for Skateboarders
      New updates in the world of extreme headgear! A beanie, a
      skull cap, a toque: what are they? Skateboarders and snowboarders
      wear them year round, and the under-25 set pay top dollar for them in
      specialty stores. This year stripes and design elements are the rage.
      Racking the ribber can make unique hand-knit look beanies. Revised
      patterns are now available for standard, mid and bulky machines, as
      well as G Carriage.

      Finally you can use those heavy and hand-spun yarns that have been
      cluttering your shelf because they were too heavy for the standard
      machine! Demonstration is a Woven Placemat with simple "built-in"
      fringe from the Practical Knitting series, Woven Scatter Rugs, Saddle
      Blankets or the Woven Tam Hat. Weaving can be done on the bulky, too.
      A new pattern is available for woven placemats on the bulky 9mm
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