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spring into knitting: May yarn sale

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    Yesterday I posted on our Facebook page that Carole and Fred were away at Shepherds Harvest, leaving me alone in the store... so EVERYTHING WAS ON SALE, haha.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2013
      Yesterday I posted on our Facebook page that Carole and Fred were away at Shepherds Harvest, leaving me alone in the store... so EVERYTHING WAS ON SALE, haha.

      But I do actually have some May yarn sales to share with you.
      Sale prices expire June 1st.

      Tamm Petit, $17.00/lb cone
      Tamm Kitty, $17.50/lb cone
      Tamm Cristal, $18.55/lb cone
      Skacel chenille kit, $29/yarn + pattern book
      Lambs Pride, $7.99/skein
      Simpli Worsted, $11.95/skein
      Wisdom Yarns Saki Bamboo, $7.00/skein

      *Scroll down to end of this message for link to a free pattern using Saki Bamboo*

      See a pic of these yarns on our Facebook page, or here:




      TAMM PETIT 2/30
      100% Acrylic, regular price $18.75
      Approximately 1 pound cones, 8,147 yards per pound
      Suggested knitting tension (standard machine): 5, or 3-4 when doing 4 color double-bed knitting.
      Handknitting needle: 2
      Washing instructions: Machine wash and dry on delicate.
      Comments: Excellent for 4-color jacquard knitting, Thread Lace, Plating. Use double strands for double bed tuck or triple strands for lace knitting.

      TAMM KITTY 2/14
      100% Acrylic
      Approximately 1 pound cones, 3346 yards per cone
      Suggested knitting tension (standard machine): Single strand tension 3 or 4, Double strand tension 8 or 9
      Handknitting needle: 4
      Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle (cool water and mild soap) and dry (low heat).
      Comments: Soft to the touch. Great for sweaters and baby items. Double strand great on garter carriage.

      68% Acrylic / 32% Polyester
      Approximately 1 pound cones, 2,953 yards per cone
      Suggested knitting tension (standard machine): 4
      Handknitting needle: 5
      Washing instructions: Machine Wash and Dry.
      Comments: A 2/12 weight yarn. Great yarn for baby items. Knits up and maintains shape through extensive wear.

      A beautiful and luxurious novelty yarn. Pattern booklet included with kit contains several projects that can be made with one skein of chenille.

      100% Merino wool
      Excellent for felting
      A favorite of handknitters and crocheters, also works on mid-gauge and bulky knitting machines (or standard machine Every Other Needle).
      We've just updated our book SOCK MACHINE EXPERIENCES with a pattern for using this yarn on a Erlbacher Gearhart Circular Sock Machine, 48 slot cylinder.

      $13.95 suggested retail price, our price $11.95 (buy 5 or more skeins)
      Simpliworsted is a perfect all around worsted weight yarn. A Superwash Merino Blend in vibrant colors. Feels like butter!
      • 55% Merino Superwash 28% Acrylic 17% Nylon
      • 140 yards per 100 gram ball
      • US 10 needles
      • 6.0 mm needles
      • 4 sts per inch
      This is the yarn used with the new handknitting pattern book for baby blankets and afghans called BUILDING BLOCKS. I mentioned this book in my last Yahoo Group posting.

      50% superwash merino, 25% rayon from bamboo, 25% nylon; 100g/462 yds
      solid colors, $7.00/skein (regular price $8)

      Free pattern (handknit) using this yarn STORM'S EYE HAT, download here:

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