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Embroidery and Knitting News for March 2005

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  • Rocking Horse Farm
    Hello friends, spring is coming. Did you finish all the winter projects you were hoping to do? It s time to make some spring fashions now. Dust off those
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2005
      Hello friends, spring is coming. Did you finish all the winter
      projects you were hoping to do? It's time to make some spring
      fashions now. Dust off those pastel colors and make something nice to
      dress up your kitchen or bathroom.

      Our shop is involved in sponsoring the "Purls of Joy" Seminar each
      year, a national seminar for knitting and embroidery. The Purls of
      Joy Seminar is April 29-30, at a hotel 10 minutes north of
      Minneapolis or Saint Paul. The hotel has an attached water park,
      bowling lanes and event center so you can bring the family.
      Registration forms are available in the "files" section of our Yahoo
      group... follow the link at the bottom of this message.

      Another event worth attending is SEPTEMBER SEMINAR 2005. We can
      assist you with travel advice if you live away from our area.
      Northwest Airlines flies directly into St. Cloud, 10 minutes away
      from the Seminar site and hotel.
      Shari Morningstar
      Barb Kuklok
      Jerome Jensen
      Joyce Anderson
      Skip Grettum
      Marcia Hauser
      Charlene Shafer
      Missy Zirzow
      ...and more to be announced later

      Downloadable/printable registration forms for SEPTEMBER SEMINAR are
      in the "files" section.

      If you haven't attended SEPTEMBER SEMINAR, go to our companion
      website at http://home.earthlink.net/~rhfarm/ and click on "September
      Seminar" to see pictures from 2004.

      Our print publication is ready to be mailed. In the Spring 2005 issue
      (scheduled to be mailed in April, but available now) you will find
      several pattern and project ideas, articles, commentary and news.
      Pictures of the patterns and projects will be up at the companion
      website (the website, not the yahoo group) at:


      Click on "Rocking Horse News Pattern Publication" to see the
      pictures. The pictures for the spring issue will be up next week when
      the mailing is done.

      (The Rocking Horse News is not available online, sorry.)

      Did you know that Jerome has hoop cleaner available in our shop? A 4
      ounce bottle is $2, 8 ounce is $3. He also has a nice stock of new
      Design CD's from Buzz Tools. The special price is $39.90 (list price
      $49.90) for these design collections: Colorful Clowns, Victorian
      Childhood, Enchanted Rose, Snowflake Savvy, and Celestial Sensations
      (sun, moon, stars, etc).

      Buzz Tools also offers some Design CD's complete with project
      instructions. A popular look for kitchens right now is REDWORK. The
      Buzz Tools REDWORK KITCHEN cd has 20 designs and project instructions
      for a variety of items. Suggested price $89.90, shop price $69.90.

      The Lion Brand Yarn company is announcing a new pattern coming soon
      for Martha's Poncho. Their announcement says this:

      "After receiving the largest number of requests ever for a pattern,
      Lion Brand is creating a Homespun® pattern to match the poncho that
      Martha Stewart wore for her return home this week.

      Our newsletter and web site next week (we're working as fast as we
      can!) will feature the pattern and picture of the new poncho."

      Check out their website to see the progress on this project.

      We are pleased to announce that Marcia Hauser is returning to the
      September Seminar this year. Marcia is a Fiber Artist and Instructor
      from Long Island, New York. She has many new patterns that you can
      see on her website. (There is a link to her site on the "links" page
      at http://home.earthlink.net/~rhfarm/ and go to "links.") You can
      order patterns direct from Marcia, or purchase them at our shop. In
      particular, we sell her Book/CD called "Shapes and Things" for DAK.

      Trenzi by Tamm is a great acrylic yarn for standard gauge and some
      mid-gauge machines (tight tension) in many nice colors. It is on sale
      for $14.40/pound cone until March 31.

      Nordic by Tamm is designed for Mid gauge and Bulky machines, but can
      be used on standard machines EON (every other needle). Nordic is on
      sale for $12.60 until March 31.

      We are now carrying Lamb's Pride Bulky by Brown Sheep yarn company,
      $7.99/skein. Use for hand knitting or on the Mid-Gauge or Bulky
      machines. Great for felting.

      Don't forget that we have all the Ashford Spinning Wheels and
      supplies to get you started in the popular (and rapidly growing)
      hobby of yarn spinning. Ashford spinning wheels are great to PLY
      yarn, too. We've sold spinning wheels to machine knitters who use
      them only for that purpose. They create fantastic one-of-a-kind yarn
      blends by plying with the wheel.

      In February, our regular "Fiber Friends" class featured a session on
      Wagon Wheel Rag Rugs. The rugs were so popular when shown at Knit
      Club, we have decided to offer the class at the September Seminar. A
      list of the supplies required to make the rug will be in the July
      issue of the ROCKING HORSE NEWS.

      "Fiber Friends" spinning and hand knitting club will meet Tuesday,
      March 15th, 6-9pm. No charge, all invited.

      KNIT-IN SWEATER WORKSHOP: Saturday, March 19, 9-6. Bring your machine
      and knit a Sideways-Knit Sweater or other project. Regsitration form
      in the "files" section.

      BUZZ TOOLS EMBROIDERY EDITING: March 26th, register with Jerome at

      Embroidery Club: Saturday, April 2, 10am.
      Machine Knitting Club: Saturday, April 2, 1:30pm.

      Carole will be teaching at the Mid America Knitting Extravaganza in
      Kansas City, Missouri on April 8-9... but the store will remain open.
      If you are in the Kansas City area and want to attend this fantastic
      seminar, contact knitcraft@...

      Machine Embroidery class on EMBIRD software: Saturday, April 16th.
      Contact greenwing@...

      The next DESIGNAKNIT SOFTWARE SEMINAR will be Saturday, May 15th.
      Complete schedule and registration form in the "files" section.

      Thanks for reading! Happy spring.
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